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I am religious. I write software. I like reading and music. I enjoy table-top role playing. I tend to disappear from Hubski for weeks at a time.

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If you don't want to wait you can look at getting into Arduino. A friend of mine used it to make a "bomb" for their airsoft games. Arduino + nokia 3310 lcd display + motorcycle battery + satchel + siren he liberated from a broken house alarm = one kick ass bomb. It makes a helluvah noise with custom fuse lengths, retry lock outs, etc.

No, you are right. The Pi is basically a little computer.

On the one hand I want to wax philosophical about the illusions of security and how a full life is better than a long life, but who am I to spout such nonsense. I don't have a wife or kids or grandchildren that I want to see grow up. So here's a prayer instead that whatever life you have is worth the cost of living.

Hahahahahaha :'(

Here's hoping it gives you a skip. Alternatively may you go out in a blaze of glory before it affects your quality of life.

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That was beautiful thank you.

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I don't recognise that name. What is it from?

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I listen to a lot of OST's, but that's mainly because it is what I happen to own. There is some really good game music out. Christopher Tin's Baba Yetu for the win!

I live in South Africa and it was hilarious back then as well... wait. With the increase in SD card capacity since then (assuming a 64 GB card) and a 40 Mbps connection (fastest blended solution available as far as I know) it would take 3.64 hours compared to the pigeon's 2.12 hours (according to the article). At least the download would be 58% complete compared to the 4% at the time of writing.

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You should check out her one on depression. Spot on.

I have chronic depression. As hectic as that sounds it isn't so bad. It just means I have more than 4 depressive episodes a year (about once a month is accurate) and the episodes aren't as intense as many others experience. I can get by without medication. Being positive can't rid you of all kinds of funk. I am a pretty positive person and there is diddly squat I can do about it when my chemical balance decides to flip belly up. Being positive takes the majority of the edge out of it though. I know why my food tastes bland or why I suddenly just feel like I want to spend the rest of the week in bed. I know that it is worth going out and doing things when I feel like it isn't. I know people care for me deeply when I feel like I am unloved. Being positive makes my depression an inconvenience, but it doesn't take it away.

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