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    One UPS truck identified on the platform has 10 reports out against it and 27 citations, for example. Safe Lanes can bring that information to UPS’s attention, ask them to strengthen driver trainings, and get bad drivers off the roads.

A) UPS already has the information.

B) UPS driver training is one of the few areas where the company actually shines.

I mean, you might not leave knowing how to do the job, but your defensive driving skills will be out the wazoo. Internally drivers are accountable for pretty much all accidents, including ones where the fault lies with the other vehicle. The bar is avoidability and pretty much everything is avoidable in retrospect.

The reason you've got drivers parking in bike lanes is because UPS finds it cheaper paying the odd ticket than paying every driver making $32/hr to eat up more time by parking considerately and lugging parcels a longer distance from the package car.

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    But the survey also looked at “underbanked” households, which have a bank account but still elect to use services like check cashing, money transfers, payday loans, and pawnshops. Little has changed in those numbers, as the percentage of the underbanked was 19.9% last year compared to 20% in 2013, a modest 0.1% change.

"last year" being 2015.

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It has been setting in an anthology on my "books to by" list for a while. I'm trying (failing) to read down what I already have before I aquire too much more though.

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Welp, you've inspired a volume of some of Muir's writings to start winging its way through the postal system. Should be here today or tomorrow. I'm between books, so I'll probably start it as soon as it arrives.

Thanks! Don't think I would have found him on my own.

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I've read The Pastures of Heaven, To a God Unknown, Tortilla Flat, In Dubious Battle, and Of Mice and Men. I'd guess I actually started these before the last book thread was posted, but I didn't finish this volume of works until recently.

To a God Unknown was my favorite of that batch, followed by The Pastures of Heaven. I could read Steinbeck describe land all day. In Dubious Battle was the only one that I really wished were longer. Felt abridged.

Henry David Thoreau

Natural History of Massachusetts, A Walk to Wachusett, and Sir Walter Raleigh. Didn't bother to find out which version of Sir Walter Raleigh I read (apparently there are two), but A Walk to Wachusett is the only one I'd read again. Basically a hiking trail report.

Alice Munro

Started a collection of her short stories. I only got three stories in, but I really liked it. Need to rebuy the book so I can finish it.

F. Scott Fitzgerald

I just finished This Side of Paradise. Not entirely sure what I think of it, yet. A quarter of the way through I was pretty sure I didn't like it at all. Then I was miffed when I realized I was reaching the end.

Mine is gone.

Our library is awesome, and I go there more than I went to Ernst & Son, but so many people use it that you're pretty anonymous. They only people I recognize at the library are either staff or people who I know from another context and are at the library to use their meeting rooms. I've never said to myself "Ah, that's _____ from that one time at the library!"

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Alas, we've already had our entire unit heat treated once and sprayed twice. The exterminator that did it offers a 6 month "guarantee" so the subsequent callbacks have been free but he hasn't exactly been confidence inspiring to deal with.

Our lease has a clause where the tenant is responsible for paying for treatment. And the guy they called out was more than a month's rent. So I wouldn't be too surprised if someone else in the building had them and was staying mum about it.

¯\_ (ツ)_/¯

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    conquering bedbugs a while back made

Hah, just kidding. Found one this afternoon.

New project: convincing myself that my remaining objects are worth owning.

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We ended up with a 2015 Prius. It's funky inside, but not in a trying to be hip way. Just in a weird functional way.

Our commute is low to mid 50s mpg now.

I really like it.

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my own





Current Preoccupation:

Reading through this. About to finish volume 1.

Trying to be less bitter about work.

Previous Preoccupations:

Being bitter about work.

What change would you like to see from the users of Hubski?


I find I lurk more as I become more comfortable with the fact that I'm not comfortable trying to be social for the sake of being social.

More book threads would be nice. I need to get a hard copy of Society Of The Spectacle so I can finish it. I read super slow on my phone.

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