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Peter Norvig likes to compare AI programs to magic tricks. Once you know how they work they're cool, but not at all magical.

The best cure for transhumanism is taking an Intro to AI class.

    So how does the EPA judge energy efficiency? There's a clue for those who read below the fold: "In 2010, workers at the Government Accountability Office posed as product developers and got the Energy Star label for fictitious products."

... which is why they've required third parties to do the testing since 2011.

The real problem is that these devices aren't secure by default, so no, the user doesn't deserve the blame, but we still have a shambling hoard of zombie doorbells because people bought them at Home Depot and didn't know they needed to lock them down.

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I went to the closest one to me. Around 1,000 people, and most of us knew each other. The nerd solidarity was real, but it was less like any protest I've ever been to than a comic book convention with clever signs.

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Companies with stupid products no one wants or needs are normal in vcistan. Spicer is treading new ground.

But oil makes so much money. Don't you go thinkin' your fancy book learnin' means you know better than the Invisible Hand. It's unamerican. This here's a capitalist nation, just like the Good Lord wanted.

I'm a little surprised they're being that subtle about milking the United thing. They could be printing billboards with "Delta: we will not have you beaten" on them.

It's not like that at all. You don't hope the infant will shoot itself.

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No discussion of wacky CIA schemes is complete without Acoustic Kitty.

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