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I'm a 24 year old eternal student. I never want to stop learning. I'm interested in physics, math, philosophy, psychology, education, and literature. I'm optimistic about the world and the future (even though the president sucks).

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He's successfully trolling his fake heir from beyond the grave.

    “Graecopithecus is not an ape. He is a member of the tribe of hominins and the direct ancestor of homo.

But... I though we were apes.

Pretty cool. But to fulfill my obligation as one of Hubski's resident "physicists who poo-poo everything" I'd like to point out that high-efficiency, gallium-based semiconductors are really freakin' expensive compared to silicon ones, and probably won't ever be commercially viable as a result. They'll probably be really useful on satellites/solar sails, and it's good, legit science with real-world applications, but these new solar cells also aren't about to revolutionize the energy market.

Vasily = Basil


I knew better. I knew better and I still got excited a little bit ;).

Odder  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Two-Factor Authentication Is a Mess

If you've gotten to the point where having your two factor authentication compromised means your account is compromised, something has already gone horribly wrong.

    quantum optics

Damnit. No. No communication allowed. True fact: no one with a PhD calls it "teleportation", unless they also happen to be selling something.

Some Pig(s)

The trolley problem was largely invented to illustrate why utilitarianism doesn't make sense, why it isn't valid to say something is moral because you're saving five lives while sacrificing one. There's something fundamentally different about pushing a fat man onto the track vs. flipping a switch to divert a trolley, and there's a difference between examining why those two cases are different, and examining why most people agree that those two cases are different. The former is philosophy, the latter seems a bit like someone trying to construct a science of why the people who disagree with them are irrational.

You can get a lot of people to agree that torturing suspected terrorists is justifiable so long as it gets you actionable information. That doesn't make torture okay. You can get a lot of people to agree that murder is justifiable in the case where the person killed someone you care about. That doesn't make vigilante justice okay. The entire existence of the field of ethics is predicated on the idea that morals are not intuitive, that we need to look closer and think harder, and that we can't just go with our gut. More generally, philosophy assumes that "common sense" is a contradiction because if all reasonable people agreed on everything, we wouldn't have anything at all to discuss.

It might be a little mean to poke fun here, but when a Harvard professor has based his entire career on the trolley problem, and he hasn't understood the trolley problem making fun seems nicer than the alternative.

tbh, watching CNN and Trump fight in the mud has been kinda amusing, because I don't really like either of them. Trump less so of course, but that's not a glowing endorsement.

Since twitter became a thing, CNN has always been about doxxing people; probably more than half of their news stories involve annoying a private citizen to drive viewership. Still, it's scary how shameless they've gotten about it recently. CNN decided to make this a news story because someone made fun of them on the internet, and they jumped on the opportunity that said person was racist and might not want their close family and friends to know how racist they were. They're actively trying to silence dissent, and the fact that the dissenter happens to be a self-described racist asshole doesn't make that okay.

As I said above, I don't like CNN. I don't like the idea that if I made a gif making fun of them, and that gif made the frontpage of reddit, that CNN goons would be trying to dig into my personal life to try to find dirt on me so they could silence me. They wouldn't find anything, and I have better things to do than mock a television network, but still.

Sorry, my entire post was sarcasm. The article seemed like a confused mishmash of conflating either moral intuition or rationality with morality, so I was trying to poke fun at it.

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