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    All are short, story driven, and don't have much replay value.

    amazing soundtracks

Have you heard of Gathering Sky? It is an app that fits these descriptions. You can run through it in 20 minutes or so, but is an enjoyable ride.

kantos  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Steam summer sale is upon us

ARK is coming out of alpha! I've had it for a year or so now, but haven't picked it up in a hot minute. If you ever need a vouch, then its got my blessing with over 700 hours. It's grind-ish depending on the server (most are speed up resource gathering), taming/riding/breeding dinos, expansive maps with free DLCs that have even more land and designs to see, and my favorite part is the emphasis on tribes and playing as friends/groups. Makes for fun times when there's natural division of labor when so many facets of the game can be explored.

Agreed. Good starting points for the three bullet points:

- Subscribe: Well... no, that's straight forward.

- All-you-can-pay: List titles to match what new and old games are being referenced by whoever wrote the bit. Further, as with any product, I want to know exactly what I'm getting into and whether it’s worth my time. Don’t let the user have to search elsewhere for what “Cluster Truck” is. While I’m on the site, you want to keep me there as long as possible. If these indie games are critically acclaimed, then brag about it! "These are the titles that got X awards for Y by Z magazine - all hand picked for you." Or something to the effect of what this site has to offer that gamers would be attracted to in the first place, alongside genres available. This comes down to presentation. If they are totally new games, that’s totally fine and the blog Bottom line: move the review blog portion of which games reviewed that appear on the site to its own page (with the all-you-can-pay section, or at least make it clear option to go to).

- Community: Similar to the previous points, it boils down to what, why and how. The why seems to be in the rhetoric of the site, which is pretty sweet. The what/how is the mechanisms by which people interact with community; that is, list features. Is there a forum for members? Can it be accessed by non-members as a secondary form of advertising the community itself? How about chat rooms or voice channels? In-game, or not? This is a good place to showcase the client itself and user interactions on the site with a suite of photos ranging from the clients player-to-player exchanges or otherwise.

Personally, and I've written this here before, if I invest in a game, it's because the game style is attractive to me, simplistic grinding mixed with creativity: ARK or Minecraft; action and strategy: League of Legends; simple to use with great action, graphics and balancing: Shadowgun: Deadzone. Half of those listed were free to play, but each one I've invested easily 500+ hours in easily as well as dished out money for cosmetics or extras to show support. I guess my point here is show why this selection is worth one's time and money. Or, why is it something that can bring people together. Are the indie games multiplayer focused and themed towards community involvement? Are the games sheerly phenomenal with mindful discussion points that provoke discourse? Be generous with what you and your games chosen have to offer that’s different from, say, steam. Let the pictures of games on the site lead to review blogs or the dev profiles (if you have one). The community itself in a given game will either be great, or not (or both! all depends on the circles you encounter), but some of the friends I've made are from mutual interests that has carried us through different games over 5 years and going. By now, people have found communities easily through online games, boards, and aggregators. Who is the target market, and what is the appeal to pull them from games they can otherwise easily vet?

kantos  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: 3rd Weekly Bakers' Thread

Had some left over bananas I need to get rid of before my trip. This was my 4th banana bread. For the first time, I think it was relatively sweet AND moist. Woot!

Ingredients brought to you by Publix: where shopping is a pleasure.

It's surprisingly simple to make.

Came together smoothly as well. Used significantly less proportions of butter, baking soda, and sugar.

Used a fork to level the batter... it showed up in the final product:

Not bad, though! The honey drizzled on top from the previous pic didn't quite make a difference.

Final presentation (feat. my arm)

I've heard nothing but the same about the medical field coming from both my brothers' (a healthcare analyst and EMR specialist) coworkers and the token family doctor. Needless to say, on this side of the border it's hilariously silly watching progress or lack thereof on the subject.

Anywho, I was thinking about what you've written here and physical therapy[ist] came to mind.

Good move with the heavy drapes in combo with the fan, and I might take a page from your book in setting the phone away from the bed. I can relate to where the drapes and blinds come in clutch. There's a mustang without a muffler that parks outside my own and my roommates' window. His regular 5 AM drives are much easier to sleep through with a black out curtain and closed blinds on my end.

    So I'm thinking I should pick a career where I'm helping people, but I've also got to figure out how to appreciate myself for helping myself.

Good on you! Do you have any in mind, or passing thoughts? The last bit is crucial in my experience. It's hard to give from a place without and avoid becoming resentful.

This made more sense to me after reading again. To clarify:

    The bigger narrative around relationships is about "getting". "Getting" married. "Getting" a girl/boyfriend. Etc.

    The more powerful way to enter into an engagement with someone else is to BRING you to the party, and offer yourself, rather than take from others.

This in the sense of the opposite being going to the party with intent to "get" or "take" someone way from that space?

I found this insightful and a neat view.

I had a brain blast last month, took this a step further and bought a sleep mask. Super effective since it forces my eyes closed as a constant reminder to sleep.

    Number one: There is nothing someone else has that is going to "complete" you. If you are not complete and whole, you can never be a true partner to someone else. You cannot look to someone else to fill that hole inside of you, because then all you are is a suck. You aren't a partner, you are a leech.

One step further back: how does one become a 'whole' person, as well as illustrating such. I'd like to propose the idea that no single person really reaches enlightenment (sorry, definitely exaggerating, but not in a sarcastic sense). In other words, being 'incomplete' is the norm. Through engaging with a partner, each individual unlocks the ability to build upon themselves with a partner in good faith to reach a more wholesome state. This is based on the idea of one's attraction to another has a strong, positive correlation with values and upbringing - for better and worse. That said, through the 'worse,' one side can look to another for healing through compassion, comfort, and connection. Values aren't instilled in a void, they form through one's upbringing. Naturally, an upbringing calls for role models/guardians/parents. Through the rough times, your romantic interest has the power to enroll as the emotional and personal sounding board who can facilitate healing of wounds in the past as a partner in good faith. Inches by inches, wound by wound, progress can move forward towards a better being.

Wait. I rambled somewhere in that second thought process. I guess my point was, I agree here:

    Everything anyone needs (short of an actually clinically-assessed chemical or mental imbalance) is inside of them already.

And those willing to take that healing a step further could be lucky enough to explore a better way to live and grow exponentially with others.

What I'm sorta reading is a scenario where people seek out others to complete themselves. I agree that's not healthy for any relationship. I'd further argue that the other participant in this diad likely isn't 'wholesome' either. It's not unreasonable to presume that those who are not 'whole' or 'comfortable' with themselves may find that in those they seek romantic interest's with are seeking the same on some level.

I think I mixed around a lot of sentences when trying to make this more fluid. I'd be more than happy to clarify if something didn't make sense.

Thanks for the invite. In the middle of summer finals, interviews and packing. I'm liable to forget. Good luck and have fun, though. I'd be down for the next go around.

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