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You're missing the point. Bernie Sanders offered options to the working class American. He was someone willing to appeal to regular people and stand up to corporations from the beginning. On top of that he didn't beat around the bush when it came to socialist ideals and was pushing for free education from the very start.

The Democratic party did everything they could to not allow him to gain the platform he needed to succeed in the mainstream. Yes they are a private party, they (The rich white neo-liberals who fund the party) wanted Hillary, and they got Hillary.

Bernie represented liberal populism. Trump despite his shortcomings and blatant lies was conservative populism. People like Hillary stand in the same camp Mitt Romney stood in 2012: Out of touch rich elite who could barely pretend to give a damn. When Bernie was shot in the water many of his supporters who were regular working class people were not going to settle with the status quo and rather have someone who disrupts the system. And disrupt he did.

I voted for Hillary. Frankly at the time Hillary had a worse record was worse than Trumps when it came to the rights of people like myself. Seeing as she had a hand in pushing for the current system of detaining people of color in order to fill for profit prisons. Though you would be right in thinking she's grabbed less pussys and has had less interactions with Russian escorts. I voted for her, what else could I do.

But I know she was barely a better choice than Trump. Let's not kid ourselves - people wanted change and they voted for change. No one said they wanted the safe choice, working class people have voted the safe choice for a while now and their situations has only gotten worse. Maybe middle class folks can't see this, maybe they don't want to see that they benefit from this stability. I don't know, but it's clear that it's getting worse and the working people who are getting payed shit are force to deal with corrupt money grubbing rich snobs or the LARPING oil barons it's not much of a choice.

Trump offered populism, did he deliver I don't know and I doubt it. But Hillary was clearly adopting the ideas of Bernie's version of populism too late in the election cycle to fool anyone. The Democratic party showed it's true colors the last election cycle, it's sad to say but their best quality and highest aspirations is being better than the republicans. Now with Trump drowning the bar even lower I'm worried that the state of affairs will get much worse and the working people won't fall for this shit any longer.