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I'll keep that in mind!

We're 15-16!

I should also let you know I laughed at your reply for about half a minute

We've written two originals and we plan to record them + some more covers and upload them to the same channel

The whole thing with the bass solo was my fault since I started the drum solo about 4 bars late.

I feel bad for Andrei Linde and the 2 million+ people who watched that video if this turns out to be true.

BillShankly  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Hubski Reader

I downloaded it and it looks nice, the UI is similar to the website. I guess you should work on letting the user see posts within the app, because it just takes me to my browser right now. I do understand that it's an early test run, and I'll definitely check for updates.

Good work!

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