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I am keifer on the freenode, hubski, and OFTC irc networks.

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keifermiller  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: March 22, 2017

I've never tried any of the starter packs. My issue with Evil is that it is great --in some ways a better vim than vim-- until you have to use a package that doesn't have an evil-mode wrapper. I have a hard time jumping between the two styles of editing.

keifermiller  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: March 22, 2017

    Since I don't like Sublime or Vim (although their selection of Haskell-related plugins actually works out of the box :/) and Leksah can't be even installed without some serious work on Cabal I had to default to Emacs.

Yeah, wanting to work with Haskell or lisps pushes me towards Emacs, but nvim's superior terminal interface and evil-mode's uncanny-valley of vimness pushes me slightly harder towards nvim. I can come back to vim after long spans of disuse and just pick it up, like riding a bike. Emacs is more like learning to juggle: constant practice, or it slips away from me.

Rediscovering a lot of music from SXSW that I had sorted through years ago, but lost to a dead hard drive. Now I'm combing through it again. This is gonna take forever.

It's ok though. RAID 1 now.

keifermiller  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: March 22, 2017

    it comes out to about $3 an item or about 2x as much as the grocery store. ...[SNIP].. We consider it a luxury item

That's around what we are looking at too. The price comparison is more favorable if we assume that otherwise I'd be buying the produce from the community owned grocery, but either option is a big step up from going to Aldi or Kroger or likewise.

I got so used to barely making ends meet, it's taking me a while to figure out where my priorities lie on where I want to ease up on being frugal. Food is a compelling choice because a) I can spend locally, b) I enjoy it, and c) it isn't super consumerist.

keifermiller  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: March 22, 2017

    Said the programmer (props for Haskell by the way! ;)) with a dozen of hobbies and strong tendency to ponder. Dude, you have more interesting things to say than almost every single blog I read so far! Your literal dotfiles alone helped me a lot and were a cool thing to read.

Woah woah woah. You read my dotfiles?

My mind is blown. I was actually thinking about yanking those from my github, since I've moved to neovim, but I guess I won't now.

    Don't pigeon-hole yourself with something specific and talk about stuff that's on your mind. I'm by all means serious.

This is good advice. And flattering. Most of the blogs I've read have been focused in on one or two things. I've read a lot recently, combing over hakyll repositories.

I really like how Matt Wetmore has moved his footnotes along side the text in the margin, but I don't like the way he did it. Not that that matters, as his repository doesn't have a license for me to yank that anyways.

keifermiller  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: March 22, 2017

oooo. Preview says markdown headers work?

edit: interesting. only in the previews.



The adventures continue!



We had a close call a few days ago, when the wee sprouts outpaced the watering regime, but every body is doing just fine. They just look like sprouts right now, roughly two inches high. Nothing to point to what the are except for maybe how deep a shade of green that they are. Almost tinges of blue.



So apparently the library has annual gardening exhibit. Naturally we're gonna check that out. Apparently there are free seeds, but what I'm really hoping for is information on when to look for local planting dates.

We've also given up on finding onion seeds. I thought it would be fun to start 'em that way, but apparently the gardening industry has other ides. Starts it is. Locally started starts ideally. Starting a seed, letting it grow and increase in mass and volume by a factor of bazillion so you can pluck it out of the ground, box it, and then ship it across the country is fucking laughably wasteful. I've moved those boxs. Smell nice, but they are heavy, and large.

    Before we got off the phone, I asked Salatin if he could ship me one of his chickens and maybe a steak, too. He said that he couldn't do that. I figured he meant he wasn't set up for shipping, so offered him my FedEx account number.

    "No, I don't think you understand. I don't believe it's sustainable — or 'organic,' if you will — to FedEx meat all around the country. I'm sorry, but I can't do it."

The Omnivore's Dilemma, by Michael Pollan



The guidance on when it is generally safe to plant would be useful, because Kansas is fucking weird weather wise. Over the weekend it we were hitting above 80F/26C, but I just woke up and it is 37/2C out right now.

## Community-supported agriculture?

Does that style of header work? Also, any Hubski peeps a member of a CSA? We are thinking about trying to work that into our budget. Might be doable, since the car got paid off with the tax return.

Camera and Shipping


Canon hasn't said what exactly happened to the camera when it and I had our brief romance with the asphalt, but they did charge us $200 and said "it'll be a week".

The interesting part of sending in the camera was, for me, the fact that I sent it via USPS instead of my own workplace. I dropped the camera off shortly before noon on Saturday. Paid like $15 for a flat rate shipping box and some packing materials. Got a tracking number which when we checked it in the parking lot at work on Monday before my shift started, told me that the package was out for delivery, over 1000 miles away.

Mental State


I've been pretty dour recently, so I'm making a better effort at watching my emotions and consciously noting when I feel that way.

I've also been putting a decent amount of energy into configuring a hakyll setup to put on my VPS, but I don't actually know what would go on it. Thinking generating content for a website -even if no-one reads it- feels oppressive. And slightly... shameful? Definitely a twinge of something like. And yet I felt fine barfing forth pubski comments.

The question I'm struggling with is this I think: what the fuck do I have to say that would stand up to living in its own repository?

Hakyll is fun to configure, though.

Hubski isn't lightly moderated, though. It's just not centrally moderated. All those individual people using filters/mutes/blocks add up, although not as quickly as we might wish sometimes.

I'm digging the nonmatching bartape in the background.

I'm running openSUSE. The Desktop is mate, and the WM is compiz. All decidedly non-shiny stuff.

Anyone who ever used SLED11 would be at home on this.

Oh! Bowl of Misc Items also doubles as my tortilla press.


- grocery list note pad

- journal w/ pens of different inks for color coding

- the bowl of misc items

Located in the highest traffic part of the apartment.

I also capture some notes on my desktop

keifermiller  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: The Culture meets Warhammer 40K

I'd be open to playing a game with Hubski. Can't say for sure what my schedule will be like that far out, though; or if I'll have any other games going on to figure around. My group is in wait-and-see mode while relationship drama hopefully resolves itself.

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