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Pushing back the darkness by kindling the minds of my fellow man with science outreach.

A few weeks later and my first Great Red Spot

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The Baby Boomer generation will not stop until the entire planet is a charred ruin. They are nothing more than locusts that have added NOTHING to the world.

Who gives a shit about the budget and the future when you are all going to be dead in 10 years, right?

Jesus. You mean to tell me that people are so desperate for housing they are considering CYPRUS FUCKING PARK?

The market is going to slow down as interest rates climb. As rates climb the people with adjustable rate mortgages that were borderline able to buy will have to either sell.... NOW or get foreclosed on. This is about where we were right before things got exciting in 2007.

If you are in a good place, like the area, and don't need to move? Save like a mother fucker, know the value of the areas you want to live in, and start to look for deals at the end of the year.

I'm just some dude, not a prophet, not a financial advisor so take that for what it is worth.

Fuck everything about the redpilltards. They fucked up /pol/ even more than it already was. Nothing more than PUA's (aka vermin) trying to have an ethos other than nihilism.

Not a problem. Text is tricky like that.

Alan Stern, the lead on New Horizons has spent an entire career making this mission happen. His first proposal for a Kuiper Belt/Pluto Probe was in the mid-80's. This is a whole career pushing for a singular mission.

The Jupiter moon missions are being pushed by people who were engineers for the Voyagers.

Something tells me that you do not mean a whole lifetime to get something launched, but there are a few examples.

    I've seen some people tactfully keep god in their lives while doing great science, and I'm trying to shy away from phrasing things in a militant tone. At least for now. The opposite comes more naturally anyway.

The Big Bang Theory was proposed by the Vatican's Astronomer after looking through Einstein's equations. Darwin was a very devoutly religious man who had major a crisis of faith over evolution. Those are off the top of my head. Newton and Leibniz fought over calculus in part due to the religious differences between the two men. Ken Miller is a devout Catholic who gives pro-evolution speeches and presentations. We could sit here and name thousands of people in this camp.

Religion is not the issue. Fanatic, regressive, nutballs are the problem. Ken Ham is a one-man atheist creation engine. Liberty University is using their narrow religious world view to fuck over the country. We could sit here and name thousands of people in this camp.

    I'm not sure that those social media accounts have a one-to-one correspondence with American citizens.

Canada, Australia, UK, Ireland, Turkey, Germany and Russia are putting in a good fight against the American nutballs. I'd love to link a few but screw helping them rise in google searches.

Holy shit. Is there anything at all that Uber does that is not illegal, immoral or just up and up fucked?

Don't worry though, the CEO of Unroll.me is Heartbroken over the whole thing where they sold your data to the same mailing lists that you were unsubbing from.


Ken Ham and Liberty University are both active in fighting godless science online. Add that in the shit show that is the baby boomer generation being retired, backwards, anti science, hell fucking anti reality, and flush with SSI cash and you really don't need foreign involvement to blame.

Ads on Youtube, and promoted channels are not that expensive when you have a house paid off, free health care from the government and a retirement check.

Editing to add. After I wrote the original comment I snooped around some of the flat earth and anti science stuff to see more about the people involved. Retirees and you people working with megachurches. And a few weird people here and here.

That's a terrible idea as most of the objects are not in the plane of the solar system. And they have orbits on the order of centuries, if not millennia. Here is a better idea.

We take one of the pristine mirrors that the NSA/NRO gave NASA and use them for a wide field sensitive infrared survey telescope. We place that telescope at the L2 point between the sun and the earth (where the James Webb telescope will be) as it is in shadow, cold and the earth blocks the sun most of the time. This helps keep the telescope cold so your coolant lasts longer. Then, image the whole sky. your goal is to take an image of a part of the sky with a sensitive camera in the IR bands every 5-10 days. Everything that does not move? that is a galaxy or a star. Everything that moves? Get a visual scope on that object ans see if it is real or an artifact.

This has a few advantages. One the telescope can be lofted on a Falcon Heavy. Two, we know that environment and can engineer for it. Three we can set the spacecraft up to be serviced as that is about the same delta-V as a lunar orbit insertion. Three we are looking exactly opposite the sun which is where these faint objects are brightest in the sky (note we are talking 10-100x dimmer than Pluto.)

Why Infrared? These objects are small, dim, faint and hard to see. But they are warm relative to the background of space and all but the brightest galaxies and close gas clouds. Some of these objects are roughly as reflective as fresh asphalt (they reflect 5-9% of the sunlight that hits them) but the get 'warm' from the sun's energy and that makes them glow like a dull ember. Most of the rocks we find are not much bigger than mountains, most are under 50Km.

Oh, cool video time. Want to watch what technology can do? Here is a video of all the asteroid discoveries from the 1970's onward. Note how the sweeps occur away from the sun. In 2010 an older infrared telescope was used to look at a 90° angle to the earth/sun line and fond thousands of rocks. Those are the big events and they stick out once you see them.

There are too many of these small bodies out there all exhibiting the same or nearly same weird behavior. With the new WFIRST and other infrared survey telescopes looking for asteroids, if there is something large out there that is causing the orbital scattering they will find it or have to go back to the math calculations.

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