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no i definately don't want that. i would support a lower tax rate as well as some cuts to insurances, 15,2 % minimum just for insurances seem very high. especially since the lowest tax rate (income between 10 and 25k p.a.) is at 36% or so. but i also think for employers it's quite tough to hire people at the moment, our economy is largely based on small to medium sized buissnesses

Taxes aren't the problem, insurances are. If I get paid € 1500 /month net by my employer at € 8,99 net an hour i actually cost him about € 17,50 an hour with taxes and insurances. that' s almost 50% going to vienna every month at an exactly average wage. and 13th and 14th month are not tax free but have only a 0,5% decrease in Lohnnebenkosten. I think decreasing them and looking for lowering the burden for both employer and employee is necessary

they seem to be forgetting that they're public servants and not the publics angry step-mom

that's very interesting, since my experience (austria) is completely different. the downside of this is that the "Lohnnebenkosten" (non wage payroll costs?) are massive and should definately be lowered

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4 is it for me, love the subtlety

    “Frederick R. Ewing? It’s about time people began noticing his work. I’ve long felt he hasn’t received the recognition he deserves.”

now THAT is a salesman

international russian/ska band based in Austria, very charismatic singer.