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Haha same, most of my inspiration for playlists comes at like 3 in the morning.

Right now, I'm really digging female vocalists. Melody's Echo Chamber, Wye Oak, Aluna George, Veela, Tove Lo, MO, Lorde, Alina Baraz, The Belle Game, Emancipator, Tei Shi, Broadcast, Mr Little Jeans... stuff like that.

Here's a playlist I made showcasing my favorites:

In hip-hop, I'm digging, Earl Sweatshrt (his new album is amazing), Vince Staples, Casey Veggies, Yung Simmie, Deniro Farrar, A$AP Rocky, Joey Bada$$, Chance the Rapper, Kevin Pouya, Sir Michael Rocks.

This is the hip-hop I'm listening to:

I like alternative and indie as well. bands i'm diggin right now are Portugal. The Man, Trails and Ways, PAPA, Flaming Lips, Tame Impala, Kid Mountain, Harlem, Fleet Foxes, Empire of the Sun, Mando Diao, Shout Out Louds, Dinosaur Feathers, Deerhunter, Other Lives, Phoenix, bass Drum of Death, Free Energy, Why?, Wavves, Motopony.

Washed Out, Summer Heart, Mr Fijiwiji, Twin Rivers, and Toro y Moi are cool too. I guess they would be considered electronic chill music? Paracosm by Washed Out is a great album

No I don't, I usually find new music by listening to artists' playlists on spotify, browsing r/listentothis, and going to an artists page on spotify and listening to Related Artists (really good way to discover music). The discover tab can be useful but isn't always that great.

I love music. I've never had the gift to create it but i greatly enjoy browsing Spotify in my free time and making playlists. I've been interested in making video game montages with music I like for a while but haven't gotten around to buying a capture card and the software necessary. Once the Gears of War remaster comes out I'm gonna try to start making montages or videos in general with music I like.

I discovered my interest in these things when i was a young kid and first got exposed t video games and music. I'd think of ways the combine the music in my head with other forms of media. I think I've always kind of had the aptitude for it but I havent focused my efforts on making it happen.

My body is ready for Gears of War 1 remastered. Any other Gears fans here? Cyberpunk 2077 looks sick too and they haven't even released gameplay. I've been waiting for a good cyberpunk RPG.