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Reeeeeally don't like this.

Would much rather he spend this time working on RTJ3.

Yeah I know it's for charity but it doesn't change the fact it isn't that good. El-P might be an incredible producer but it's still a song made with cats noises, even if it's as good as a song made of cat noises can be.

Have you heard the Idris Elba remix of shutdown?

I think you're writing off his talent to willingly. He's pretty damn incredible. And there's only so much old stuff to listen to, you've got to mix it up eventually.

Awwww yus, Leon Bridges is the shit. So smooth Showed him to my friend last spring and he instantly fell in love with his music. It's been my main bridge between me and my other friend that only listens to classic rock (I'm way more into hip hop).