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Pseudocrat  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Portugal. The Man - Sleep Forever

Great song to relax to. Portugal. The Man came to my town and did a free, first come first serve, show. Unfortunately it was full before I and my friends could get in, but I bet that show kicked ass.

This version is 13 minutes:

That top 2000 list was surprisingly mediocre in my opinion. If you removed everything that is oddly named, "van groots, etc", it is pretty much a list of music that is commonly played on classic rock stations here.

If you've saved posts they will be in your "saved posts" on your profile. You can also go through your comments and see which posts you commented on.

Failing that, you may follow the #bestof2013 tag and see what others suggest. Or, you can click on "Community" and look at who has been the "most badged". Although, 'Saydrah' is listed on that and since I've been a life-long Redditor that makes me a tad wary.

Anyways, I cannot seem to find a way to reverse sort the feed by time, which would be optimal.

Pseudocrat  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Hubski NNID Exchange

Pseudocrat (Americas). I only have a 3DS. Pokemon Y, Animal Crossing: New Leaf are probably my most played games.

And also, since Mitt Romney was a prominent figure during the debate, they would refer to Romney's healthcare plan for Massachusetts and how it differs from Obamacare. Probably citing how the state plan was adapted to the people and less of a blanket plan.

Just a thought.