Hubski thoughtful web.Hubski August 22, 2017 #pubski August 21, 1863- The Lawrence Massacre #kansas second time the town was attacked in a decade.Around 450 guerillas arrived on the outskirts of Lawrence shortly after 5 A.M. A small squad was dispatched to the summit of Mount Oread to serve as lookouts, and the remainder rode into town. Their initial focus was the Eldridge Hotel, a large brick structure located on the highest point in Lawrence. After gaining control of the hotel, which then served as Quantrill's headquarters during the raid, Quantrill's force broke into smaller groups that fanned out throughout the town. Over a four-hour period, the raiders pillaged and set fire to the town and killed much of its adult male population. Quantrill's men burned to the ground a quarter of the buildings in Lawrence, including all but two businesses. They looted most of the banks and stores and killed about 150 men and boys.[22] According to an 1897 account, among the dead were 18 of 23 unmustered army recruits.[23] By 9 a.m., the raiders were on their way out of town, evading the few units that came in pursuit, and eventually splitting up so as to avoid Union pursuit of a unified column into Missouri. Secret Service has gone broke protecting Trump #whiterabbit president would probably never order the use of nuclear weapons #thehumancondition #foodforthought a January 1956 meeting on war planning at the White House, Dwight Eisenhower aggressively confronted his advisers. None of them, he complained, “had withdrawn into a quiet room and contemplated . . . the real nature of a future thermonuclear war.” No one, he said, could imagine “the chaos and destruction which such a war would entail.” There would be no winner. “The destruction,” the president told the group, “might be such that we might have ultimately to go back to bows and arrows.”In another meeting, Eisenhower argued that nuclear war was not a real option, and thus widespread, serious planning for it was a waste of time and money. It wasn’t merely a matter of building better weapons or deeper shelters if a nuclear conflict came: “There just aren’t enough bulldozers to scrape the bodies off the street.”For his part, Lyndon Johnson lived in fear of the button. “When Richard Nixon took the oath,” Johnson recounted, “the greatest burden lifted from me that I have ever carried in my life.” He explained, “Never a day went by that I wasn’t frightened or scared that I might be the man that started World War III.” Seattle, people are protesting monuments to the confederacy - and communism #sillyseason #foodforthought's been there a long time. He's an imposing figure. I've taken pictures of him with bad poetry chalked below him by a friend implying he's small... it totally didn't work. It's a hell of a statue. I can absolutely see taking his ass down. There's a lot of blood on his hands.But he's privately-owned, on private land. So there isn't much any civic authority can do about it. Administrative Tasks that are Best Outsourced #administrativetasks #outsourcing’s get into about each item — data entry, list building and copy editing.'s spoiler free first impressions of Netflix's "The Defenders" #television #comics'm only five episodes in and I'm gonna try and finish it this week, but here are my thoughts so far.The GoodThe fight scenes are much better than Iron Fist. They're almost Daredevil good.Netflix really needs to consider 8 Episode seasons going forward for the rest of their Marvel Series. Jessica Jones, Daredevil Season 2, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist were all forcefully dragged out in their own ways. This is series, with the exception of the first two setup episodes, is moving at a much brisker and even pace.Every main character seems to be given pretty much equal screen time, which is great because if you're a fan of any one in particular you don't have to be worried about being let down. While they don't get as much screen time, this same even split seems to extend to the secondary characters.The BadThere's some dialog that I find annoying, mostly the "You wouldn't believe me if I told you" bits. Seriously. This series takes place in conjunction with the Marvel Universe and they even referenced "The Incident" (the alien invasion that took place in New York in the first Avengers Movies). If society as a whole can understand and accept that event, then there's no reason two people who have a history of trust would not believe each other when talking about weird shit that's going down. Even when two characters don't know each other but they both know about weird shit, they shouldn't have a hard time believing others. For example, if you're a man who's bulletproof and has super strength you should be able to trust the guy in front of you when he says he can harness his chi and vice versa. Sometimes dumb dialog really is dumb. Unfortunately, a lot of this dumb dialog seems to be handed to Sigourney Weaver's character, which is a shame, because it hinders some of her scenes.The tension between Stick and Daredevil has always seemed a bit forced. That continues in this series.There's one scene in which Danny is wearing his shirt in such a way that it's an homage to the character's costume in the comics, which is cool. Finn Jones also seems to have taken a few more choreography lessons because his fight scenes are much better this time around. That's about the best thing I can say for Danny in this series. He's still portrayed as an emotional and intellectual child that makes him hard to watch, which is a shame.Final ClosingFive episodes in, it's been fun so far. I don't think it'll anything I'll go back and watch again, but I'm enjoying it.AsideI rewatched both seasons of Daredevil this past year. Holy mercy does that man suffer from way too many head injuries. If this was real life, he'd be a vegetable three times over by now.[Spoilers] Rick and Morty S03E05 Episode Discusion - "The Whirly Dirly Conspiracy" #rickandmorty #television dump thread! This episode was stellar as well. Spoilers below.============Some of my notes:- Rick and Morty's rapid world building has me in awe every episode. I felt so bad for the little alien girl. - Sakuga, have you heard of it? Here's even more Rick and Morty sakuga if you love this stuff.- I shivered when Summer's skin was reversed, that looked so painful. I love that it was a reference to Attack on Titan for a gag, even if I haven't actually seen the show. - R.I.P. "My Man!" guy.- The last season has felt like Beth's season even though she still gets so little time- we just really don't know that much about her. - I love getting an insight into Rick's process of inventing shit. Watching him create a blow dart, create fan blades, and build a trap chair for Jerry while arguing with him was gold. - Personal note: Oof, my self-deprecation sometimes feels like my strongest attribute, and sometimes I feel reliant on pity in my relationships. It's not a great behavior. - Other personal note: I love the cosmic apotheosis scene so much. It speaks to a realization really personal to me- the lessons found through psychedelics are only impactful in a vacuum, and without anything else people don't really change after them. The inclusion of the trip felt like a great cap to Jerry's personal journey. Also, it was such a good parody of the psychedelic scene trope.[Spoilers] Rick and Morty S03E05 Episode Discusion - "The Whirly Dirly Conspiracy" #rickandmorty #television dump thread! This episode was stellar as well. Spoilers below. ============Some of my notes:- Rick and Morty's rapid world building has me in awe every episode. I felt so bad for the little alien girl. - Sakuga, have you heard of it? Here's even more Rick and Morty sakuga if you love this stuff.- I shivered when Summer's skin was reversed, that looked so painful. I love that it was a reference to Attack on Titan for a gag, even if I haven't actually seen the show. - R.I.P. "My Man!" guy.- The last season has felt like Beth's season even though she still gets so little time- we just really don't know that much about her. - I love getting an insight into Rick's process of inventing shit. Watching him create a blow dart, create fan blades, and build a trap chair for Jerry while arguing with him was gold. - Personal note: Oof, my self-deprecation sometimes feels like my strongest attribute, and sometimes I feel reliant on pity in my relationships. It's not a great behavior. - Other personal note: I love the cosmic apotheosis scene so much. It speaks to a realization really personal to me- the lessons found through psychedelics are only impactful in a vacuum, and without anything else people don't really change after them. The inclusion of the trip felt like a great cap to Jerry's personal journey. Also, it was such a good parody of the psychedelic scene trope. Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread #weeklymusicthread #music (accidentally?) made a great playlist over the last week.Sieben - Rite Against The RightNull Device - All You Fascists Bound To Lose[Information Society - (We Don't Need This) Fascist Groove Thang]()Pop Will Eat Itself - Ich Bin Ein Auslander Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread #weeklymusicthread #music (accidentally?) made a great playlist over the last week.Sieben - Rite Against The RightNull Device - All You Fascists Bound To LoseInformation Society - We Don't Need This Fascist Groove ThangPop Will Eat Itself - Ich Bin Ein Auslander Owners of Hubski: Indoor Exercise Advice? #askhubski #thepuppycondition I mostly just needed a place to vent, though any advice would be great!)This is Cooper. He's around 3 years old. He's a Doberman terrier mix. A rescue twice over. He is adorable, loving, and a huge fucking handful.To avoid the quagmire of poorly explained emotions, turn to page 26------------CooperMy partner and I got him this past week. We knew he would be a lot to deal with. He's very reactive to other dogs (barking, lunging), and has a boatload of energy. That's okay, we thought - we have a lot of time on our hands, we can just take him for walks. We live at the end of a cul-de-sac. Turns out, every single house (except for one) owns at least one dog, most own two. They almost all have fenced in front yards, where their dogs are always running around. This means that the furthest we can get without Cooper getting freaked out is about 20 yards, on a good day.That's okay, we thought - we have a fenced in yard too, and the neighbor on the other side of the fence doesn't have a dog! Turns out that there's a reason for that. Mrs. Jenkins, pt. 1Our neighbor is named Mrs. Jenkins. She told me her first name once a few months ago, but everyone seems to just call her Mrs. Jenkins. She's about 80 years old, and has lived in her house for 52 years. I live at the edge of Cully, one of the historically black sections of Portland. Mrs. Jenkins and her family are one of two remaining black families on my block - the rest are, largely, white couples under the age of 30. A few families that have been here for a while, but it's mostly renters.Mrs. Jenkins, I learned yesterday, is terrified of dogs. She was chased by a pack of dogs and bitten when she was a child - I don't know much more of the context than that. Her house is adjacent to 5 other houses - each and every one of those houses has a dog. Her yard is fenced in on all sides, and there is a beautiful garden along the perimeter. Tending to this garden seems to be one of her favorite activities, and she spends most of the morning doing so. Cooper is good with people. Sure, he gets excited when I get home, but he doesn't bark at people otherwise. Except, of course, at Mrs. Jenkins. And her family.The Last OwnersI don't know much about Cooper's past - we got him from a couple who were living in an apartment complex on the outskirts of Portland. It was... not so great. They were hoarders, and had been feeding him pretty much only hot dogs. He had a shock collar on, which they gave us for free. It was clearly meant for their other, bigger dog. On our walk to the car, his owner Vince was giving me advice on being the "alpha", and letting me know that he tried the shock collar on himself, and the highest setting wasn't too bad, so that's what he uses on Cooper.This couple had gotten Cooper from a shelter. He was going to be euthanized soon if they didn't adopt him, because he had gotten into a serious fight with another dog before and his owners abandoned him. I guess he was in a pretty rough condition when they got him. They told me that if he attacks another dog again and the owner alerts Animal Control, he'll be killed.They don't know much about his first owners, but they think he was being trained to be a guard dog.Mrs. Jenkins, 2Back to Mrs. Jenkins. She has tarps on all sides of her fence, except for the side connected to us. She put them up because she was afraid of the dogs that kept jumping at the fence when she was gardening.She's putting up some tarps on our side today. Cooper hasn't lunged at her or anything, but he barks at her when she's gardening. Again, she and her family are the only people I've seen Cooper bark at. I don't know if this is a thing that is even possible, but I think the dog's first owners might have trained him to bark at any people of color he saw. I feel more than a little insane for thinking that. Even if not, I have no idea why the only person that he barks at is the one person in all of Portland who doesn't like dogs.I feel acutely aware of the fact that I am starting to impose on a neighborhood that was once largely black. All my anxieties about becoming a part of gentrification are coming to a head, and I'm having a hard time dealing with it all.Enough SleepI know that these are small problems that feel dire just because I've been getting less sleep than usual. I'm waking up earlier to take Cooper out, because I can actually take him for a walk at 6 AM without worrying about other dogs. And if I stay up till 1 AM, the other dogs are asleep already, and I can walk him then. I've been spending a few hours a day doing leash training with him. He doesn't pull as much anymore, which is a start. I know that his pent up energy is the biggest problem here, and once I can actually walk him safely, everything else will start to fall into place. He can go to sleep sooner, and hang out in the yard without freaking out. I can slowly socialize him with other dogs. Mrs. Jenkins can take down some of her tarps. It all takes a lot of time. I just want everyone to be okay in the meantime.Page 26TL;DR: Any advice for getting Cooper some indoor exercise while I'm working on leash training him? I've been playing tug of war, and he's getting a lot of his food out of a Kong now, which tires him out a bit. He can also walk around in our yard, as long as our neighbor is inside and he is on a leash. August 20, 1719- Astronomy Christian Mayer is born #todayinhistory 1752 his reputation was such that he was selected as a professor of mathematics and physics at Heidelberg. By this age, however, he had developed a strong interest in astronomy. He was appointed Court Astronomer at Mannheim, and was tasked with selecting the instruments for the new observatories at Schwetzingen and Mannheim. With these completed, he was able to pursue his astronomical studies, and published numerous works. In 1769 he was invited to St. Petersburg to observe the transit of Venus, which he did together with Anders Johan Lexell. In 1773, the Jesuit order was dissolved by Pope Clement XIV, and consequently he was removed as Court Astronomer. However he was still able to continue his astronomical observations and studies. He applied for and was granted in December 1765 a Fellowship of the Royal Society. August 19, 1953- The USA and the UK overthrow the government of Iran #todayinhistory not a single bad thing came of this decision.Following the coup in 1953, a government under General Fazlollah Zahedi was formed which allowed Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, the last Shah of Iran (Persian for an Iranian king), to rule more firmly as monarch. He relied heavily on United States support to hold on to power. According to the CIA's declassified documents and records, some of the most feared mobsters in Tehran were hired by the CIA to stage pro-Shah riots on 19 August. Other CIA-paid men were brought into Tehran in buses and trucks, and took over the streets of the city. Between 200 and 300 people were killed because of the conflict. Mosaddegh was arrested, tried and convicted of treason by the Shah's military court. On 21 December 1953, he was sentenced to three years in jail, then placed under house arrest for the remainder of his life. Other Mosaddegh supporters were imprisoned, and several received the death penalty. After the coup, the Shah continued his rule as monarch for the next 26 years until he was overthrown in the Iranian Revolution in 1979. August 18, 1590- John White returns to Roanoke to find the colony deserted. #todayinhistory, in March 1590, with the immediate threat of a Spanish invasion by now abated, Raleigh was able to equip White's rescue expedition. Two ships, the Hopewell and the Moonlight set sail for Roanoke. The return journey was prolonged by extensive privateering and a number of sea battles, and White's eventual landing at the Outer Banks was further imperiled by poor weather. The landing was hazardous and was beset by bad conditions and adverse currents. During the landing on Roanoke, of the mariners who accompanied White, "seven of the chiefest were drowned." August 17, 1565- The Colony of Roanoke is founded #todayinhistory only clue was the word "CROATOAN" carved into a post of the fence around the village, and the letters C-R-O carved into a nearby tree. All the houses and fortifications had been dismantled, which meant that their departure had not been hurried. Before he had left the colony, White instructed the colonists that, if anything happened to them, they should carve a Maltese cross on a tree nearby, indicating that their absence had been forced. There was no cross, and White took this to mean that they had moved to Croatoan Island (now known as Hatteras Island), but he was unable to conduct a search. A massive storm was forming and his men refused to go any farther; the next day, they left do you guys organize the files on your computer? What are your personal rules for your digital life? #digitalstuff sometime last year I heard a fateful podcast about algorithms that could be applicable to day to day life, and I learned about the dangerous idea of Temporal Locality : This algorithm posits that the paper you're most likely to use next, is the last one you touched. So that pile of papers on your desk? You have a scientific reason to never organize them. The most relevant stuff will rise to the top. This algorithm was really self serving to me, as I'm the kind of guy who likes his unfettered cereberal freedom while- so for the last year I've pretty much had two folders, Desktop and 0cleanup (which in the Desktop), where every now and then I'll select all and drag everything to the 0cleanup folder and maybe if I need something in the future I'll dig for it. Fast forward a year or so, and now I have a gigantic 0cleanup folder that I dread going into because it's a big dump. I don't even need to go in too often, but if I do it's usually that I usually could just get off the internet again, and if it's project related, it's usually saved in the WYSIWYG editor in some way, or available in an email or something. But even this is it's own stress, because there's no one project folder for things anymore, it's just a bunch of hunting. So yeah, I deem this algorithm impractical for my life. What do you guys do? ===============My laptop recently broke, and I've been back on my trusty backup x220 (love this thing) for my daily driver. It's a good time to do a reset on my digital life. I'm trying to think of some new rules for myself. I've been on a Marie Kondo kick lately, and I've been trying to figure how to simplify my digital life, especially because I spend so much time on the internet. It's difficult because I have a lot of interests and avenues for those interests, and I also have a lot methods for sustaining those interests. Here are the rules I have for myself so far:- Don't collect humorous pictures or design inspiration (you can easily find them again)- Don't bookmark things to read them later or try them out later (you'll never get to them)- Finish comments or forget about them (Forces me to write and choose battles correctly)Do you guys have any personal rules of your own? solar eclipse road trip #2017eclipse #tripreport longstanding good intentions, I wasn’t sure if I would make it to the #2017eclipse. But I’m going to give it a try. The weather looks clear, the traffic apocalypse has not yet materialized, and most importantly, Days Inn Harriman today confirmed my $70+tax reservation for Sunday night.A college friend works in Bend, Oregon for Deschutes County, which overlaps the path of totality. He has been part of planning and preparations for over a year, and says he has a cot in his office, food and fuel stocked up, and little idea what to expect. Oregon hotels have been cancelling reservations and reselling them as much as $1000 per night.His office will get 99.6% obscuration, but he can’t risk driving 17 miles to see totality for fear of getting stuck in traffic. I am planning a 500-mile drive to Tennessee, figuring this is the best chance I’ll ever have to see this thing. I went to Paris to see the last eclipse of the millennium. The weather didn’t work out, and I wasn’t in the path, but I’m not complaining. It was a fun trip, and I learned that close to totality isn’t much more dramatic than the darkness of a heavy storm.It’s a long drive, so I tried to recruit company along the way. thenewgreen, surprise, is out of town on business. cW is also on the west coast. I pestered some friends to consider ridesharing. One was interested but couldn’t get off work, and the other wasn’t convinced that the spectacle would be worth the trouble, especially since we will be driving to Tennessee a month from now for another shot at the baby Barkley. “I mean, we know what will happen. The moon will pass in front of the sun and we know what it will look like” he teased, knowing I would be provoked into a sermon (reproduced below).I was on a trip, with irregular internet access, so I couldn’t look up the compelling wonders of previous planetary alignments, relying instead on memory and tidbits from a paperback I was rereading after 15 years (it held up quite well).Thales of Miletus solved an ancient word problem by measuring the height of a pyramid using the proportional shadow method. He is also said to have accurately predicted a solar eclipse in the year 585 B.C., an early exercise in the nascent habit of rationality, while contemporaries debated whether water, air, fire or vapor were the constituent elements of all things.A Connecticut Yankee would, in a later age, save his skin with a vivid demonstration of mastery over the material world, correctly predicting a celestial phenomenon that terrified the unlettered.Long-forgotten scientists in Babylon and Baghdad, Madras and Memphis, made keen observations, painstakingly gathering evidence, solving the puzzles that enabled them to foresee the movement of heavenly bodies and predict the meaningless yet spectacular natural alignments that thrilled the masses. The Mayans left a cryptic calendar spanning centuries, which Professor Feynman would encounter and puzzle out in his turn, using his knowledge of sun and moon and earth as a key to unlock the secrets. Astrologers still get excited when a few of the night sky wanderers happen to become more coplanar than usual, appearing to line up in a display of astral harmony. No one serious thinks this matters, but many still look up to see. “we know what it will look like”We know what most things will look like any day. But does not your eye linger longer on a setting sun than a random doorknob? Does the gibbous moon advertising her cratered face not command more attention than a pineapple?We watched the Aegean Sea rise to obliterate the orange disk of the sun on two evenings, but the rarely-observed green flash, still a bit of a mystery to meteorologists and astronomers, did not appear. It is, no doubt, some consequence of refraction, as was the flat-earth sighting of a sheet from miles away, when science said it would be invisible. Science marches on, obliterating mystery while propounding deeper questions. Our bus-sized telescope, itself a miracle, orbits the earth, peering into the deepest depths, finding galaxies within galaxies in Orion's belt buckle. Our every observation increases our understanding of the known universe, yet the unknown cosmos appears increasingly boundless. They say the temperature will drop as the sky darkens. Birdsong will become confused, animals depending on their unimproved senses will be restless. A great shadow will speed across the landscape, visible from space. Thousands of electronic shutters will capture unremarkable photos every second. Untold numbers of selfies will be spoiled by the unforgiving laws of perspective. A massive migration of curiosity, of exploration and hopeful discovery, will converge on a narrow belt, along with plentiful juice boxes, fanny packs, skin lotions, plastic sunglasses, internal combustion engines, logo-emblazoned T-shirts, and short pants. Many of them will consume intoxicating substances and their shorts will fall to lows. But the moon will go on, carelessly looping around our planet, rotating at the same rate so we never see the "dark" side, gradually receding as tidal friction steals her energy. The last total eclipse will pass, then solar eclipses will all be annular, as the moon recedes and then the sun swells up and swallows the inner planets. The temperature will drop as the sky darkens, stars burning all their fuel and fading away one by one, until everything cools down and the universe becomes mathematically simple again.Until then, we have ephemera to distract us. Mini Marathon race report #running #racereport Madison Mini Marathon, a half marathonWeather: About 60° F at the 7:00 start, about 90% humidity. Clear skies.Training: I'm working toward a November full marathon. I ran a very flat half marathon April 1, a 20k May 6, and a half marathon May 28 (after a 10k the night before). From the half at the end of May through mid-July, I was running 20-25 miles per week before ramping up to 30 mile weeks for the last few weeks.My typical week is running hill intervals Monday, a flat, fast five mile run Tuesday, a 6-7 mile Thursday run, and a long Saturday run.Nutrition: I drank a bottle of Gatorade, ate a Power Bar, and had a cup of coffee before the run. I probably ate too much last night. Just before the run I had a bag of Jelly Belly Extreme Sport Beans. I had two energy gels during the run, one at mile 5 and one at mile 9. I had Gatorade at mile 5, water at mile 9 and both Gatorade and water at mile 10.5.Experience: The run went well start to finish. My mile splits varied from 8:16 (mile 2) to 9:05 (mile 11). Mile 8 was also over nine minutes, but the others were all under 9:00. Mile 8 is the biggest hill, but there's also a long one at the end of mile 10 and into mile 11.My heart rate stayed in a good range until the very end when I pushed hard up the last hill and toward the finish.Physically I feel really good. This was my sixth half marathon and second time doing this one. I trained a bunch last summer, and I don't think I trained more this summer. The difference seems to be the consistency. A year ago, I'd been doing long runs for a few months. Now I've been doing them for over a year. My muscles are used to it and able to support it without hurting my joints. I didn't have any pain during or after the run.Finish: 1:55:45 is my official time, a full two minutes faster than my previous best. I'm very satisfied with that time. A flatter run in cool, dry weather would probably see another two minutes off that time.Event review: Last year there were no starting line porta-potties. This year there were. Big improvement. This run coordinates with area organizations (a dance team, a swim team, a cross country team, probably some others I don't remember) to run the aid stations. It's really great because it's a whole group cheering and helping. They're really supportive.It's a well organized race. There were almost 2500 finishers.Will I do it again next year? Probably. Steve Bannon's porn and meth house #sillyseason #whiterabbit the semi-questionable source; one person and some allegations on David Brock's media company. However, the WaPo did do a profile on this house back in April or whatever that was a lot less damaging, perhaps because they didn't want to focus on the salacious stuff while they were busy chasing Russians and tax returns.What I find interesting is Bannon is out yesterday, he's got his "hands back on his weapons and the battle lines are forming:In a conversation that amounted to a primal scream, Coulter repeatedly attacked her former hero for betraying his constituency, belittled White House aides such as Kellyanne Conway and Stephen Miller, accused the president of kowtowing to the same news media he professes to loathe, and otherwise raged at the dying of the wall along with any number of other populist policy prescriptions that Trump touted to beat the Republican establishment and Hillary Clinton.“The millions of people who haven’t voted for 30 years and came out to vote for Trump, thinking ‘finally, here’s somebody who cares about us’—Nope!” Coulter declared. “Republicans, Democrats—doesn’t matter! Jeb exclamation point, Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton—doesn’t matter. Goldman Sachs is running the country!”They might just be eating their own. If I were Roger Stone I'd do my damnedest to get this story out."...none of their handbooks suggested how to deal with a 200-plus pound monument to Nazis installed on public land by white supremacists." rise and humiliating fall of Chris Cantwell #whiterabbit #schadenfreude Vice bit is must-see TV if you haven't. As is this choad crying like a little bitch. But things don't get truly awesome until you see him on the Colbert Report in 2014.Or — per an OkCupid profile leaked online — he is 6 feet tall, single, and “interested in getting married and having children” with the right woman.Dude's single. Who knew?, what's your killer smoothie? #grubski #askhubski I just got myself a blender! Never had one before. It's one of those blenders where you can twist a cap on the blend cup to make it a drinking cup. To give it a try, I threw a bunch of berries (rasp-, straw- and blueberry), some milk and a bit of syrup to sweeten it. I figured you guys might know a good recipe or two. Doesn't have to be fruit smoothie per se - I also would love to make a good iced coffee with this. To Buy A Goat When You're Really Poor? Join A 'Merry-Go-Round' #economics #finance Abagi is a 63-year-old widow who has spent most of her life eking out a living by growing crops on a tiny plot of land in her Kenyan village. Then, last fall, Abagi learned that the village had been picked for an unusual experiment that promised to change her life.An American charity called GiveDirectly is giving every adult in the village $22 every month for the next 12 years. Abagi's first thought: "I will save the money to buy a goat." And to do that, Abagi has turned to a special kind of savings club the villagers call a "merry-go-round."Abagi's club has 10 members — almost all older women like her. Every month, almost as soon as they get their payment from GiveDirectly, the members meet to put $10 each into a pot. Each month, a different member takes home the pot — $100. That is why they call it a merry-go-round.’t stop procrastinating? Try cognitive behaviour therapy #science takes issue with having to play to a backing track #music #fightthepower from a reddit thread on concert meltdowns. The context is apparently that the band was told only Kurt's vocals would be live, and everything else would be pre-recorded. And, well, they decided to modify their performance a little.