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"Take more bold risks, the only time you ever fail is when someone else sets you up for failure for their gain. If you're doing your own thing, you'll always succeed. Be in charge of yourself and be relentless. Learn how to have small talk with people and don't be intimidated - there's no reason to be intimidated. Continue to trust your gut about people, it's correct. Stay the fuck away from credit cards until you're 26. Having haters is a good thing, it means you're doing something right. LISTEN TO THE ADVICE!!!"

Leshik  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Jumping on the "Brandwagon"

The more I see / hear of this guy, the more I become a fan. I've never seen any of his movies though.

I personally believe that a celebrity-led movement would not be in the best interest for anyone (as a surface thought); yet at the same time, it may be the most practical and effective solution considering the world that we have set up for ourselves.

Very interesting, and this is pretty damn scary if it's real. I'm pretty skeptical on this being real though. It sounds like a horror story for Halloween.

If an infected machine is disconnected from the network, and the speakers removed... how is this going to even possibly transmit? This is some sci-fi stuff right here. Viral transmission via audio is crazy, and I'd LOVE to see anything transmit strictly through audio wave signal alone. The implications behind figuring out how to do that could greatly surpass any of the negative implications behind badBIOS itself. Essentially if this is at all real, the implications would indicate I could construct and then transmit a specific frequency from my smartphone to any machine with a built in microphone on a network and pentest the hell out of that given network. If anything, it's potentially being surface disguised as audio transmission and in reality being transmitted via a wifi signal. A desktop with wired ethernet only, and no speakers should have absolutely no way to transmit anything so long as it has been disconnected from a network.

Either way, if you're not already following @dragosr you probably should if you're in the IT world.

I really wish that I was able to see what was scaring them.

Insane? Seems par for the course for this bunch. I expect them to try to screw over the middle and working class as much as they possibly can.

Hopefully it doesn't pass the Senate; I don't think it will. - Uneven Structure (this whole album) Februus - Scale the Summit (anything from this album) - The Migration

P.S. how do I make the clean hyper-links like you other folks are? I'm ignorant.

Leshik  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: What are you drinking tonight?

I drank the last glass of the whiskey at dinner... so now I'm stuck with water. The liquor stores have closed and I don't want to drink beer.

meh... I found everything on facebook incredibly mundane and repetitive, and so I got rid of it a few years ago (some time around late 2009 or early 2010). I also was starting to have some privacy concerns, and I think I was pretty far ahead of the curve on that.

My facebook experience prior to shutting it off though was similar to:

Oh, you had a baby, here's a picture of the kid, now the kid has cake on his face...

Oh this other person had a baby, here's a picture of that kid... she has cake on her face too...

Oh, you want to tell me how I should vote... thanks, I sincerely appreciate your insight! :/

Oh, you're eating a sandwich, cool...

It's Saturday... Go Gators, UCF, Miami, USF, and FSU... bleh

I enjoy talking with people on hubski / reddit significantly more; although reddit has been declining for a while now too... which prompted me to find Hubski :D

This is fucking awesome.

I don't think this is implying to flat out "stay off the web." I gathered "stay off of social media, and otherwise (non-intelligent) mediums," which is something I can get behind.

Hubski seems to have some relatively intelligent banter on here in my brief experience on the site.

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