Hubski thoughtful web.Hubski Bought by London Trust Media, Pledges an IRC Revival #technology #news, who currently already support the world's largest IRC network, freenode, and reddit-focused network recently acquired and are pledging a revival.Announcement on the website:===We grew up with IRC. Let's take it further.What if I told you, there is a world that values you - for your thoughts, your opinions and who you are?There is.It's a beautiful world, and for me, more importantly, it is the world that I have to thank for its consequence of keeping me alive.A score ago, I took my first steps into IRC. On, I connected to IRC and somehow found myself in a random IRC channel without any participants. Out of the blue, some random person must have typed /list and found the channel and joined out of curiosity. However it happened, this person who I will never know, spent an hour teaching me how to use IRC.As a minority growing up in the middle of America, racism was a thing, and it would be a lie if I said that I never shed a tear over this. In this turbulent world, where but few genes dictate our outer appearance, and chimpanzees share 99% of the same DNA as us, somehow, we're only focused on what our eyes are seeing.On IRC, on the other hand, I was accepted, listened to, and spoken to. IRC adopted me. IRC accepted me. And above all, IRC befriended me, without hesitation. I have met many friends on IRC. I joined teams, from DALnet help teams to anime fansubbing groups. I was taught how to code. I learned so many different points of views.IRC truly grew me as a person.Today, I'm strong. Today, I'm confident. Today, I am social. Today, I am patient. Today, I am accepting. Today, I have a cause. This would not be the case, if yesterday, for me, was not IRC.I will do unto others as I would like done to myself. IRC created me. And for this reason, I pledge to revive IRC.IRC, is a transcended level of humanity, that values you for all the other genes and experiences that make you, you - unlike the "real" world which is utterly focused on nothing.When people tell you, it's what's on the inside that counts, they are telling you to get into IRC. It's a world, that values you, for you. Putting our money where our mouths are, through London Trust Media Holdings and myself, funding, sponsorships, and other contributions have been and will continue to be provided to IRC clients like KiwiIRC and weechat, IRC networks like freenode, snoonet, DALnet, and EuropNet.Today, I'd like to introduce a few new projects that we are soon launching alongside notable IRC (A professional, friendly network for huge communities)IRC University - Free Education for the World (Seeking top expert Ph. D professors to teach - email us!)IRC Gaming (We're going to have literally hundreds of thousands in cash prizes!)IRC Ventures (VC/Incubation on IRC!)IRC Foundation (Donating and supporting existing great IRC projects!)Providing IRC bouncer (always on connectivity) support to all IRC networks and keeping it open!In other words, IRC is here, and IRC is backed.Yours truly,Andrew LeeCo-founder, London Trust Media Holdings June 25th, 1900 - The Dunhuang manuscripts are discovered #todayinhistory from the 5th to early 11th centuries, the manuscripts include works ranging from history and mathematics to folk songs and dance. There are also a large number of religious documents, most of which are Buddhist, but other religions including Daoism, Nestorian Christianity and Manichaeism are also represented. The majority of the manuscripts are in Chinese. Other languages represented are Khotanese, Sanskrit, Sogdian, Tangut, Tibetan, Old Uyghur language, Hebrew and Old Turkic. The manuscripts are a major resource for academic studies in a wide variety of fields including history, religious studies, linguistics, and manuscript studies. pay-what-you-can store aims to tackle landfills and hunger #charity #business new store aims to tackle food insecurity and wastage by pitting the two issues against each other, said Jagger Gordon, the Toronto chef who launched the venture earlier this month.Every provision is donated by a network of partners across the region, and many of them – from blemished or misshapen produce to staples that are nearing their expiry date – would have otherwise ended up in landfills.“So it’s a simple procedure of taking those trucks that are destined for landfills, hijacking them and giving them to people in need,” Gordon said. This isn't anything super new, as food rescuing has been around for a while, but it's always cool to see stuff like this getting press. Russia Conspiracy Is Unraveling Across the Pond #politics #world 24, 1973: Arson at gay night club in New Orleans. Largest mass murder of LGBT people in the US until the Pulse shooting Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread #weeklymusicthread #music's Tricks, delayed since last Halloween, finally dropped. Couldn't find the album streaming anywhere, but here's the title track, BlowBy and Mind Made God. Hubski: I just inherited $40,000 - what do I do? #finance #askhubski now, I'm thinking of putting it into:5% Cash, 15% Bond ETFs, 20% International ETFs, and 60% Equity ETFsbecause I've heard that they are a good long-term investment that doesn't take much day-to-day management. I'm still in college so I don't plan to buy a house anytime soon.I was wondering what the fine financial folks of Hubski think? Kiki Bouba effect #psychology glitch? #bugski'm muted from replying directly from my notification page Folio Society is having a 50%-off sale #books #expensivebutnotoverpriced puts a lot of their books in the same price range as a normal new-release hardcover, and these are much better. I have their edition of Dune, and it's beautifully put together without being garish. The actual physical production is also top notch, and the binding feels like something that I could do pull-ups with.They have a pretty good variety of stuff, if obviously not as wide as a traditional bookstore. But I have my eye on more than a few:= Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro= Fear and Trembling by Soren Kierkegaard= Foucault's Pendulum by Umberto Eco= The Art of the Bible by Scot McKendrick and Kathleen DoyleWhile not on sale, I've also been thinking about their edition of The Handmaid's Tale (in part as a hand-me-down to my daughter) and some Dickens (specifically A Christmas Carol and A Tale of Two Cities).Their edition of Crime and Pusishment also looks good, but I still haven't lost hope that I'll be able to read it in Russian one day.The one thing I'll note is that it can sometimes be hard to figure out which translation of a non-English work they used, so you may be rolling the dice there (I still get salty when Constance Garnett's translations of Dostoyevsky show up, rather than being consigned to history, although thankfully that's not the one Folio used for Crime and Punishment.) LHC hasn’t found any new particles besides the Higgs-boson, physicists are at a loss for how to proceed #science an American gambler unlocked the secret to Hong Kong horse racing, winning almost US$1 billion #bigdata, what was a product that was a good idea at the time, but failed for one reason or another? #askhubski Parents, In Their Own Words, Tell A Judge What It's Like Being Separated From Their Kids #seriousseason Huckabee Sander got kicked out of a restaurant by the owner for being a mouthpiece for cruelty #whiterabbit #schadenfreude by the waiter who was about to serve her got some of those Trump stamp twenties so I adjusted the message as best I could #trump flips on North Korea, declaring country still an 'extraordinary threat' #ツ only E3 presentation you need to watch, plus some Steam sale stuff, this is the only E3 presentation you genuinely should watch.---Games-wise, here's what I decided to grab:Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice. Third-person adventure game, where you play as a mentally ill Celt (or Pict, I've heard both) who is going into Viking territory for a specific purpose. The puzzle mechanics are interesting but a tad dull, and the combat is pretty repetitive. But holy shit the atmosphere and storytelling are off the chain. See, the conceit is that Senua is genuinely insane - she's psychotic, and so you hear what's in her head. The developers talked to actual psychologists and people with hallucinations to make sure they got it right, and it's done incredibly well. Dark without being edgy. (I actually bought this during the GOG sale earlier in the week, so I've been able to spend some time with it.)Slime Rancher. At the complete opposite end of the aesthetic and emotional spectrum. It's a first-person ranching game where you're on a planet, and as the name implies you farm slimes. Incredibly bright, colorful, and cute, but without being saccrine. Gameplay is deep enough to be interesting without being super complex.Just Cause 3 XL. Pretty much a no-brainer at $6.74. If you're unfamiliar, basically this is GTA, except you are a mercenary in a foreign land and the game isn't even pretending that it's realistic. Encourages just going around creating as much mayhem as possible.Objects in Space. If FTL was a trading-emphasized sandbox, and you have one crew member whom you play through a first-person perspective. Many of the reviews compare it to Silent Hunter in space, because combat is hard and you're generally trying to hide (by doing things like staying in nebulae and shutting down various things to make you harder to detect). It's the same price on GOG if you'd prefer to go that route. It's technically in early access or whatever, but is pretty much feature complete.I'm also seriously debating getting Final Fantasy XV, since it's only $25 right now and I've heard really good things. I just don't know if I really have the free time to get into something that time-consuming. I've been preferring story-heavy action games (I recently marathoned both Dishonored games, which I liked quite a bit), and they tend to do better with short play sessions. Has a Russia Collusion Scandal Now. It Looks Exactly Like Trump’s. #politics #unitedkingdom or Fake news? - Father of one of the “Separated” children speaks knows what the real story is here like always there is so much spin that I can’t tell what is really happened vs what’s just people pushing certain agenda.Only thing I do know is that I can’t trust the media to report a story accurately. Kitchen Paint Color That Could Cost You Thousands #realestate Trumpies Hit D.C. ... And D.C. hits them right back. #whiterabbit #schadenfreude Lieu plays Propublica audio of wailing children in House Chamber. Gets scolded for lack of decorum by a Georgia rep. Who represents a neighboring district to where I'm living in. Is it not a violation of decorum to do this to children in the first place? of EU countries’ ambition and progress in fighting climate change #environment #climate the one hand, some countries score highly on ‘ambition’ due to their promotion of ambitious targets at EU level. Here, Sweden, Luxembourg and France score the most points. Unfortunately however, most countries that advocate for more ambitious policies for the future are currently lagging behind in achieving targets for 2020 and reducing carbon emissions.On the other hand, some countries achieve a high score on ‘progress’ due to the fact that they are overachieving their 2020 climate and energy targets. Here, Croatia, Romania and Greece score the most points. However, countries that are on track to meet their current targets mostly do so because the targets were set too low and are easy to reach. These countries are opposing more ambitious policies for the future, because they want to keep on seeming to ‘overachieve’.Only Sweden scores "good." (With scores of 89%, 83%, and 70% for ambition, strategies and targets, and 50% for progress on implementation.)Four countries score "moderate" (with scores of 42%, 17%, 25% and 25% for implementation).The other 23 score "poor" or "very poor." Cohen Has 'All the Tapes' and 'We're Taking Trump Down Together,' Says Tom Arnold #seriousseason Trump, Agent of Coat Chaos #whiterabbit because this time around Mrs. Trump chose to wear something from the mass market brand Zara — Zara! — instead of her usual Dolce & Gabbana or Ralph Lauren. This is a first lady, after all, who decided to wear a $1,380 Balmain plaid shirt during a White House gardening initiative. She is not a high/low dresser in public — or has never been since the election. She’s been all high seemingly all the time. Census Bureau: White non-hispanic population declines for the first time; "Generation Z-plus" minority white, the new numbers show that for the first time there are more children who are minorities than who are white, at every age from zero to nine. This means we are on the cusp of seeing the first minority white generation, born in 2007 and later, which perhaps we can dub Generation “Z-Plus.” Driver in Fatal Arizona Crash was Streaming The Voice #uber #technology keep your eye on the ball. Uber was performing a test in which the safeties were off, in which they'd written pedestrians out of the ID software because they were getting spurious data, and in which they didn't properly instill a fear of dire consequences in their testing staff.They're coming for this lady. Mark my words: Uber's going to figure out a way for this death to fall on the minimum-wage ex-felon, rather than a $48 billion company.