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This is a pretty cool concept. Also, why would they want to communicate anyways? If aliens are super-advanced they might see us like we do ants. They know we are here but not interesting enough to bother with. Or if they are slightly more advanced maybe they use encryption assuming that other civilizations are hostile. To visualize (crappy metaphor coming!), take yourself blindfolded into a forest at a random time and place in history. You could yell out for fellow humans. There is a chance a medieval peasant will come, but you are more likely get eaten by a T-Rex / predator.

Regardless, the Fermi Paradox is hard because we only have a sample size of 1 with an extreme bias (since the sample is us). There could be considerations we haven't imagined yet.

Using a body pillow helps keep you on your side, or just keep a pillow between your thighs. Either way, it's better than losing your mind.

Is it possible to configure your router to block Windows 10 from phoning home? I would also, assume for the enterprise version, there is no data collection or banks or governments will never adopt it.

I think I'll just drink the bottle now, pass out, read the aftermath in the morning, and then drink some more.

NevaMore  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: A "matinee" debate in two acts

Ha! That would work. Although, some cheap liquor is required for me to make it through the 6 hour train wreck.

NevaMore  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: A "matinee" debate in two acts

I too would be interested in a stream of this. Also, I have to find a GOP debate drinking game that will not obliterate my liver. Any suggestions?