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Anyone tracking the (public) police forums will immediately notice a lot of cops threatening to slack off. "You don't appreciate what we do? We'll just stop doing it." It'd be interesting to start tracking the numbers in other major cities, see if they follow suit. It will be equally interesting to see if the NYPD cottons on to the fact that their strategic inaction has thrown their uselessness into sharp relief.

Anything short of flat, unapologetic denial puts right him on a greased rail to the hoosegow. He's covering his decrepit Sith hindquarters, true to form.

    Cheney loved torture, war profiteering and b̶i̶r̶d̶ human hunting. He is survived by an Iraqi quagmire. He will not be missed.


I wonder if a trojan version of this app will be developed. Something you could install, say, on a significant other's phone without their knowledge.

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