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Absolutely. My favorite trick of argument is to flip the statement around, which often reveals quite plainly what's going on. Desire to fit in causes all wrongdoing? So no wrongdoing happens without being caused by a desire to fit in. This is clearly absurd.

You mentioned CLRS and Sedgewick, but my favorite is Skiena's Algorithm Design Manual

Many thanks for the link-spam of libhunt, hadn't heard of it but it looks super useful

No way, I was just about to start this. I finished Infinite Jest just over a year ago, so I finally felt ready again to try and tackle something of similar scope. Glad to hear it's at least similar in the "having funny parts" department!

do  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Kendrick Lamar - DAMN.

Listening to the intro for the first time was a great experience, love the concept, love the surprise, just everything

Favorite track(s): DNA. lots of energy, and two great beats. Will be blasting this one in the car

PRIDE. as well, slower but fantastic lyrically. Those are my top two, pretty impossible to choose between them though.

Please, please let album number two be a real thing. Will be watching the Coachella stream intently... (not like I wouldn't have otherwise)