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Pushing back the darkness by kindling the minds of my fellow man with science outreach.

A few weeks later and my first Great Red Spot

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Huh, never seen this before. Looks interesting.

We need to start keeping a list of all the things that the Boomer Generation took full advantage of and then subsequently killed for their kids and grandkids.


Science Literacy.




If I was not in a mood full of snark I'd expand on this.

francopoli  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: June 21, 2017

Nuts, that is just a bit out of the way for me. And after the Eclipse I won't have any off time left for the year.

francopoli  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Are Curiosity's tracks landmarks?

The relics at the landing site will be there forever, with the caveat that there is weather on Mars. There are global sand storms for example. Most likely the tracks have a visible life of centuries, the equipment will be visible for millennia.

The stuff on the moon, however, baring meteor and asteroid impacts, will be there on the scale of tens of millions of years as there is no weather to disturb the sites.

EDIT! I knew there was an epic image to share! https://thespacereporter.com/2016/04/opportunity-photographs-mars-dust-devil/

Oh, Oh, me oh my. That was a glorious 24 hours of /pol/ trolling.

The more I think about it the more I think you are correct. Amazon's strength is that it is everywhere and nowhere at the same time. Physical locations are going to be a hindrance to what makes it great.

    Do you think self-worth and being single is a gender-related issue: men can have self-worth just by being men but women are conditioned to base self-worth on their relationships.

I have reservations about anyone that has to build their identity through a relationship with someone else. It is a huge red flag for me.

Amazon should have bought the Radio Shack leftovers and used them as a drop off for returns/pick up for free shipping etc.

Amazon competes with Target and Walmart, not with Albertson's. And Sprouts is freaking amazing. I love this place and go there as much as I can when I go back home.

You know what they call live-in grandparents now a days? Free Day Care. Then you add in the SSI they get and you have a full time live in caretaker who helps out around the house while mom and dad work.

    For the record, the mortality rate of children in European cities prior to the French Revolution was on the order of 60%.

The infant mortality rate in the USA in the 1930's was 50% or so. In 1930 alone there were 140,000 or so registered deaths of infants under 1 year of age. Vaccinations, hospital births, and better nutrition ended that nightmare.

    I've got neighbors that are living 6 adults and 1 kid in 1300 square feet.

I had a neat talk with someone today. They life in a multi-generational household. This used to be the norm in the world until the industrial revolution. Grandparents, parents and kids all under the same roof. The way we are set up now with the zoning laws et. al. I don't think you could go back to this mode of living. And maybe we lost something when we moved off this model.

(Says the guy who moved 2000 miles from his parents)

I watched the Berlin Wall fall. I watched in shock as the Soviet Union ceased to exist and (mostly) peacefully splinter. Two shuttle accidents. The Reagan Revolution. Chernobyl. All these things that are now in history books as abstractions that happened "back then." Hell I remember when my mom finally allowed a TV in the house and it was colour and that was a big deal as the grand parents still had a black and white unit.

A human life is very, very short. We think a decade is a long time, but it is but a twinkle in the eye of time. The USA is only three human lifetimes old, after all.

I'd say Civilization 4 is better than X-Com. X-Com is definitely a top 10 game. I'd also put Starcraft in front of AoE if only for the rabid online community that keeps it going 20 years later.

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