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Good morning, everyone. You all know me. You should elect me for president.

Your choice today matters more than you think. Whoever you elect will influence and manage how much we spend to get (sport) to (event.) How we (allocate money) to (sport) and (club). How we (something something money). You'll still take the SAT, you'll still graduate, you'll still go to college - but whoever you elect will determine how much fun you have doing it.

It's a glamorous title for an ignoble task - the S.O. president is an accountant, a middle manager, a bean counter. It looks great on a college application, so the competition is fierce- but the proper candidate isn't an iconic seeker of limelight. The right S.O. president is someone with a knack for detail work and a love of compromise. You don't need a leader, you need an organizer. You need someone whose goal is coalition, not charisma. You need someone who knows that to lead is to get out of the way.

I've done this. I was class president last year. I was in the cabinet. I know the students, the teachers, the administrators that kept Tenafly third in the state. Right now? We're eighteenth. Are you happy with that? I'm not. I think we can do better. I think I can do better. Choose me, and we'll all do better.

My name is Pabst. I'm your best choice for S.O. president. Thank you.