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Niek  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: LastPass password app hacked

What extra steps? On my laptop lastpass is always logged in, and it auto fills all login forms so it makes logging in much easier since you don't need to type it yourself. Even if you log in to lastpass once a day it's less steps then logging into every service yourself.

The only hassle is when you want to log in on a friends computer and you don't know the password since the're all random. Then you have to login to the app to check it. But you can remember the password to your e-mail account, so it isn't that bad.

Oh no, I'm a happy subscriber of Google music. I was just wondering what people thought about Spotify

Yes, i'm all for streaming services, but this free version can't be good for artists. Maybe they will move to artist radio only for the free version in time.

I'm wondering if google music/deezer and other streaming services who don't offer a free tier pay the labels/artists more then spotify does, because i don't believe they make $10 per user per month on those ads (which can be blocked in the webversion).

I'm also new, but if you click on tags there is a long list of popular tags and users

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