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ToxicAirEvent  ·  2701 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: There is no Reddit migration

>-Click on their name, click on "posts" or "comments" depending on which you would like to see. You can also see what they've "shared". This handles your first paragraph.

Missed that sorry. I will still say if I refer to say your post page(http://hubski.com/posts?id=thenewgreen) In the sidebar maybe say that I'm viewing your post and give a nav option to view your comments and other info from right there instead of having to click on your name again somewhere on the page and then waiting for the pop-up and then clicking again and waiting for the page to load.

You can streamline a step or two out of that with some slightly better navigation. Also while I'm on it if you move some of that user info on the post page to the sidebar give the option to follow them in there with their sorting information since a lot of people are probably going to decide to follow a user based on their post.

>Click on "tabs" under the link. Is this what you mean?

Sort of. I mean that does work. I'd like to just be able to click on the external link and have it auto open in a new tab via a user configured setting rather than having to click over to the new tab link. That said not to big of a deal because you have the tab link and I can just click center on the scroll wheel.

>The lack of a time signature in your feed is intentional. If a subject is interesting, why wouldn't it be worth commenting on regardless of when it was posted?

There is something to be said for that. At the same time news events can somtimes move quickly and the topic can still be interesting but knowing how long ago the headline/thing was posted can be helpful because it might mean you want to go hunting for a newer post with newer info. I can take it or leave it with the lack of time stamps however.

ToxicAirEvent  ·  2701 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: There is no Reddit migration

Give users profile pages and not just popups or at least let me refer to older post they've made and commented on to see if I want to follow them or not. Or just give me a link to view their feed easily to I can see what they are posting, commenting on and sharing.

Make it more clear what the "Interested in" section does. Also make it easier to find and set interest.

Fix the password request and user sign up page(sometimes like when I tried to recover my password today it referred to a 404 page). Also sometimes when you send messages it simply goes to a 403 page and instead of telling you what part of the forum is incorrectly filled out.

Time stamp things to let me know when it was posted. Sometimes commenting on things that are days old isn't worth it. They can also at times just give you a helpful time line for things over the course of a day.

Make links or make an option to have shared links open in a new tab in the user control panel.

ToxicAirEvent  ·  2701 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: There is no Reddit migration

Well if the website had a better layout and functioned well maybe people would move. Right now this place in terrible but has some real potential. No one is going to move until it functions a little better because right now the layout is worse than reddit and that is saying something.