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yep, although really i'm sure there still is even in the first world, though it's hardly noticeable.

    As you get older, the chance that you will die goes up.

in the industrial era, perhaps

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heidelberg, huh. such a classic city.

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in a way there are two conversations happening here. eisenman has never made what i would call architecture. he makes giant "modern art." this helps resolve the curiosity that no one really likes giant ugly buildings (eg the parisian domino building) but they've won out. there's a prevailing idea that we need giant works of modern art in cities, either for individuality or whatever else.

as someone on the ssc subreddit pointed out, it's all very well to fundamentally hate piss christ, because you don't have to think about it. but if you drive by soldier field on the way to work every day... (and in case anyone thinks giant functional stadia can't be attractive, at least concede that minute maid, fenway, etc do a better job of fitting in)

interesting links. i think a lot of postwar architecture boils down to an ego trip.

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none whatever, though i side with alexander

i have heard that this is a bit of a seminal moment in the field, yes. very interested to hear what you have to say.

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like the palette. thought this would be screenshots of old hubski though

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watch out for sonic warfare

perhaps we have both been ponderously making our way through gwern's end of the year newsletter

or perhaps not

anyway, wolfram won me over as a writer with this post, the interest per square inch quotient was off the charts

as the war nerd once said, if we had dealt with the reality of a foreign country kidnapping americans out of our own embassy by blowing up iranian holy cities one by one, none of this would be happening right now

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