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I read this a while back and I like some of the thoughts put forth, but I noticed some of the bias and other things you point out. Thank you for a thoughtful and insightful deconstruction of those points.

I really like the confess remix. I haven't heard that one. Thank you.

For those who dig female vocalists Jillian Ann Some of her stuff has more views, but definitely under appreciated. Mina Fedora - Believe Me Nice mellow tones. I want to share Ivy Levan, I've been following her for a few years, but she just blew up, so check her out, I won't link per rules.

Deep Drain - In to the Ocean is way under exposed. De-Tached - Waste a nice new sound. RetConstruct - The End of Men dark and offbeat Bright Dead Circle - live show is newer than one year but amazing live. Cooker - Hello Goodbye an old favorite who no longer exists

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