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It's nonsense. infowars.com domain spotted. No link clicking required.

Edit: No, I have a few minutes, let's do this.

10. "It's the World's biggest machine". Maybe the biggest "mechanical"/moving parts machine, since it moves protons, and probably liquid nitrogen for cooling the superconducting magnets. It's also got a system of vacuum interlocks, to seal off a pressure spike or enable maintenance in the various passageways. But the Internet's far larger than the LHC, though it only moves electrons, which are ~1000 times lighter than protons. Internet also moves massless photons, of course, in various media, nowadays.

9. "Massive gravitational pull". Wait what? Yeah, it uses strong magnetic fields to direct particle beams. Not gravity.

8. "CERN generates extreme temperatures". Yep. But it already crashed protons together at 7 TeV, now it's just going to 14 TeV. The likelihood we "break the universe" by exploring this energy regime is infinitely close to nil. And guess what? We have some particles entering our upper atmosphere with energies millions of times higher than what we can achieve in the LHC. If some kind of doomsday reaction was going to be initiated by an energetic collision, it probably would have happened already, and we (along with maybe everything in the universe) would cease to exist one way or the other.

7. "Stephen Hawking is worried... [...Hawking wrote that] the Higgs could become unstable at very high energy levels...". So let me quote someone else, from here:

"Most likely it will take 10 to the 100 years [a 1 followed by 100 zeroes] for this to happen, so probably you shouldn't sell your house and you should continue to pay your taxes," Joseph Lykken, a theoretical physicist at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory in Batavia, Illinois, said during his lecture at the SETI Institute on Sept. 2. "On the other hand it may [have] already happened, and the bubble might be on its way here now. And you won't know because it's going at the speed of light so there's not going to be any warning."

Translation: that potential phenomenon has nothing to do with CERN or humans. It has to do with the structure of the universe/space-time and how it evolves with time.

6. "Opening the door to other dimensions". That's what string theory does, it invokes other dimensions to explain how physics may work. Anyone vaguely familiar with string theory knows that the scales at which the "higher dimensional vibrating strings" are embedded within our own four dimensions (space-time) are so small that the idea of a being visiting us from "the beyond" is absurd. I'll elaborate here if asked.

5. "CERN's curious choice of geographic location". WTF? Europe is riddled with religious history. Try to find an area of land the size of the LHC that doesn't have any mythical lore associated with it. Good luck. Unnamed religious leaders helped contribute to the infowars bit here; always a great source of knowledge.

4. "Tapping into dark matter". Nothing to debunk here, except that I'd like to point out that as best we know, we could all bathe in a sea of dark matter every day, but we haven't figured out a way of detecting it.


2. "Deity of destruction as a corporate mascot". Ohhh, buzzwords! CAN WE GET ROBERT LANGDON, WORLD'S GREATEST SYMBOLOGIST, TO COMMENT?? Shiva was also the Hindu goddess of creation, but that slightly positive bit just didn't fit the agenda here.

1. "No democratic debate". Yes, let's invite the loonies to Congress to help make policy. There was never any previous mention of the risks being wayyyyy blown out of proportion in the media. This was never created as a joke in 2008, thanks again Alex Jones.

I'll gladly clarify anything upon request.

Edit 2: Had a few more minutes to fix spelling, phrasing and stuff, should be more digestible now.