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Well I'm not Canadian but I have at least ten border crossings within an hour of me. My grandma was born in New Brunswick (1928).

#2 - When you are out of the country, what do you miss most about Canada? - I love the Ketchup chips comment. I'm in Maine and we have them, I didn't realize other places didn't. And who can forget Tim Hortons!

#12 - If I were to say, “That smells Canadian,” what would it smell like? - I first think of early morning fog, and dew and low temperatures. I also think of those few days per year, like at the middle of June when you can't wait for school to get out, when it's hot and muggy and you don't even care.

#23 - Canadians are defined as people who have sex in canoes. How would you define Canadians? - I don't know, I've never heard that. One time I canoed across a lake from the US to Canada and we brought back a tree... we had to ditch it halfway there because we put a hole in the canoe. This was like early 2000s and I was 13.

I love going to Canada. I used to visit a friend right across the border pretty often when we were kids. It's been awhile now... Next year, I hope to go to Quebec City. I've never been there before.

Your stories are very interesting. I believe in stuff like that too. It actually reminded me of two stories I can tell. I made this thread unsure of where I'd go with it personally, so here goes.

I'm 23. My sister is 21. We were never close growing up - who can be best friends with the brat sharing their bedroom? Not me. Our house was too small for our family and all the attitude that was under that roof. Our mom passed in 2011 and the next year, my father and sister moved out as he remarried. They got a newer house across town and since then, my sister and I have been much closer. We have our own houses, at least from each other, and I make the damn rules at mine. She can't beat me up anymore. :)

Anyway a year ago, I was driving a couple friends home from work at 1AM when my car caught fire. I pulled into my destination and waited ~45 minutes for the firetruck, my dad, and my sanity to arrive. I was shaking so hard, my muscles were sore for days like I'd ran a marathon. I watched the waves slap the house and feared for the people inside. Why they STAYED inside, I don't have a single clue... I got home at about 2:30 AM and the next day, my sister said she had really bad insomnia during that time and didn't fall asleep until after 2:30. She had just texted me to say she was going to bed when the first spark flew under the hood... It felt like we had more of a connection than I'd ever realized.

fire photos


I believe in the paranormal. I've heard enough stories, although I had never had my own experiences. So my boyfriend and I, we've been living alone with our batshitcrazy cats for the past year or so. We decided to get a dog. Who doesn't love a sweet fluffy golden retriever?! I work 3 - 11 PM and my boyfriend is in construction so he is usually in bed when I get home, and I stay up a couple hours with Chaos. A couple weeks ago, we were playing fetch or tuggawar. I stopped playing with him for a moment to read some comments or take a hit... and when I come-to, I find Chaos staring into a corner above the TV. He's only eight months old and his attention span is like | | so I was shocked when I couldn't get his attention. He stood in the middle of the living room, staring at that spot for at least fifteen minutes before I got him to look at me. He put his head down a little, growled lightly, and looked back and forth between the spot and me. Suddenly, he darted out of the room, jumped on the spare bed, (like he does when he plays with Daddy), and ran back to the living room, stopping at the edge that meets the hallway. He stood there for another fifteen minutes, looking at the spot then me then the spot then me... until I got up and took him to bed.

He also hears noises when there are none, and I have to take him all the way outside to convince him there's no one there.

I'm from a similar sounding area in rural Maine and man... you pulled me into that story as if it happened to me.

CHA0S_  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Why do you run?

I'm impressed...

I'm 23 and have only been training to run for a few months. I gave up for a month and on July 13 I decided I was going to run 365 miles in the following 365 days. I'm at 20.5 already! I've never made it to four miles in a day yet! I did 3 at the most, (in 44 minutes - still lots of walking) and yesterday, I did 1.5 (in 15:40) and 1.5 again (in 15:00)... I'd like to be able to do five miles at once by the time August is up. After that, it's cold weather and treadmill/track running for me.

Do you stash water when you run outside? I drink as much as I can handle without getting sloshbelly before I go, and I still have a hard time not getting thirsty if it's daytime.

CHA0S_  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Renovation

I hope you have lots of photos, I'd love to see it when it is done. I was into this stuff before I got with a carpenter too, home design and architecture is just so fun!

And thanks about the trim. I don't know what else to call it either but he made it from an old customer's fence... My jaw dropped when he came up with that! He's pretty clever.

I wish I'd been taught stuff like this. School would have been much better.

I just took it too.