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I hope it spurs or broadens discussion, but I am getting kind of numb to news about our withering bill of rights.

> That was merely the final straw, he said, noting Republican lawmakers last week stripped incoming Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper of various powers and set up partisan elections for the state's highest court.

> "They're cheating to hold on to power," he said. "Enough is enough."

Gerrymandering is a workaround to disarm the vote. I wonder if it is impossible to "gerrymander" economic zones at the same time. Could underground markets and "cross-district" business alliances put empower districts where voters have been defeated?

> The NCAA and the Atlantic Coast Conference have already pulled more than a dozen athletic tournaments out of North Carolina because of House Bill 2. The state law also has prompted organizations to cancel conventions, entertainers to drop tour dates in the state and some businesses to scrap plans to expand operations here.

I was surprised to see the NCAA in here. Are state universities closely tied to the legislature? If students decide to unionize and not buy books for two years, is that enough pressure? Bookstores are a ripoff anyways. Fucking clickers and access codes and shit can all go die in a fire.

I forget where I heard it, but I think the US military calls climate change a "threat multiplier"

Dang. I suppose as long as I'm dreaming I can hold out for a surprise different tally on Jan 6.

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