Hubski thoughtful web.Hubski #19 #poem #poetry wrote of what I writ of the weir(To those who know law, my dear)I miss'd of the Miss Misty May(Who loved to gossip of moral decay)Perhaps, another, perhapsPerhaps, my brother, perhapsA toast to the pot or the musketUntil we both kick the bucketTowards civil duties and other things-(Oh, dear, I missed you more than any thing!) Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately" Thread #weeklymusicthread #music - GaslighterAngel Metro - Dark Days Bright LightsDawn of Ashes - The Crypt Injection II much can forests fight climate change? #environment #climate estimate the climate impact of planting forests in different parts of the United States, ecologist Christopher Williams at Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts, is combining global satellite data collected over more than a decade with carbon-sequestration figures based on data from the US Forest Service. He has found in preliminary work that adding trees to the US west coast and to regions east of the Mississippi River makes sense, climatically speaking. But albedo changes make forest planting in the Rockies and the southwestern United States a bad deal for the climate in most cases, because the conifers that thrive in those regions are dark and absorb more sunlight than do underlying soils or snow. He hopes to turn this research into a standardized methodology that forest managers can use to assess a project’s climate impact.Getting planners to adopt such methods could prove challenging, however. Williams has found that some resist considering albedo effects, including representatives of companies hoping to sell carbon credits for forest projects. “Even other scientists sometimes have disbelief in the magnitude of the albedo effect, or even its existence,” he says."Only white boys can smirk through that." #whiterabbit #thehumancondition Inner Ring #thehumancondition I read you a few lines from Tolstoy’s War and Peace?When Boris entered the room, Prince Andrey was listening to an old general, wearing his decorations, who was reporting something to Prince Andrey, with an expression of soldierly servility on his purple face. “Alright. Please wait!” he said to the general, speaking in Russian with the French accent which he used when he spoke with contempt. The moment he noticed Boris he stopped listening to the general who trotted imploringly after him and begged to be heard, while Prince Andrey turned to Boris with a cheerful smile and a nod of the head. Boris now clearly understood—what he had already guessed—that side by side with the system of discipline and subordination which were laid down in the Army Regulations, there existed a different and more real system—the system which compelled a tightly laced general with a purple face to wait respectfully for his turn while a mere captain like Prince Andrey chatted with a mere second lieutenant like Boris. Boris decided at once that he would be guided not by the official system but by this other unwritten system. 'Likely to Accept N.Korea as Nuclear Power' #geopolitics Revere of the Brookings Institution said, "Washington's 'Plan A' -- engaging directly with the North Korean leader to convince him to denuclearize -- has failed. It is now time to think about 'Plan B' ...what several U.S. administrations have vowed never to allow: a permanently nuclear-armed North Korea." Revere instead called for "massive" sanctions and pressure on the North.Participants forecast that Trump will make another unexpected concession at his next summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un that could strain the South Korea-U.S. alliance, much as he did during the first summit last year, when he unilaterally pledged to halt joint military drills with South Korea.Park Won-gon at Handong Global University said, "I think it would be the worst-case scenario, but we cannot rule out the possibility of a unilateral removal of a Terminal High-Altitude Area Defense battery here.""Modern Monetary Theory" - a 2fer #economics #capitalism Week - Why Modern Monetary Theory is an Unserious Idea for an Unserious TimeMMTers might dislike like the comparison, but their model is the lefty version of the Laffer Curve, the beloved economic construct of GOP tax-cutting "supply-siders." Like MMTers, the most ardent supply-siders take a simple economic observation — about tax rates and tax revenue — to make a big conceptual leap — that tax cuts pay for themselves. Also like Lafferistas, MMT don't much sweat deficits and debts. (In a bit of cheeky cosmic coincidence, it was Arthur Laffer himself who played matchmaker among some early MMT theorists.) And although that may not be how leading MMT-loving academics, such as former Bernie Sanders economic advisor Stephanie Kelton, see things — they stress MMT does have financial limits — the nuances may get lost on politicians and #Resistance folks.Epsilon Theory: Modern Monetary Theory or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the National DebtModern Monetary Theory – which is neither modern nor a theory – is a post hoc rationalization of political expediency and power-expanding action.It makes us feel better about all the bad stuff we’ve done with money and debt for the political efficacy of Team Elite.And all the bad stuff we’re going to do.Eyes on the ball here - we've gone from "70% marginal tax rate" to "Laffer Curve" in the space of a week. There's a fair amount of messaging going on and the message is fundamentally "people who want big social programs are delusional." The note under the note, however, is interesting. We're experiencing a big shift in the thinking on "how money works." At the end of the day, economics is a ledger we all choose to believe in. This whole "capitalize the gains, socialize the losses" approach to capitalism might be running aground. Hold onto your butts. Ending crisis, Trump hastily departs White House #whiterabbit #morologus May 1, barely six months after the midterm elections, Donald Trump appears to have abandoned the White House and abdicated his role as president. He issued no formal statement, though four White House aides — who spoke on the condition of anonymity — claim they found a napkin on the president’s desk in the Oval Office on the evening of April 30, scrawled in red ink with the following message: "Blame Crooked Hillary & Hfior & the Fake News Media."Fake editions of The Washington Post handed out at multiple locations in D.C.A copy of this special issue was collected from The Outrage, ready to be shipped to any #whiterabbit follower willing to provide a terrestrial shipping address. To celebrate the awakening of democracy, the newspaper will be sent to whoever leaves the comment on this post which receives the most upvotes by the end of Martin Luther King Jr. Day.Now we can all get along!(Tried to get a shot of them together, but the albino was aloof.) Phone 2 -- "A simple 4G phone with e-ink, messaging & other essential tools—a phone that actually respects you." phone is just too useful to go completely without. Yet we're all familiar how well smartphones are designed--to keep us using them well past the point of need and well into oblivion. I lack the consistent discipline to restrict my newsfeed scrolling, aimless web browsing, and email use. A couple of guys set out to make it easier for me. I might drop $300 to give it a try. Committee on Government Oversight's report on the Equifax breach #security #fail 773 Million Record "Collection #1" Data Breach #databreach #technology with dinosaurs #technology title, amazing imagery: Burj al Babas and Turkey's collapsing housing market #geopolitics #kleinbl00batshittery Maps link‘Space Force’ Comedy Series From Steve Carell, Greg Daniels Set at Netflix #television #whiterabbit fasting can improve overall health #health aliens found us? Interview with Avi Loeb, Chair of Harvard Astronomy Department #astronomy #seti to Sunset in Denver #travel #denver you should all come to visit me.I didn't write this. My sister sent it to me. I reminded her to come visit and do the things... now I extend the same invitation to you."This Godless Communism" - 1961 comic with introduction by J. Edgar Hoover #comics #kleinbl00batshittery Chest was distributed in parochial schools and published biweekly throughout the school year until the 1960s, when it became monthly and doubled the number of pages. It was available solely by student subscription, and delivered in bulk to classrooms. Initially, the covers were of the same paper stock as the interiors; comic books' more typical slick covers were added in 1948. Six-issue summer editions were published in 1966 and 1967."This Godless Communism" was an American comics feature that appeared in Treasure Chest, a biweekly, subscription-only comic book distributed in parochial schools from 1946 to 1972.Designed to inform students of the then-prevalent Western-nation conception of Communism and the Soviet Union, the 10-chapter feature began in Treasure Chest vol. 17, #2 (Sept. 28, 1961), and continued appearing in every second issue until #20. It was drawn by artist Reed Crandall.The series begins with a scenario of what the writers believed might occur should the United States fall to the Soviet Union. After this, the series took a historical approach, giving brief biographies of Karl Marx and Lenin, and depicting Joseph Stalin's rise to power. The series climaxed with an edition about the Russian people, as distinct from the Soviet government. Marketing New Marinara As ‘The Premiere Sauce For The #MeToo Moment’ #istheonion #theonion collapse: ‘We are destroying our life support systems’ - 98% of ground insects disappear from Puerto Rican rainforest Open Letter to the Mathematical Community January 16, 2019 #pubski Trombone: manual speech synthesis #language #internetisbeautiful multi-touch control on mobile.Sound is generated in the glottis (at the bottom left) then filtered by the shape of the vocal tract. The voicebox controls the pitch and intensity of the initial sound.Then, to talk:- move the body of the tongue to shape vowels- touch the oral cavity to narrow it, for fricative consonants- touch above the oral cavity to close it, for stop consonants- touch the nasal cavity to open the velum and let sound flow through the nose."Everything we know about Russia and President Trump" #dataisbeautiful #whiterabbit's Brexit Deal Crushed #politics #news like i don't understand is brexit happening or not true, this could be one of the greatest discoveries in human history - World News - #space #astronomy does it feel like to sit next to colleagues in a university lunchroom a day after publishing an article arguing that Oumuamua may actually be a reconnaissance spaceship?Loeb: “The article I published was written, in part, on the basis of conversations I had with colleagues whom I respect scientifically. Scientists of senior status said themselves that this object was peculiar but were apprehensive about making their thoughts public. I don’t understand that. After all, academic tenure is intended to give scientists the freedom to take risks without having to worry about their jobs. Unfortunately, most scientists achieve tenure – and go on tending to their image. As children we ask ourselves about the world, we allow ourselves to err. Ego doesn’t play a part. We learn about the world with innocence and honesty. As a scientist, you’re supposed to enjoy the privilege of being able to continue your childhood. Not to worry about the ego, but about uncovering the truth. Especially after you get tenure.” Capt. Sully Sullenberger, Fame Was a Burden—Until It Became a 'Duty #history #todayinhistory the 10 year anniversary of his miracle landing, the famed pilot reflects on what became an entirely new life.