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I will add this to the list of reasons why I don't wear deodorant.

Instead of just taking a few genes from Barley and sticking it into rice, we should just make a new super human-made grain-starch-grass-plant... that you can all use for biofuel and clothing if you want... beer and bread too.

We need this plant.

Well... Attempt #2 for me, so far I am on day 5ish or something so far... but I have been Chomping on Nicorette gum the whole time... we will see what happens.

I am trying it this time with Nicortette gum this time.

What happens when multiple people use it at once?

yeah, that sounds more likely, but still earthlings spread.

Or, could you do that for me?

hanszyme  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Where do you find content?

Google+ is pretty good. I had forgotten about it for the past few months, at the time it helped me get off of facebook... now I see it will help me with the reddit... google+ is still that secluded mountain top with just a few tents, but the view is amazing (the news feed).

I just listened to the Silence one. It reminded me of a thought I had the other day after I found probably the quietest spot in Sao Paulo (a very noisy city) on a windy evening... if you are sitting in a very windy area the wind can block out all other sounds all you hear is air, silence... I thought it was more profound at the time, but your podcast reminded me of that (or a reflection of the idea).

Joe rogan podcast check it out

I was going to post it as well, but I then looked around a bit more... it seems like this is being squashed by alot of other people. Here is a counter argument.

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