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America's obsession with COLLEGE is dangerous. In the states with the highest percent of college grads, one out of three people have a four year degree or better. That means that 2 out of three don't. Do these people matter? We've converted the US K-12 education system as a way to turn kids into college students and that is not very sustainable in the long term.

So if the schools are pushing kids to go to college and 2/3 of them don't, hell no wonder kids hate school and drop out.

I've posted before about the need for an "Apollo Program" style boot camp to fix the US's core infrastructure, to the tune where the US Conference on Engineers are quoting $4 TRILLION just to fix and modernize what we have, not add more. The Electrical grid is a laughing stock, the surface roads are holding together with hope, duct tape and prayer, the median age of our bridges is 30, and this is before we talk about the insanity of our last mile data connections that make out internet the most expensive in the west as well as one of the slowest. Then you get into the water and sewage delivery systems and how they need to be modernized to save water.

We don't treat blue collar work as critical in this country, almost like that work does not exist. Someone has to drive the trucks, pour the concrete, build the houses and offices, fix electrical systems, repair the cars etc. And that work is being ignored. But hey, we got people with degrees who can't find jobs and are working retail to pay of student loans so it's all good.