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For anyone looking for some prices to match those specs with:


NVIDIA GTX780 3GB - $650

NVIDIA GTX760 4GB - $300

NVIDIA GTX760 2GB - $250

NVIDIA GTX660 3GB - $235

Intel i7-4770 3.4GHz - $310

Intel i5-4570 3.2GHz - $200

Intel i3 Assorted - <$160

16GB DDR3 1600MHz - ~$150-160

Seagate 1TB+8GB SSHD - $130 (Really not sure about that one though, they could easily go with a 3.5" drive and the speedier 7200rpm but I just chose what was easy to find on newegg)

450W 80Plus GOLD Power Supply - $60

Totals will be assorted and lower than they actually will be because they didn't say what type motherboard will be in it (although I would suspect something in the $100-150 range).

Low end - $735 + motherboard

High end - $1650 + motherboard

Also, someone throw some tags on this. I have no idea how :(

    Which means your speeds will vary wildly, rather than having a steady consistent speed like you do now

While yes, you could consider that a downside. I think it would be a fantastic feeling knowing that a slow download is caused by a slow server and has nothing to do with your side.

I've got a pretty large stack of them sitting at home but I haven't started on any yet. I'm still pretty busy getting caught up on both the Marvel's and DC's events. I've heard some pretty bad things about a lot of them but I'm hoping I mostly got good ones since I decided which ones I wanted mainly based on the creative teams. Gotta say that most the covers were pretty cool though.

Been listening to a French duo by the name of Klingande a lot recently. They've got a nice house-y feel but it's also not your basic 4-on-the-floor pattern which makes it nice for unmixed listening. Also, although they're French and it's house I don't think it's exactly French house, but who knows.