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I thought maybe yes, but going through my comments suggests not. Possibly something we've discussed privately in the past!

I have slaughtered entire businesses simply by existing but I may be a life-long renter. I've never felt so powerful and yet so impotent.

That's a sound summary, thankyou!

Happening here in NZ too.

Personally I'm very fortunate that I live in the area few people want to be. So the house prices aren't ludicrious like they are up in Auckland; but still - with major organizations in my city 'restructuring' or outright shutting up shop (my role is currently in the firing line), it's hard to stay positive about the future.

In the article they touch on the left-leaning and Gen-X demographics having poor voter turn out. Does anyone have an insight into why this is? Is there a chance for making voting mandatory in the States or would that just not be feasible? Australia pulls it off but a country with the population of the States sounds like it would be a logistical nightmare, let alone trying to enforce it.

I bought a switch this year - but I've never owned a Nintendo system outside of Gameboys so this will be my first Smash experience but damn I'm excited for it.

Ooh what's front crawl training?

God I wish I wasn't so insecure about my body to swim. I'm a somewhat hairy man and haven't been in a pool shirtless since I was like.. 14? Swimming is so nice and easy on your joints.

Totally agree with getting in being the priority over how successful those sessions are. Turning up is a huge chunk of the battle!

Let me know how the 1k swim progresses, very keen to hear how it goes!

Excellent thanks for the links.

If you can muster the courage, do the dance classes! I grew up in a dancing/theatrical family and being able to move is a seriously underrated ability. Any specific genres you'd want to look into?

Yay for no hills! My town is littered with them so I'd laugh at the idea of cycling anywhere. Because I'm lazy when it comes to cycling..

That waist fat clings on like nothing else aye - I dropped 12kg one time and still had the love handles. I'm too scared to go further cause my strength dive bombed so I embrace them for the time being. Maybe after I hit these next lifting goals I could see if I can cut down to having visible abs. Broccoli and baby spinach paved the way for my weight loss.

Nice!! I've always liked the look of Olympic Lifts - I'd need to go to a different gym to try them though. My current one doesn't have the rubber plates or the platforms needed... It's decidedly "old school".

Great plan to keep the endurance levels up. I'm happy as long as I can still run about 7km when needed but I certainly don't work on it like I should.

Keep me posted on your lifting progress, what are the numbers looking like now?

I think that's excellent you've taken up jogging. Hopefully it helps a lot with quitting smoking! I remember talking to some rugby team mates who used to smoke and they said something along the lines of "eventually it made no sense. Smoking and trying to keep fit just don't work, one had to go."

Being able to bust out a 5km while still being a smoker is impressive! I feel you on the goal issue with jogging though. At a certain point I just get bored of the running. Weightlifting is at least done very quickly in that sense!

Well I hope things improve for you.

Oooooh I've never managed to do the splits. I bet I would be so inflexible right now - maybe that's something I can work towards. My sister owns a dance school and the flexibility of the people going through the classes is outrageous.

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