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I'm a 25 year old eternal student. I never want to stop learning. I'm interested in physics, math, philosophy, psychology, education, and literature. I'm optimistic about the world and the future.

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    However, don't expect Meng ever to be held accountable for the countless people, including rights activists, whose arbitrary detention, torture and mistreatment he oversaw in China's Ministry of Public Security.

Sooo... a guy who used to oversee detainment of high-profile political prisoners in China somehow became the chief of not only Interpol China, but Interpol altogether. And he is now being detained as a high-profile political prisoner by presumably whoever has his former job. Shouldn't the real news here be that such a person became the Interpol chief to begin with?

Odder  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: How much would you pay for an ice cube?

    If you're drinking top-shelf liquor, you'd better be enjoying it with top-shelf ice.

Low-tier liquor snobbery af. If you're drinking top-shelf liquor, you'd better be enjoying it with no ice. But I think this is more of "I have money so fuck you" more than any actual attempt at quality.

If you think of them as a small startup company that has an app (i.e. what they sell themselves as, especially to regulators), it's weird. If you think of them as the largest taxi company in the world it's not weird.

    It's a complicated world we live in.

What a weird world we live in that it's shocking that a company valued at $70 billion might have a few economists on the payroll. Not that I'm knocking the article here - it is kinda weird that Uber has economists, and it's weird for entirely different reasons than the fact that Uber is worth 70 billion.

    Don't want to do DNA testing? Don't apply for government benefits.

This works well up until the second your dear senator Turtle McFuckFace and Fox News start spreading rumors about DNA testing being the next step in the new world order, or whatever.

I'm torn between saying this is in colossally poor taste and recommending that we do this even for non-dead celebrities. I mean, why does it really matter if the person's really there or not?

Do we even use tanks anymore? Or is it more of a muscle-car kinda thing?

    queso blanco

yeah but you can do that with milk and shredded mozzerella just as well. Just add the mozz to a bowl with some seasoning or jalepenos or w/e, add the milk like it's cereal and microwave until it melts, then stir and maybe add more milk or cheese and melt more if you don't like it yet.

Also I still buy american cheese sometimes. Guess I'm not doing my part as a millenial, I'll be sure to not go to Applebee's extra hard this month.

Funny, my phone made a god awful noise at 1:18.

"better positioned" is a poor choice of words here. The better position for a solar panel is at an angle, and not under several tons of car. If we had a scarcity of empty land, buildings, and other surfaces (heck, cars themselves?) that we could put properly oriented solar panels on, then maybe solar panels on roads might be a "so dumb it might just work" idea. But that's not the case. It's just a bad idea. It's hard to come up with a worse place for solar panels than on a road, without resorting to even more obviously bad places like "inside" and "under a mountain"

I've probably said this before but I'm really glad that Jordan Peterson turned out to be a terrible person who can't take criticism and also a racist, because the things he was saying before really resonated with a lot of people and those things were pretty terrible too but for less obvious reasons.

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