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Hey! My name's Pete. I (mostly) make music using tracker software like Milky Tracker, OpenMPT (former MODPlug), SunVox, Renoise, LSDJ or Famitracker. I also use LMMS but these days only for making samples (later adeited in Audacity) for my tracker-made songs (tracks? :D ). I play the guitar, a little bit of drums and piano and used to play violin. I make different kinds of music (recently I try to put chiptune arpeggios into anything I make :D ). The artwork that accompanies my videos is also made by me (i like to draw and make digital art in GIMP). :)

You can find me on the following sites:

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Pretty cool! Mine is just digitally made from real photos of plastic bottle caps I have. :)

MotionRide  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: What's your favorite distro?

I used to like Ubuntu a lot but nowadays I have Mint installed on 2 PCs. It's mostly because I can use a Gnome 2-like desktop. :)

Thanks. :)

Thanks for the advice! I normally use reverb but in this one I didn't want drums to be muddy. Then again like you said I can use separate reverb on drums. :)

Cool! Thanks. See ya around. :)

Also, I checked your account and I was wondering if you're a vegetarian. Well, I've been a vegetarian, recently turned vegan, for a long time. :)

Hey! MagdaMaggie was posting my music here and told me someone actually got interested in it. :D I'f I'm not mistaken about how this comment system works I see you liked it. Thanks! I guess from now on I'll be posting my music by myself with this account. :)

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