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Never listened to Tom Petty

I hear Arcade Fire in that song.

Life has always been a mystery for me growing up. At my age now, I kind of know what to expect will happen down the road.

Its my birthday today, turned 20. I feel good about my age but life is getting shorter and shorter. I never really conceptualized death until recently. I can kind of see the end of the road. I'm sure most of you have thought about this already. Anyways still glad I'm getting into adulthood finally

I've been meaning to get to that script from Gambino, thanks. Do you have any thoughts on Because the Internet? Seems to be hit or miss for a lot of people I've talked to.

Don't understand how its so unpopular considering how much of a success that album was for them.

I dont understand how it was a failure, I think it is so much more of a success than a failure. Mainstream hip-hop obviously is meaningless but that's just how mainstream music is normally. I think hip hop was a success in that it brought different cultures together under common struggles.

hermitherder  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Do you want to learn? Why?

Having the technical know how makes you realize how unrealistic some of your ideas may be and how much work is involved in programming. I prefer to be a dreamer sometimes.

Been listening non stop to Johnny Cash's Live at Folsom Prison album.

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