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The sad thing is, this is almost exactly the way these discussions go.

We love our logo. It is awesome. It was expensive, and it was worth it. At one point, our color consultant/interior designer decided to get involved. Her input wasn't fruitful. Here is a direct quote:

    We're quite averse to the red in the logo. We are not averse to it as a color, nor for an interior accent, nor on principle - but it kinda says "DANGER! BIRTH CENTER & NATURAL HEALTH!" which strikes us as imprudent. Qualitatively, it isn't as nice as the slate blue we had for the subtitle. Without the lighter tones in the swatches making it into the logo, XXXXXXXXX's colors become pretty much the same as the Luftwaffe's.

Our designer, ever gracious, responded with

    Wah wahhhhh ;) I totally understand. I think the take away lesson for all of us is that we want the graphic design palette to be bold and bright, but that cannot exactly translate to an interiors palette because you will find yourself delivering babies inside a highlighter.. and no mother wants that.