Hubski thoughtful web.Hubski Clip Linked Coal to Climate Change — 106 Years Ago Today #news #environment CIA Communications System Helped Blow Cover of Chinese Agents #seriousseason #news Am I Worth to Advertisers? My Obsessive Quest to Put a Price on My Attention #business #internet than anything else, trudging through the numbers on these various campaigns got me thinking about information pollution, and the sheer amount of space in our day that’s monetized. Introducing limits sounds pleasant enough—who wouldn’t want fewer ads?—but that might also tip the balance even further in favor of huge brands with budgets to burn on the ad spaces that would become costlier through artificial scarcity. Maybe aggressive ad density could be taxed like cigarettes, air pollution, or anything else with negative externalities. I’m not the first or last person to see the reliance on advertising—especially online—as flawed, and we should all be deeply concerned by the way it incentivizes the sort of mass data collection Facebook and Google do. PDF Books Library #books #reading flexibility and strengthening exercises #running #physicaltherapy brief background is I went to a physical therapist (PT) after getting some calf pain while and after running. My main muscles are strong but way too tight. My IT band (running down the outside of your leg) is also tight. My other muscles, the ones around my hips, are too weak. This is what she gave me to do.All of these are done on each leg. Strap stretchesI have three stretches I do with a strap like this. My PT suggested a belt or dog leash or literally anything you can loop around your foot and hold onto. I've heard of using a towel.The first, I lay on my back with one leg flat and straight. With the strap around my foot and my knee straight, I pull my leg toward pointing straight up. My PT said at my age (38) I should be able to get close to 90 degrees but I was at 60-65 degrees. I do this for about a minute, always trying to go longer than shorter. This stretches right behind my knee.The second is a variation of the first. Lowering my foot to about half the distance, I cross my leg across the other and pull. This stretches around my hip, particularly the muscle at the top of the IT band.Then the third I flip over and now with my thigh on the ground use the strap to pull my foot toward my butt. I feel this in my quads. My quads seem to be especially tight. Again hold this for at least a minute.CalfsI have two different calf stretches, and I typically alternate day to day which I do.The first is simple: stand with my toes on a stair with my heels hanging off. Let my heels sag to feel the tension in my calfs.The other is also simple but harder to explain. Leaning on a wall with both hands, put one foot forward and put your other heel down to feel the tension in your calf. Do it both with your knee straight and with it slightly bent. The two different knee positions feel slightly different.Hip strengtheningThis is the one that's really tough. All of these have a band like this around my ankles.First I take little side steps while standing upright. Take up all the tension with one leg, then let the other pick up about half the distance (i.e. not fully slack on the band) and repeat. Go both directions so each leg gets a chance to lead.Then repeat that but while squatting (butt back, not knees forward). This one completely kills me in a good way. Again go both directions so each leg can lead.The third my PT described as a "railroad." It's little steps forward, feet spread. Then repeat going backwards.The fourth is a balance squat step. Starting from a squat, take a step forward with the back foot of the ground. Step forward and again the trailing foot is held off the ground. Repeat taking these slow steps.Foam rollerI foam roll four things. Hamstrings and calfs are straightforward: put your weight on the roller and roll. My PT suggested a tennis ball for the calf, and I can see why. I can target it better. I'm experimenting with a ball on my hamstring, too.Then I try to roll on my side immediately below my hip bone, where my femur meets my hip. This is the muscle at the top of the IT band. It's hard to get in the right spot. On my side I'm able to flex my hip and especially knee while rolling here. This is an "active release." When I feel a spot (it's a good hurt), I hold around there and bend my leg and roll across it.The quad rolling is the one I feel the most. With my quad across the roller, I roll first with my toes straight down, then with them pointing out, then again with them pointing in. I try to get as high (almost onto my hips) and low (to my kneecaps) as I can. Again when I get to a good spot I bend my knee as I roll across the spot. This one was almost painful the first few times, but it's mellowing out as I work out the kinks in my legs.And that's it! It doesn't take a ton of time."Normally, I’d say it’s wrong to mock adults who are forced to move in with their parents for financial reasons." opinions about alcohol #jokes is for people who think alcohol consumption warrants additional punishment Wine is for assholes Craft beer is for assholes who can't appreciate wine Whiskey is for assholes who can't appreciate wine but want to get really fucked upCinnamon whiskey is for people who might drink Scope mouthwash Vodka is for people with serious addictions. It's ideally watered down grain alcohol. Top shelf vodka is a myth as a result MD 20/20 is for desperate winos. Also people who don't appreciate wine. Also hipsters I can keep going but I wonder why I started in the first place seems to be working on tools to get Windows games running on Linux #gaming #linux>Files hint at "Steam Play" compatibility tools to help expand SteamOS library. Revokes Security Clearance of John Brennan, Former C.I.A. Director #whiterabbit smells like fascism club no. 36: The Last Question #scificlub #scifi, it's high-time we start the next edition of #scificlub. This time around we'll do:The Last Question by Isaac Asimov, a solid suggestion by Merlin.I'll post the discussion thread on the 29th.Trombone kleinbl00 JakobVirgil mhr OftenBen plewemt elizabeth blackbootz Meriadoc Tiger_the_Lion _thoracic johnnyFive tehstone rthomas6 War Dala OftenBen bhrgunatha kantos francopoli anatomygeek Purple_Ruby PTR Foveaux ThurberMingus moslydeaf LastingDamageII chowderchowder Merlin Deaths Reached Record Level of 72,000 in 2017, New Estimates Show #thehumancondition Problem of Private Ambulance Services #society #health first thing you learn in Emergency Medical Services (EMS) training is what’s called “scene safety and body/substance isolation.” In other words, when you arrive at the scene of a 911 call, you have to first determine whether it’s safe enough to reach your patient, and ensure that your body is protected from any hazardous fluids or gases in the vicinity. This concept is extremely important—in your day-long certification test, if you fail to start every scenario with “scene safety and BSI,” you fail the entire thing and go home. The logic is simple—you’re there to help the patient, but you can’t do it if you’re in danger yourself. If EMTs are going to provide good care, the EMTs have to be taken care of as well.Unfortunately, the moment they finish submitting their incident paperwork, the principle is forgotten. Nobody cares about what happens to the EMTs until the next call comes in. It’s one reason American emergency services are steadily on the road to disaster. Mysterious Landscapes of Heat-Scorched Britain #archaeology a Young Trump Went to Russia #politics #history 1987, the real estate tycoon visited the country to explore a hotel deal. Is that when he became compromised by Russian security services? August 15, 2018 #pubski's Reviews #14: "A Generation of Sociopaths" by Bruce Cannon Gibney #bl00sreviews #tellhubski I don't know if I'm going to be able to do this without slagging on myself in a bizarre 2nd-person self-argument. So this book is both more and less than it could have been. It's more than a GenXer excoriating the Baby Boomer generation for existing; true to the title, Gibney goes through pedantically running the gestalt behavior of his special breed of 'boomer (white, privileged, born between 1941 and 1965) through the DSM V to prove that the generation as a whole behaves sociopathically. It's less than a complete account of what the fuck to do about it.Bruce Gibney has been lucky in life. His college roommate was Mark Zuckerberg so he made some good investments early on. He then parlayed that into a job with Peter Thiel, however, and continued to make money. He was at Founder's Fund in 2011; he's the one who wrote "They promised us flying cars, instead we got 140 characters." His basic beef is legitimate: what happened to basic research and investment in the future? His argument is that the 'boomer generation, for reasons he doesn't get into nearly enough, squandered the greatest birthright in the history of civilization on entitlements. He further argues that the bill is going to come due (has always been coming due) right about the time the 'boomers are all dead, which is why we're all fucked.Gibney's basic point is that it's fatuous to argue democrat vs. republican because on matters of generational largess, the 'boomers have always come together. Lower the voting age? Happened immediately and bilaterally when the 'boomers first turned 18. Raise the drinking age? Happened immediately and bilaterally when the last 'boomers turned 21. Why does social security run out in 2030? Because that's when the last 'boomer will start collecting. Why does everything run out in 2030? Because that's when the last 'boomer stops paying for it. Really, the majority of the book is about the various and sundry civil, financial, governmental and environmental moves made by the 'boomers to push the problems to 2030 and pull the benefits to themselves. He's not much for counterarguments so you have to take much of what he says on face value; the book is heavily footnoted so if you felt like having an adventure in the weeds you certainly could. And to be fair, he excuses minorities unilaterally, arguing that white 'boomers have held the reigns of power in ways minority 'boomers haven't but he also glosses over how these "sociopathic" boomers act remarkably in step while failing to recognize shit like this:So yeah, if they're a generation of sociopaths they're pretty well fucking each other, too. And I recognize that kinda messes with his basic point but if they're all sitting there happily living off the flesh of future generations why are they so angry and voting for Trump?Far more interesting - to me, at any rate - was the one measly chapter Gibney dedicates to why. We all love to slag on the 'boomers and act as if they're somehow different than anybody else and Gibney, bless his black heart, has about 35 graphs illustrating that no, really - they are. But why?Gibney points to three things:1) The 'boomers were the generation most exposed to tetraethyllead.For reference, the oh-holy-shit lead levels everyone lost their mind over in Flint were 1.87 micrograms/d;l. If you were six in 1970, your lead level was 24. Note that the blue graph is offset 23 years; take it wikipedia: Increased blood lead level in children has been correlated with decreases in intelligence, nonverbal reasoning, short-term memory, attention, reading and arithmetic ability, fine motor skills, emotional regulation, and social engagement.Also apparently it fucks up your nails. Which explains those white spots I always had. New Mexico banned leaded gasoline after I went to college. Kinda explains all the high school friends I have that have been murdered, have murdered, or are in prison. Moving on:2) The 'boomers were the least breastfed generation in the history of mankind.Let's skip over the hornet's nest that is that little bundle of psychology and simply point out that it's there.3) the 'boomers were the first and only generation to grow up with unfettered use of television.Negative impacts of television on children are hardly controversial at this point but Dr. Spock literally said not to worry about how much TV your kid watches until the 1972 edition of his book. Interestingly enough, the average age of the TV viewing audience increases by one year every year; it's fair to say that TV is fundamentally a 'boomer trend that will die with the 'boomers. __________________________________________Gibney goes as far as saying that people do better when they have an adversary and that the 'boomers are an excellent adversary to rally against (while steadfastly ignoring the fact that it's grandma). In my opinion, a better book could have been written about what to do about the lead-poisoned, bottle-fed attention-starved TV generation that insists all the resources belong to them. It's one thing to hate your enemy. It's quite another to understand them. And when you look at the last 40 years of politics (and probably the next 30) in terms of a large group of mentally-impaired individuals attempting to run the world as best they can, I think you make different decisions.I'm still thinking about this one. woman may be elected Vermont governor #news once had a painful back and forth with a woman about whether trans women are men. She's got a cute little gay marriage Facebook frame. It was the height of hypocrisy The T in LGBT isn't silent I guess is my point in even mentioning my little anecdote. Not silent but might as well be. This is huge news is Examining Roger Stone's Emails #whiterabbit think things are batshit and then you inject a little Roger Stone.“I am so ready. Let’s get it on. Prepare to die cock sucker,” Stone emailed Credico on April 9 in response to Credico indicating he would publicly challenge Stone’s description of their 2016 contacts. Credico shared many of Stone’s emails with Mother Jones, and said he indeed interpreted Stone’s missives as threats aimed at deterring him from contradicting Stone’s claims.Stone has said he was not threatening Credico. He told Mother Jones in May that Credico had “told me he had terminal prostate cancer,” and that the April 9 email “was sent in response to that.” Credico says he does not have prostate cancer and did not tell Stone he did.No no that's the semi-normal bitKristin Davis, another Stone associate, testified before the grand jury Friday afternoon. Davis, who once ran a prostitution ring, has been referred to as the “Manhattan Madam.” She pleaded guilty in 2014 to drug distribution charges after she was caught in a sting buying ecstasy, Adderall, and Xanax pills from an FBI informant. Stone helped run Davis’ longshot 2010 New York gubernatorial bid, in which she ran on a platform of legalizing marijuana and prostitution. Davis, like Miller, has worked for Stone. Stone says he is the godfather of Davis’ two-year-old son.Yeah. DSK? That's her. Client 9? Fuckin' of course Roger Stone would run her for governor. on its way to becoming king of craft beer #news #business decade ago, Anheuser-Busch made no beer that could legitimately be called “craft.”The nation’s largest beer company dabbled at the edges of the burgeoning craft beer movement, but its backbone remained the brands to which craft beer was largely a reaction — Bud and Bud Light, Natural Light and Michelob Ultra, and whatever odd innovations might tempt a new generation of consumers, be it Lime-a-Rita (a hit) or Tequiza (a miss).But this summer, a torch has quietly been passed: By at least one metric, Anheuser-Busch — the same Anheuser-Busch that made no authentic craft beer a decade ago — is now the nation’s largest craft beer company. The next five years will be ‘anomalously warm,’ scientists predict #news #environment past four years have been the four warmest ever recorded — and now, according to a new scientific forecast, the next five will also probably be “anomalously warm,” even beyond what the steady increase in global warming would produce on its own.That could include another record warmest year, even warmer than the current record year of 2016. It could also include an increased risk of heat extremes and a major heat event somewhere Earth’s oceans, of the sort that have triggered recent die-offs of coral reefs across the tropics.“What we found is that for the next five years or so, there is a high likelihood of an anomalously warm climate compared to anomalously cold,” said Florian Sevellec, a scientist at France’s National Center for Scientific Research, who co-authored the study published in Nature Communications with Sybren Drijfhout of the University of Southampton in the United Kingdom. Doesn’t Need Another Tape to Know Who Trump Is disclosure in the era of cryptocurrencies #cryptocurrency how might that play out, in the worst case scenario? Suppose that I privately disclosed the bug using my name — only for someone else to find it independently and exploit it anonymously the next day. Because I used my name for the disclosure, hard proof would exist that I had the knowledge and means to attack the network. I would have no way to prove that I was not the attacker. Then consider that, collectively, billions of dollars could have been lost as a result of this exploit. People have been killed for much less. So not only was anonymity important, I considered it a necessity for my safety. cryptocurrencies melt down, World Bank Mandates Commonwealth Bank of Australia for World’s First Blockchain Bond to the MIT Technology Review, it'll use a permissioned version of the Ethereum blockchain.Which, apropos of nothing, is down hard. Reserve of St. Louis: 60% of district jobs, 57% of nationwide jobs automatable in the next 20 years #technology #economics number of people with food allergies has exploded in recent years. A dream team of Chicago researchers and scientists may have figured out why shipwreck has interesting implications for historical global trade #history #trade version: Spanish galleon shipwrecks off the Pacific Northwest coast, long before we thought there were trade routes.The evidence is good, but still circumstantial. Kinda.PNW native tribes using Chinese pottery for arrowheads?!?Beeswax washing up on shore for centuries?PNW Natives claiming African descent?A large pool of mercury sitting at the bottom of the ocean?This is just fascinating stuff. gives up. #themueller #trumplestiltskin defense rests without mounting any defense at all.He is either:1. Falling on his sword for his Dear Leader,2. Protecting his family from drinking Russian Polonium tea3. or has been paid off. (Family gets to live well, while he spends the rest of his life in prison.)The funny thing is that if it is #1, and Trump pardons him, that opens up Trump to some seriously vicious investigation. It'll make the Mueller investigation look like a Girl Scout cookout."In effect, the walls are closing in on Hamas." #geopolitics Man 2018: Who's Going? #burningman #meetup's impossible to express my excitement for this year's burn. It'll be my third time on the playa, and I'm feeling a unique special energy about this one. Will I see any Hubskinites in the dust?elizabeth JackTheBandit goobster