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I like Apple Music better than Spotify for one reason: I can get into the interface and listen to locally saved music even when I have no service. Spotify takes me to the Browse interface by default and then complains there is no connection. I run through some no-service zones, and if I need to change my playlist mid-run, the music stops and will not start again until I get back home, This really throws off my momentum, to where I am noticeably slower when Spotify refuses to let me play locally saved music offline. On Apple Music, I can always fall back on iTunes.

On that note, does anyone remember the days when apps used to work even on an EDGE connection, pre-3G? When YouTube and Google Maps would load on EDGE? It was slow, but it loaded... Spotify, Google Maps, and a ton of other apps that should know better refuse to load even on 3G or a spotty 4G connection. I don't have LTE everywhere I go. I miss 2005.

It goes to make up for the lackluster comics he's been doing lately.

Was there any explanation as to why he stopped writing for a few months? Was it because of his new book coming out?

One whole egg is 70 calories and scrambled will be about the size of your palm. The typical serving of eggs is two whole eggs for one person. With that in mind, two egg whites for one person is not a lot.

freehunter  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Why do you shower in the morning?

I have crazy greasy hair in the morning, but I don't shower in the morning. I wash my hair and get my day started. I work from home, so I take a lunch break and go for a run or a bike ride which gets me sweaty, then I shower after that.

Even if I shower at night, I will still wash my hair when I wake up because it's impossible to control if I don't, and it's stupid greasy by the end of the day anyway.

The worst feeling in the world to me right now is "oh my god they're about to cut to commercial". I've lived for the past eight years without watching a single live TV channel broadcast or radio broadcast. Right now I'm staying at my in-law's house and they have cable. Watching a movie in FX or some other non-premium channel is just excruciating. How can people deal with commercial breaks?! It's impossible! I mean I follow baseball religiously and even then when a commercial comes on just shows "commercial break in progress."

"F-Secure does not retain any kind of data or log users’ traffic."

I should say, I'm not claiming that Freedome is the best VPN in the world. I use it and trust it, but I'm not in a life-or-death situation when it comes to sharing content. If life-or-death describes your situation, please please please do more homework than I have done trying to pick a VPN provider. My main concerns when it comes to VPN providers is "do they log", "can I pretend to be in another country", and "will they encrypt my traffic". That's it. Don't take this advice if your life depends on your anonymity.

Awesome, thanks! I looked for it on the tags I was following and search for Greece but did not find it. I'm still getting used to navigating Hubski, I've only been here a few days.

I used Freedome by F-Secure. They have smartphone apps and support Windows/OSX. It's fairly inexpensive, run by a security company, and they don't keep logs.

The best use case that everyone could consider righteous is to protect your information while you're connected to wifi that you do not control. If I'm at Starbucks, there is a greater-than-zero chance that someone could be sniffing my traffic. There is a greater-than-zero chance that someone could put up a false hotspot and read all of my traffic, read my passwords, read my email. If I'm on someone else's wifi connection, I fire up my VPN as it encrypts all traffic as it's going through.

Another good example is if you're on an Internet connection where your ISP plays with the traffic. For example, if your ISP throttles YouTube videos. Running through a VPN, they would never know what site you're on, so you have free access to information.

But really, everyone has something to hide. If you didn't have something to hide, you wouldn't have curtains in your house or locks on your doors. If you don't have something to hide, tell me your bank account login and your social security number. If you don't have anything to hide, take the password off your wifi, your laptop, and your smartphone. Everyone has something they're trying to hide, and it's almost never as malicious as people who say "you're trying to hide something" think it is. More often, it's just embarrassing, not malicious.

freehunter  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post:

I've done it before as a consultant. I billed it to my company and they paid it with no hesitation. It turned what would have been three hours of downtime while I go to visit one client into a few hours of productive communication and some amount of work with several clients during my traveling. When the company is charging clients $150/hr for my time, the $10-$20 it costs to pay for wifi on a flight more than pays for itself if I can bill even a single hour while I'm on a plane.

Absolutely nothing in that post was hostile, defensive, or argumentative. Whereas almost every word you have written is exactly what you described. I think what he's saying (and you're missing) is that Hubski was not set up to be a Reddit replacement during their recent turmoil. That's all he's ever said in his original post or in his reply to your feedback.