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Absolutely. But I'm gonna be heartbroken if PPMD doesn't win it.

Same! Competitive Melee is my jam. I'm so absolutely hyped for Evo.

Yeah, I agree. Brawl was a huge step down.

It's definitely more like Brawl, in that the physics are still pretty floaty and there aren't all that many real combos that you can do. But, even so, it's definitely a step away from Brawl. I don't love the game, and I definitely like other smash games better, but it's still a stupid amount of fun to play with friends. Plus, there are like, twenty new characters!

Alright! So that makes three of us that I know of: you, me, and goo.

And, if you have a WiiU, definitely get Smash 4. I'm not even the biggest fan, but it's still an amazing game, if only just to whip out when you have friends over and want to have some fun.

Holy shit dude, you play Smash? I was just wondering if there were any Smashers on here.

Which games do you play? I'm a PM guy myself, but I also dabble in Melee and play some Sm4sh on the side when my brother is annoying enough to convince me.

But, awesome! We should make a Smash tag or something.

Thanks for this! I finally get what's going on. And yeah, I think I agree with what everyone else in this thread is saying right now: it really just seems best for them to make a "grexit" (which is a very fun word to say).

How did being polygamous effect your relationships with your "secondaries?" (is that the right term?) Were those relationships purely sexual? Or did you also make emotional connections with those people? And, like, did these other relationships feel "lesser," I guess?

Sorry for the barrage of questions, but I'm really curious.

I really have not been following this story much at all - anything in the news involving economics just makes me want to take a nap - so could someone more well-versed in it than I explain what effects Greece pulling out could have, both domestically and globally?

Thanks. :)

Wow, us Jews actually have something very similar! In the Jewish faith, when someone dies, the immediate family picks a room, sets up chairs, and sits down to receive visitors. It's called "Sitting Shiva." They do this for seven days, and aren't allowed to cook their own meals, leave the house unless absolutely necessary, or really do much of anything. Everything is provided for them.

It's an incredible thing. Basically the whole community comes to talk, console, reminisce about the departed, or just "schmooze." From what I've seen, it really helps the mourners bear the grief. In all honesty, it's one of my favorite parts of Judaism.

But what's really cool is that, from what you're saying, Muslims actually do something similar! Our cultures aren't all that different, in a lot of ways. :)

I definitely understand those criticisms. I won't tell you that they're untrue, because, yeah, things do repeat themselves in the game. Part of the problem is that the game has a permadeath-type deal going on, so if you're deep into a quest on one captain, but then that captain meets an unfortunate end, you'll have to start that quest aaaallll over again.

So that sucks. But, two things make it better for me:

Firstly, the game has a fuckton of content and things to explore. So, even if you might encounter a couple of quests and stories several times, I've found that the new things that I find on a given playthrough vastly outweigh the old. I've played the game, like I said, for like thirty hours by now, but there are still loads and loads of things that I have yet to do. So, basically, I have plenty of motivation to just power through to get to the good stuff.

And secondly, I find that using a bit of imagination also makes everything way more fun, and I think a lot of the game was made with the intention of getting you to fill in some blanks in your own head. So, for example, I've made up a character for all my captains, which is a ton of fun, and makes decision making in the game more immersive. Like, I'll be at a point where I can either use force or try to run away from an enemy, and perhaps I'd want to run away, but then I'll be like, "well, wait, wouldn't Captain McAwesomepants go in guns ablazing, and screw the consequences?"

So yeah. It's repetitive sometimes, but I've found it to be fun enough to make me ignore that art of it. Definitely at least reconsider getting it. It's real fun.