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Curious_CJ  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Why do you shower in the morning?

Like many people have said, I do it in the morning because it helps me wake up. Considering I don't like coffee or energy drinks, it's the best option for me. I occasionally shower in the evening if it's been a long day.

I love the lore of Guild Wars. There are still so many mysteries and questions I have about the world of Tyria and its inhabitants. I guess that's what keeps me playing the game and looking for new things. The awesome community involved is a plus as well.

Curious_CJ  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Where are you?

Hello, I'm new here as well. I live in the US and I'm from a small town in the state of South Carolina known as Lancaster. There isn't much to do here, but we do have some awesome river rapids :)

"You can't expect it to start functioning at full potential from day one."

That was always my problem with everything. I wanted to get in shape so I went full force into dieting and working out, only to burn out in a week or two and go back to the same old habits. The only thing that worked for me was to change one thing at a time so that I didn't feel overwhelmed. Good article on something that affects many of us.

I've always said that I'll try any instrument with strings at least once. I mainly play guitar and have been since I was 9. My brother sort of inspired me to start playing because he always kept a guitar around and would show me cool things he learned. I remember when I got my first guitar for my birthday. It was a cheap first act with terrible action and would hardly stay in tune. That didn't stop me from playing until my fingers bled (literally) and learning some fun cowboy chord songs.

It was funny at the time because my brother inspired me to pickup the guitar, but we had entirely different tastes in music. He grew up listening to grunge and alternative rock and I only knew country, gospel and classical at that time. He scowled at me when I asked him if he knew how to play a certain country song. Nevertheless, he did teach me a lot of things to get me started. I quickly discovered that I liked a wide variety after continuing to study music and different styles. Eventually I gravitated towards blues rock and classic rock. I found that I enjoyed playing in those styles the most. There's just something magical about how you can turn an ordinary lick into an expression by changing the way you play it.

I guess the main thing that kept me playing guitar for so long (15 years and counting !) is the satisfaction I get from it. Knowing that you always have room to improve is motivating and having the ability to express what you're feeling through strings is the best form of catharsis I've found.

I've been interesting in trying more traditional instruments for a while now. I might pick up a beginner's violin kit at some point :)

I really love the clean look and feel of this site. I'm not quite sure how to use it yet, but I'll just keep snooping around until I do. Thanks for the warm welcome :)