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Coolneng  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Who is your favorite rapper?

Pete rock, just check out this album:

Coolneng  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Image to WAV and back

Really useful for people like me who are learning Java but get lost very easily with the documentation

Kurzgesagt is a great channel, with videos that are entretaining and interesting, I would also add Vsauce in the general category

Well, one of the professors at my former university (specialized in genetics) told us that we know very little about epigenetic changes. I think, but I'm not sure, that she said that some epigenetics marks remain from parents to offspring. But mostly the problem of the study is that it has a sample of only 32 individuals, so it can't be extrapolated to the population that it studies (Holocaust survivors that have children). I find that the experiences with mice that are exposed on the last paragraphs are quite important though.

Can someone add some artists about this genre? Definitely my cup of tea during summer

Blues and Roots - Charles Mingus Ptah el Daoud / A Monastic Trio - Alice Coltrane Karma - Pharoah Sanders (it has a very uncommon sound) Soultrane - John Coltrane (it was the album that initiated me to jazz, so I might be biased about this one)

I'm also a pretty new jazz fan, been listening to it for 2-3 years only but I love that there's so much artists and subgenres. Lately I've been enjoying listening to some acid jazz, bossanova mixed with jazz,...

After reading the article I feel that the author is biased. I find that she justifies every extra right by just giving a few situations where this right can be abused by women. I also have to clarify that I'm from Europe, so I don't understand why men don't have the 1st (circuncision is apparently pretty common in the US) and 2nd right. But I agree that women as they give birth, should have more rights concerning their offspring. I also consider that some women abuse this power, but I don't think these rights can be denied to them

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