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listening to every nujabes album at work today. so glad this music exists

oh yeah maybe. the patties are the same size but the hemp one might just weigh less. it apparently has roughly the same protein content.

i have been wondering about this. the cafeteria at my office sells impossible burgers for $3 and all-too-possible meat burgers for $3.50 (all our food is at cost). and no, those numbers aren't backwards. so clearly the cafeteria is able to buy bulk hempy impossible soystuff cheaper than beef.

(OR they are eating a loss to encourage vegetarianism, which is the kind of directive our CEO might issue)

(OR the beef they use is free range, organic, privileged, multicultural diverse beef from all backgrounds and walks of life, which drives the cost up, so the impossible burger only seems cheap by comparison)

but the fact remains that it is a) cheaper, b) healthier and c) assuages my conscience to buy the impossible burger, so that is what i do. it tastes almost like beef, but still tastes good, so i don't mind the difference.

there's a five hour tom petty live album. i listened it straight the other day. amazing

thenewgreen check it out

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i've driven that road, and i believe had lunch in olafsvik.

if i recall correctly, 54 was closed for weather, but f570 wasn't for some reason. and it was green up there, even in winter, lot of scrub plants. got out of the car and walked around, found multiple caves within minutes. totally alien landscape.

neat. 10 million is an impressive price tag for anything that happens underground

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actually been looking all over for that first one. couldn't remember where i saw it

flagamuffin  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: D.C. Hubski Meetup

gang starr. "if rap was my house you'd be sleepin in the yard"

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so whatever aerosols volcanoes launch into the air have a negative effect on ozone. note: they also raise the earth's albedo and therefore cause cooling, but in the long run, from an earth-cooling perspective, do more harm than good

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