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Shkreli deserves a good punch to that fat head of his.

That's how it feels at this point.

So we can't stop it no matter how hard we try.

At least NASA gets more funds.

I'm all for giving NASA more money.

Didn't they put some CISA laws into the bill as well? That's what I'm reading in other places.

I can't even follow the drawing.

They're communist. So everything goes through them. And they want to look good.

America would have it's core values and freedoms corrupted even further in the mindset of conserving what is right.

And lots of war.

I'm not surprised that they controlled the numbers.

It's how I felt a lot when I was younger. It just kinda stuck.

Hopefully they get all of those laws applied to them.

Isn't there a law that ties into this somewhere?

Of all time: Destroy all humans.

On my PC: Between Insurgency, Fallout 4, Killing Floor 2, and Left 4 Dead 2.