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I would not condone stealing from anyone, but I do feel I was raised to believe in the 'Robin Hood' glamorization of theft. When an entity has become less of a human and more of an opposition to the general public (which is assumed to be a weak but just force), then I feel it is appropriate to attempt to overcome this force. In the Robin Hood story it was very simply put as taking what has already been taken from the people and returning it to them. I can't say that all rich people have taken from the general public in direct terms, but I do feel they cheat the public out of funds or material that could have been used to benefit them, such as tax breaks or import benefits that are only given to large importers/exporters (an example of this is the tariffs put on souls of shoes imported from China that many businesses are able to work around such as Converse or Nike). Because of this, I feel it is not necessary to physically steal from them, but rather exploit the system they have set in place. For example, extending company benefits to others even if they do not meet the credentials, such as being a family member. I would explain myself further, but it is a bit late and I'm just about to go to bed. To summarize, I feel it is best for an underdog to exploit a company within it's own terms than to physically commit theft.

Hey thanks for checking on me. September was a pretty rough month and has kept me incredibly preoccupied. I moved in with my boyfriend temporarily about a month ago and just two weeks ago we decided it was meant to be and we've decided we should continue living together permanently. Our roommate just moved out last week so I actually have my own room for my things now as well.

Of course my bad luck did not end at my phone and my apartment falling apart. My car that I just purchased has turned out to be a bit of a bad move. One of the windows fell into the door and broke the handle inside the door, the O2 sensor broke, and the transmission seems to be failing. I also got a flat tire within a week of purchasing the car, but that doesn't really have anything to do with the quality of the car. That's just typical Janabutts luck haha. The other milestone is that my best friend/cousin just joined the Navy. I didn't really hit me how much I'm gonna miss that guy until he was gone and I realized I used to hang out with him 3 to 4 times a week. I'm sure he'll do great though and his mom is paying for me to visit him in Chicago for his boot camp graduation in December. Anyways, all that aside, I am actually very happy with life especially now that we've just had our internet turned back on, and I finally received my deposit from my apartment, and I finally feel like I have a home. The stickers did arrive and I have adorned my car, laptop and refrigerator with them. Thanks again :) users are saying it may be a fake, I signed up anyways.

I suppose not, but it feels like something I should probably hide.

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My car has been officially adorned! Next will be my laptop!

Thanks so much thenewgreen

I'm not sure if it's a guilty pleasure or what, but I've been listening to a lot of David Hasslehoff

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The first group photo is too adorable.

This makes a lot of sense to me. I've always considered the blood lust and anger that spreads through media coverage of certain trials to be very similar to mass hysteria. It's as if once a year the media Gods must be appeased with a sacrifice. The person they spotlight for their hatred may not die, but by the end of the coverage, the person has completely changed, and their previous way of life has been taken from them.

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Ooh I love coffee based stouts and porters. Kona Porter is amazing if you can get it on tap. The bottled version wasn't quite as tastey when I tried it.

I absolutely love all the Gymnopedie songs. They make you feel nostalgic for something that's never even happened.

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When do pairings get set?

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