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Falling_Off  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: All Women Are Replaceable

I suppose I should have looked at the domain before following the link. This is very red pill. I like how the guy said his wife's job was to take care of the baby so he shouldn't ever have to wake up for night feedings. He sounds just like my ex-husband. I'm sure he would've loved a job where he needed to work all day and night and was on call permanently with a new call every 2-4 hours, including through the night, without ever being able to pass the responsibility on to a partner to finally catch a little rest during the weekend. I'm really surprised more women don't have postpartum depression with how many are expected to bear the full brunt of raising a child without support.

Of course the problem here isn't lack of support, she was totally just gleefully robbing him of all his wealth while being selfish and uncaring. There's no way all of this behavior was a cry for help, just shove a new car in her face and everything will be fine. Oh, that didn't save the marriage? Well somehow it is still evidence that women have the maturity of a teenager and just want a provider to give them shiny things.