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Pushing back the darkness by kindling the minds of my fellow man with science outreach.

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He needs to go to a church that does not constantly tell him he's a piece of shit sinner going to hell.

Yikes... that was not an euphemism. I did not know his personal history, because honestly don't care. Twins AND Triplets? Holy shit.

Some men really need to work on being happy to be by themselves. Lots of these style of issues melt away once you get comfortable inside your own head.

The people that have all the risk, aka the people running the company and holding the debt are getting nervous. He's been kicked out before because people get tired of his shit, wonder if we are seeing history repeat.

    Like who does this dude even bake cakes for?

The other bigots like him that hate the fags and liberals. I'd bet people buy cakes from him just to virtue signal to their church groups.

I have a few people in my closer circle that do the online dating thing. Watching what they go through, I'd rather be shot or stabbed again.

One of the problems is that with the breakdown of the family structure in the country, and with people not going to church anymore, the last places left to meet people are work and school. Getting into romantic entanglements at work is a minefield at best. I always scream at people to not date coworkers. So, what is left? People don't have money to go to places any more, and clubs are not a place to go for dating. People are told to get into a hobby, but the issue with that is men and women tend to be into different things leading to segregated lifestyle choices. Nobody really wants to be hit on at the grocery store. Or at a department store. Or getting their overpriced coffee in the morning.

The short of it is that if you do not get hooked up with a life-long partner in school, or when you are young, you are going to have issues later in life wondering where all the single people are and how to make friends as an adult.

I've joked before that we need to go back to arranged marriages. That just presents a different misery. I wish I had an answer here.

The Last Question is a beautiful story. One of my favorites.

Now, for something terrible. I got bored with gaming and looked for something to watch. Andromeda popped up on Amazon Prime, and as I had never watched it, I sat down to go through the first five episodes. And holy serious shit is this show terrible. Bad, awful, terrible. Everything I hate about Star Trek wrapped around everything I dislike about popular scifi. I made it to the end of Season 1, then stopped. Then I went back and randomed two eps from the middle of Season two and two episodes from the middle of season three.

There is a good, or at least interesting, set of concepts in the show. All of them have been done better. Ship AI's are done better in the Ian M Banks Culture series of books. The hero out of time has been done so many times, in so many genres that it is a meme. Idiocracy did it better. Demolition Man did it better. Hell, CAPTAIN AMERICA does it better. Rebuilding a society after a fall? Great idea for a hero narrative, and has been done better. The Stormlight books, which I discovered this year and love, may have my perceptions and expectations altered a bit.

Then, the acting. Kevin Sorbo sucks as an actor. He's bad, fight me. Go watch a random fight scene from Hercules, go on, I dare you. Andromeda's fight scenes are Hercules choreography in space... done on a budget. Speaking of budget, Cut scenes, cut scenes everywhere as padding. At least they don't resort to too much techno babble.

One other thing that bothered me. The ship is 300 years behind the tech curve. And wins battles. Um, ok maybe, but no. 300 years is at least 5-7 machine generations even with the chaos after a civilization fall. People still tinker, people still improve things to help them survive. This is the equivalent of tall ships taking on an AEGIS cruiser and winning. Constantly, winning. Against overwhelming force. NO. The opposition would have mustered up and stomped these guys.

But that is not the biggest thing that sticks out to me. The show? It's boring. The fight scenes are dull, hell even the intros are dull. If all I had to go by was the intro to the shows in seasons two and three I would have not bothered. How can you make space battles boring? Make every. single. damn. battle the same. The crew of the ship are the stupidest idiots to ever get control of a warship. There is a deus ex machina where in every episode i watched the ship had massive damage in a battle that showed no tactical ability on behalf of the crew. Next episode? No worries the ship was healed ready for the next "adventure" only to get beat up again.

Terrible. Just, terrible. So much they could have done to make this show good.

One of the reasons that I share articles like this is to show how fucking terrible the press has become. Nobody edits anymore. I'm more inclined that this article was pitched like so:

    We need the 20-40 male demo to read our shitty website. What can we do?

    I hear the kids these days like beer. And Craft beer is a thing, right?

    OK run with that angle, oh and you have a deadline of an hour

I don't drink beer and even I knew that the name of the company was InBev. If we ran a real campaign against "fake news" half the fucking people on the internet would be out of a job.

francopoli  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Manafort gives up.

That is a common strategy in defense cases. Keep your client's mouth SHUT and tell him to sit there, pay attention and look pretty and 'innocent' if there is such a look.

Do what you can to make the prosecution slip up and attack credibility of the other side, hang the jury and walk.

    If Manafort were my client I wouldn't want him on the stand. Would you?

I'd not want him talking period. Not to the news, not online, not even to his family.

Which means increases in personal debt. Which means we are right back to 2007, don't it?

Monsanto weedkiller case: Bayer shares tumble after payout

286 million. Still probably not enough punishment.

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