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I'm a 25 year old eternal student. I never want to stop learning. I'm interested in physics, math, philosophy, psychology, education, and literature. I'm optimistic about the world and the future.

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It continuously blows my mind that there are humans that can run 500 miles in a row while most humans can't run 1 mile.

The zeroes i was referring to were your second group, the people who require "self-help: from someone else. They are zeroes in the sense that they so completely lack their own personal conviction and identity that they don't see the contradiction in following Mr. Rogers and Jordan Peterson.

The first group is one I'm not sure exists as separate from the second. A lot of people may have been drawn to Peterson because of what he says about identity politics, that Canadian bill, etc. but I think they mostly stayed because of how Peterson targets their insecurities, reminding them of their zerohood and in the process convincing them of their need for him.

    At the risk of sounding edgy religion has existed as longer than homo sapiens have

I don't think that's edgy but I'm not sure it's true. Got a source on that?

I remember reading the economist and being confused by all the weird watch ads. Then this article came out, and it all made sense.

In TLP-related news, I bought a bottle of Zaya this week. It tastes like some horrible concoction of bananas and bandaids. It reciprocally explains the blog itself, though. Whatever happened to TLP anyway? Total radio silence after May 2014.

    It might be better to challenge him by being public figures ourselves and communicating the exact opposite vision rather than writing articles debunking him.

While we're quoting Nietzsche: "You wish to multiply yourself tenfold, a hundredfold? You seek followers? Seek zeros!" There's no point in trying to be the next Peterson, once your time in the limelight fades, the zeroes will all just find someone else to follow, someone who might be completely unlike you in every way.

If you really want the playbook, start by telling people the truths nobody else is telling them, then the half-truths and lies that they want to believe are true, and then, assuming they're still listening, you can sell them on whatever you want.

This is like the 3rd time this week I've heard about mystical fascism. I really hope that doesn't keep becoming a thing. I wish we could progress as a society to the point where people stop following after every loud demagogue who pretends to have life figured out, but I really doubt that will ever happen.

That and in my one-semester-in college-four-years-ago memory of the Russian language, when asked as a question it also roughly translates to Really?

It really impressive how timeless and how far-removed from current events Jacobin manage to stay, even when quoting the 2016 election.

The rural proletariat elected Trump, to the chagrin of the suburban bourgeoisie and urban poor. Sure, the average American would have probably rather had Sanders than Trump, and sure, that indicates that our democracy is broken. But the whole point of the Jacobin article falls flat when you realize that the rural poor all voted for Trump and the Republicans half to spite the liberals and half because they don't actually believe that the government can help them.

I mean yeah, I wouldn't trust Bill Gates on history either. He could potentially not remember who the main combatants were in World War 1 and still be good at all the things he is.

Nope! Pinker is just that rare idiot who actually managed to fall for all the propaganda they fed us in school while still somehow being aware and intelligent enough to remember or care about it.

I agree but I don't think it's just science fetishists who fall victim to this kind of bullshit. I mean, look at Jordan Peterson. He's gained a massive following of mostly twenty-something males with no direction in life, mostly by virtue of being a fifty-something male who has a direction in life and isn't shy about it. Shame about the whole bigotry thing he's got going or he might be an inspiration.

I think there's just a subset of people at any given time who are in a vulnerable place in their life, and as a result are more susceptible to bullshit that provides them with easy answers that they want to hear.

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