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So I'm not the biggest fan of watching a race on TV; but love live endurance racing! My fiance drives on a chumpcar team which is endurance racing with low value cars ($500ish). If you're in the United States I highly recommend checking out their site and stopping by one of the races; they don't have a huge audience but watching questionable cars fight to win, or just not brake, a 7+ hour race is a lot of fun.

I also have and IUD, 2 years now, so I no longer keep track of my cycles which is unfortunately as now the crazy seems to sneak up on me. Last month I had a crying spell all over my unsuspecting fiance for the oh-so logical reason of him having more family therefor more people of "his" will be at the wedding and using crazy PMS logic therefor I was going to be lonely at the wedding :/ Poor guy.

Rebecca  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: How are you today, Hubski?

It's kind of hard to describe.... The process takes out a lot of the bitterness and the dry mouth effect. They aren't exactly sweet, more like the spiciness of the cinnamon and cloves but still a distinctive apple taste with the texture of maraschino cherries. They taste great on vanilla ice-cream or used as a garnish for pork dishes.

Rebecca  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: How are you today, Hubski?

Great! Last night I cooked up crab apples to be pickled so this morning I woke up to a house that smelled like the holidays (cinnamon and cloves). I'm new to hubski btw, but am enjoying poking around.