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Pushing back the darkness by kindling the minds of my fellow man with science outreach.

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Louisville has a kick-ass bookstore. I like visiting the place once a month or so They run local author forums. The staff READS in a way that makes me and my goal of a book a week or 20K pages a quarter look like a lightweight. I went in a month ago and said I was reading Alone Together and had a 10 minute conversation on how the internet is creating a bigger demand for long form readers and people are joining the in-person book club because people are starting to get burnt out on social media. Good luck having that sort of interaction in anything other than an independent establishment that invests in its employees.

They also carry magazines, foreign newspapers, local schlock, NYT highbrow and will order just about everything and anything that they can get an ISBN number from. I've intentionally bought from them rather than Amazon because they earned my patronage. The one drawback is that I have to go there on the way home from work and getting in and out during those times is a bit rough.

They also do partner projects with the Library. They used to run a writer's forum to help kids write better school papers but I an not sure they do that any more. After all if they are in the library they might end up buying books as well as borrowing.

Bookstores can and do compete. They have to offer something that a website can't: people. That requires investment in your staff, the community and building more people reading books.

SEO assholes dumping links into forums. I've been noting this more often in a few places around the net that don't lock down memberships.

I'm ugly. It's not that big a deal, but that is a statement of reality. Having said that I would never be able to write an article that amounts to "I look like shit in a muscle shirt ergo ban muscle shirts."

I go to the gym so I don't die at 60. Shut the fuck up and sweat or go home.

Company Stock price and investor ROI.

I get the Economist (not the US version, its shit), The Nation, The Progressive (they have Trump derangement syndrome and I'm about to drop them). The Atlantic is good every other month it seems. The National Review is a good one for a right leaning counterpoint. I had the New Republic for a while but got disinterested and killed it.

The important point, I think is to get opinion on the left and the right. Don't get into a bubble. If you are a lefty, know what the guys on the right are saying so you can listen, counter and talk about what they are discussing, and likewise.

Going through Amazon get the digital editions, they are cheaper and the old rags don't stack up to the rafters.

Win 8.1 is stable and works. I wish I could run it on the laptop, but doing so has driver and overheating issues.

Apple has been a walled garden since the introduction of the iPhone. And agree that the hardware is nice stuff but at a 50% premium from what it should be.

Want to know the fucking hilarious thing? I have to do that reg hack monthly. Updates roll out, go into the registry, change the string, repeat. I'm not the only one, from what I am seeing online. Not sure why some of us have so much trouble with this while some people click that damn thing once and then never have an issue.

The change to the way the USB to serial works has fucked with a ton of people and there is no logical reason why they would do this. All my telescopes and cameras broke and had to do some black magic wankery to get them all sort-of working again.

Linux always seems like it is two-three years away from having everything I want. I use it for work, I use it for home, and I'd love to use it for my daily PC. ASCOM demands Windows, so to do astronomy stuff I am stuck with Windows for a while.

Buy the good stuff Yea, it costs more. That means you eat less and treat it as something special once in a while. I do a buy once a year or so when they have specials this time of year and get my fix. Some of the stuff is so good you don't want to just shove it in your face, and those truffles are works of art.

I could eat 50lbs of chocolate a week as I have no self control when it comes to cheap stuff, because hey cheap, right? So I save for the year and get a batch of stuff that I can nibble on and share instead.

The best thing about February is that all the fancy high end chocolateirs put their goods on sale.

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