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I'm a 24 year old eternal student. I never want to stop learning. I'm interested in physics, math, philosophy, psychology, education, and literature. I'm optimistic about the world and the future (even though the president sucks).

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Is there even $72.9 million worth of people who want to buy bitcoin? As in, if I did buy bitcoin when it was at it's bottom, how long would it take to cash out? Would I ever actually be able to?

This is all assuming that you have a lump sum invested today and that you just sit on that and hope it will generate passive income for you. If you continue to purchase stocks throughout a dip in the market, you make a significant return on the stocks purchased during that dip, in addition to recovering the investment you had previously.

And holding/buying is a safer bet than trying to "time" the market, which is of course the reason most managed funds under-perform whatever the market is doing. Sure, if you knew when the ten worst days in the market were going to be, you'd have some insane amount of money, but unless you do have direct certainty on that, you stand to lose far more than you can gain. Most investors ought to be more risk averse, since it's preferable to be able to retire rather than to gamble on the possibility of retiring rich. Doesn't help people about to retire, but if you don't have enough to weather a flat decade, you might not have enough to retire...

Betting on the market staying the same is ultimately betting that the world doesn't collapse, which usually ends up being the better choice, because if we're both heating cans of soup over a trash fire, it doesn't matter which one of us had cash, and which one had stocks.

    That said, it's a bad time to buy.

Sure, but that's only true for investors for whom there exists a bad time to buy. For most "normal" investors who are just trying to save for retirement or a college fund, stocks are expected to outperform cash in the long run, and current short term market valuations aren't relevant.

The only investors this affects are professionals who are trying to beat the market, or people with spare discretionary income to throw away trying to time the market. Which I doubt describes most investors, or even a majority of the dollar value of investments in the market. So the lack of reaction to short term fluctuations in if anything more relieving than perplexing.

The sky is falling, chicken little. Or, for those of us not planning on retiring in <10 years: how stock is going to be "on sale" for the next few years.

Though I do wonder how anybody claims to be an expert on what the S&P 500 is going to do in the next five years. Probably by lying?

Yeah, I guess the new part seems to be the scope rather than the strategy. $1.2 trillion ain't exactly a side project.

    Evidence notwithstanding, the hand of the CIA is seen in risings against pro-Russian authoritarians, such as Ukraine’s 2013-14 ‘Maidan protests’.

I mean, to be fair....

    I'm not sure that this rail system will be all it's chalked up to be, barring China managing to shut down ocean based freight.

But there's also the political factor here. With rail, there's less concern about other people (America) shutting down ocean based freight. Better to stabilize a bunch of regions with lots of money rather than rely on other world powers playing nice. Also, the comparison between US and China isn't really valid: the US is in an isolated, unique location compared to countries like China. We don't have really have a choice except to ship across the ocean.

Yep, one of my physics professors once worked with some of his former grad students. Apparently he didn't really appreciate the fact that not everybody could think or solve problems as fast as he could, which made him intolerable to work with/for. Also, he apparently taught grad-level math methods at Cornell for several years, which sounds like a fun, unique form of intellectual torture. He certainly earned the nickname "dick" Feynman.

Last I checked (which was a few years ago), Richard Feynman is still the guy all the young physicists want to be when they grow up. It's probably because despite being a brilliant physicist, he also managed to remain a human being, and you can tell from his books and interviews that his life was greatly enriched by his knowledge of physics.

Odder  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Which tech giant would you drop first?

As much as I'd love to say facebook first, I realized that I don't actually own any apple products.

As for facebook: I've unsubscribed from everyone, blocked anyone from being able to post on my wall, and use it as a contact directory now. Mostly it's just one old group of friends I talk to there now, so if they move away from facebook to something else then my facebook gets deleted.

Amazon's really damn convenient, especially since it means I can buy stuff without having to leave my house or even put on pants. But I use it only as a convenience: I still could just go to target or whatever.

Google is my phone, which assuming I've also given up apple would be inconvenient. But I'd consider regressing to a dumbphone again if it weren't for google maps. I guess there's email too, but that could change.

Microsoft isn't going anywhere anytime soon. I literally need it for my job, and that's probably part of why it's going to last so long as acompany. Of the "big 5" Microsoft seems like it's the only one that takes enterprise software seriously at all; it's as if it's the adult in a room otherwise filled with whimsical Silicon valley man-children. Also, on the non-professional end, there simply aren't enough non-Windows video games that are worth playing except for bootleg ones. And linux is otherwise a substitute for windows the way hershey is a substitute for chocolate. I don't want to wade through forums filled with smug, useless neckbeards for hours to figure out why Ubuntu decided it didn't feel like playing music anymore.

Reminds me of the time my school went on lockdown because a bus driver mistook an umbrella for a rifle. Kid with the "rifle" wasn't black though. I guess what I'm saying is that maybe the fact that the kid was black didn't have as much too do with this as the context of the news article might suggest?

All in all, I'm glad I missed my morning classes/work that day over a false alarm, rather than the alternative. Probably the same here. I doubt that "maybe we'll look racist if this is a false alarm" comes into play in this sort of case, and I sort of hope it doesn't...

Odder  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: FYI Search is available again

Um. Was this supposed to be in the radiohead thread?

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