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Old banger:

My favorite track from last year:

fartist_m  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Happy New Year!


👉this year will be your best year👉

Not so much sharing all that much myself, but commenting on how crazy it is that there is so much similarity between these posts, and what I feel.

Uncertainty and indecision seemed to be the byline of more than half of these posts. I feel that.

But also there is a sense of listlessness and dissatisfaction I feel like pervades a lot of these posts. I see that I all of my friends IRL too, and most of all in myself.

I have friends and see people that for the most part went to school and got a job in exactly what they wanted in a respectable profession and are doing great. Another friend went to college and took a practical job that they can tolerate but make great money and work straight 9-5 hours. And I turned away from either of those to embrace my passion towards art and went to school for that and chose my passion as my career.

Yet all of us seem dissatisfied. The grass seems greener wherever we didn't end up. I think I have had a conversation with each of my friends in any position that they want to go back to school and do something else, or they want to pursue their passion, or what they they thought they wanted just isn't what it's cracked up to be, or they want to start up their own business, or they want to quit their business and find a stable job. Everyone seems like to themselves, they made a wrong decision. I see a lot of that in nearly every person I meet regardless of age or status. But I think the truth is that the struggle is real and no matter what you do happiness, in fact not even happiness, but satisfaction and comfort is a truly truly back-breaking soul-crushing pursuit. The goal is becoming indifferent and dumb enough to just enjoy what you have.

pls ignore if i am just projecting.

Love this whole album. The title track is my favorite Zappa song.

Heyo, new to this site, but already am into these threads. I can't post link yet I see, but I wanted to share anyways.

I wanted to highlight

Loosie by Earl Sweatshirt

IMO his new album is a low energy masterpiece.

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