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Pushing back the darkness by kindling the minds of my fellow man with science outreach.

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The Builders and the Butchers keep popping up in my suggestions so I gave them a try. For a band from the mid 2000's they sound like something that Elvis would have covered in the '50's.

Anything bit enough to deliver a viable EMP is going to vaporize you and set fire to anything that survives, then it's not your problem any more.

If you want to go into the "OH SHIT THIS IS SCARY" realm, with something that may actually happen? CMEs happen every dozen years or so and we are just lucky that none have faced the earth.

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    Primer is a perfect example of a bad script, bad editing, bad cinematography, bad directing and bad sound that fanbois all gleefully ignore because there's a bunch of fast-talking powerpoint bullshit that makes them feel smart.

This is almost word for word how I describe 'Clerks.'

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I was drug kicking and screaming into watching Season One of Game of Thrones as I had read books 1 and 2. Then, I read the third book and in no way wanted to see what the show would do to the story. As far as I know, there is no show.

Sam thing right now is going on with an anime/manga adaptation of One Punch Man. The slow build up, the focus on the supporting roles, the grind toward the big bad and the boss battle. People are upset that the hero is not in the fights, but that is the WHOLE FUCKING POINT. Then I stop giving any and all fucks about what the fandom says on the internet and just enjoy things.

    This kind of entitled tantrum is a symptom of a ComicCon Culture that's gone malignant.

The Internet is great at amplifying voices. The problem is that angry idiots are a profitable demographic that engage with other angry idiots, and that ad money just rolls in. When the only moral center you have is pageviews and impressions, pissing people off is a near-perfect business strategy. The few decent people are being drowned out. Add into the mix a basic human lethargic reaction to anything not on a screen in front of your face and Slacktivist nonsense like this gets traction. The cynical cunt in me says that these style of petitions are used to justify a spin off series.

Primer is neat. I wish i had more friends into it.

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The Bobverse is great. New book is due this year!

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    I think it's "consumption."

Damn, I think you just nailed why I hate the Internet any more. The creatives have been swamped by the consumers.

    The depression comes when the "kids" realize that having an education doesn't necessarily get you what you want and having a relationship doesn't alleviate the problem of also having to have a life.

So how do we as the adults in the room help our younger charges get over this hump in philosophy, give them a path toward a purpose and set them on the right course towards a life of purpose and meaning?

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    What is the opinion of people here on two weeks notice?

Don't burn bridges. Give the notice, work the shifts, assuming they don't write you a check for the two weeks and escort you out. The people you work with now may one day be the people you meet that either are running the interview for a new job, remember you and call you with an opportunity or otherwise will one day cross paths with you. Friend of mine worked a shitty fast food job. He hated it. But he showed up on time, did his job, did not cause trouble. He finally got a new job, gave notice, was otherwise a decent employee. Unknown to him, the hiring manager in the background of the new gig? She was the wife of the guy who owned the restaurant. In the hiring process he never met this woman, but she was the one that determined that the job was his.

The world tends to be a lot smaller than we think. IT people talk to one another, and we all trade stories.

Thanks, man!

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    There's a certain class of human that lives most of their lives vicariously and it doesn't matter that they'll never get within a dozen timezones of the frontier, the fact that it hasn't tripled during their lifetime means the downfall of humanity.

I've been 'dating' vicariously through some of the young people in the groups I hang out with. We've discovered a relationship between pop culture consumption and character. The more pop culture a person tends to consume, the lazier, the meaner and the less honorable that person seems to be. (Example given: The whole of the baby boomer generation) Not sure if it is just the data samples I have access too, or if there is a real correlation here or not.

Then again those of us like myself that don't watch TV or movies all seem to be insufferable cunts so who knows.

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