Hubski thoughtful web.Hubski Kelly and the Dangerous Moral Calculus of Working for Trump #politics #seriousseason shot back with the kind of statement that would be normal in an authoritarian country, suggesting that Kelly’s previous military service placed him beyond criticism. “If you want to go after General Kelly, that’s up to you,” she said. “But I think that that—if you want to get into a debate with a four-star Marine general, I think that that’s something highly inappropriate.”No, it is not. Kelly is the chief of staff and a political operative. He held a press conference and told a lie that smeared one of Trump’s political opponents. No government official’s military background, no matter how honorable, makes him immune to criticism, especially given the subject at hand. of spiders and snakes is deeply embedded in us #biology Saturday Hubski. Have some howler monkeys making noise. #happysaturday else watching for Orionids? #astronomy #hubskiafterdark up in a field with a thermos of hot toddy, anybody else stargazing?Edit*We saw two! Razed the Forests. Can Iceland Regrow Them? #environment #iceland the Weird World of Social Media Marathon Cheating #running #socialmedia you have Netflix, go watch Mindhunter #watchthis #tv most Netflix shows, this one kind of came out of nowhere. And it's proving to be a strong contender for best new show I've seen this year.I'm a huge fan of David Fincher, who's directing. If you think a less dreary but more in-the-head version of Se7en sounds good, it is. Rau becomes Playboy’s first transgender Playmate #lgbt fix my life already. I can't figure out where to start with science advocacy in regards to the environment, conservation, and public health graduated in December, 2016 with a bs in psychology, and found that what I really want to do rather than research is combat the antiscience mentality in the US, especially in regards to climate change. Eventually, I want to establish my own organization sometime in the future, and my aims for that project are not very well defined at present, but I'm trying to find a place for my skills in an established organization while getting paid for my work. There is no issue in selling my skills to employers, but what I'm struggling with is finding employers to apply to.Might anyone have any recommendations of methods to finding these organizations or know any specific ones that I could look into? I live in Nashville, TN, and would like to stay here, so if you're unfamiliar with the area, may be you know some larger nationally acclaimed organizations that have flown in under my radar.A couple of people have suggested volunteering. While I recognize the value of increasing the range of opportunities to me to gain skills by making the experience a cost to me, surely there are more PAID opportunities than that. I understand that southern cities may have fewer of these kinds of jobs than larger metropolises, I hope to go back to school in the next year, so I do want to stay here. Most Effective Way to Generate Qualified Leads #telemarketing #audiencedevelopment the audience development and marketing landscape, there are lots of processes that will help businesses to understand the stages of leads being generated. But, there is one strategy that is proven and a lot easier. Welfare [Rational Wiki] #politics simply, wingnut welfare recipients are not expected to generate profit or even make any money at all, but rather, to act as "loss leaders" in the promotion of right-wing ideas to the masses.As seen in a Paul Krugman Op-ed. I don't want to fall prey to confirmation bias (is "Wingnut Welfare" the liberal's "Fake News" criticism and rallying cry?) but I'm trying to find the constituencies pushing their congresspeople for enormous tax cuts for the wealthy. I'm only coming up with ideologues and radicals. sanity check #bitcoin #cryptocurrency Wikileaks guy was recently crowing about how the feds cut off credit card and PayPal donations, forcing him to turn to bitcoin, so now he is sitting on a mountain of 4000 BTC which appreciated by some ridiculous amount.Take any story, add bitcoin; now it's a ridiculous story.Someone mentioned that Satoshi Nakomoto, the reclusive creator of bitcoin, made some of his last public comments worrying about Wikileaks traffic. What happened to that guy?Then I saw a story that looked like a #goodlongread The Creator of Bitcoin Comes Clean, Only to Disappear AgainBy this point, cameras and reporters were outside his former home and his office. They had long heard rumors, but the Gizmodo and Wired stories had sent the Australian media into a frenzy. It wasn’t clear why the police and the articles had appeared on the same day. At about five that same afternoon, a receptionist called from the lobby of Wright’s apartment building to say that the police had arrived. Ramona turned to Wright and told him to get the hell out. He looked at a desk in front of the window: there were two large laptop computers on it — they weighed a few kilos each, with 64 gigabytes of RAM — and he grabbed the one that wasn’t yet fully encrypted. He also took Ramona’s phone, which wasn’t encrypted either, and headed for the door. They were on the sixty-third floor. It occurred to him that the police might be coming up in the elevator, so he went down to the sixty-first floor, where there were office suites and a swimming pool. He stood frozen for a minute before he realized he’d rushed out without his passport.It's long and starts good, but drags after the initial hook, and turns out to be a tease for a new book. A photo caption reads This summer, the cryptocurrency reached a record high of $4300 per coin as if it's not worth bothering to update for the recent record high price over $5000. Make that $6000. Better check for yourself.A character in the book sums up the outlook:I’d never met anyone who spoke so easily about such large sums of money. When I asked him the point of the whole exercise, he said it was simple: “Buy in, sell out, make some zeroes.”The real hype is not for buying tokens with ridiculous appreciation, but for the crazy new mechanism of making zeroes: the Initial Coin Offering. Copy the source code for a blockchain, stir in some secret sauce, hire a designer to create a slick logo and website, and write up a technical paper explaining how you have created Bitcoin for Blenders or something. The sneaky part is that you don't have to ask for dollars, you accept ever-appreciating cryptocurrency tokens in exchange for ownership of your new flavor of token, promising whatever you can get away with. Since you created the token, you can set whatever parameters you think will maximize whatever you want to maximize.Many appear intended to maximize on cash grab.The basic model is to pre-sell some percentage of the crypto assets the proposed network will generate as a way to fund the development of the decentralized application before it launches. The project founders tend to hold on to some percentage of these assets. Which means that raising money for a project this way is a) non-dilutive as it is not equity and b) not debt, so you never have to pay anyone back. This is basically free money. It’s never been this good for entrepreneurs, even in the 90s dot-com boom. Which makes it incredibly tempting to try and shoe-horn every project that could perhaps justify an “initial coin offering” to go for it, even if they aren’t actually building a decentralized application. After all, an ICO lets you exit before you even launch.A Letter to Jamie Dimon was a good corrective to a lot of the hype (addressed as it is to the CEO of JPMorgan Chase, who recently described bitcoin as a "fraud," though JPMorgan is rolling its own blockchain variant).The letter points out that blockchain solutions are inferior in every way to centralized approaches, and only shine on one dimension: censorship resistance.This fit well with another article: Do you really need a blockchain for that?The author argues that a blockchain is beneficial when you need1. A shared database2. with multiple contributors3. who don’t necessarily trust each other4. and you can’t designate an intermediary that everyone trusts.Many people are making zeroes, while others are crying "bubble." This sober perspective gives me a framework for evaluating what blockchain tech is likely to be used for once things settle down.For now, it's a game to see how many sharks can be jumped. I thought WhopperCoin was a joke, and had to update my credulity levels. But I'm not buying Satoshi Brewery, clearly a clever parody of the ICO model applied to craft beer. Though they do have the slick web site and even a technical-looking paper...Bonus ridiculous story: Bitcoin Exchange Had Too Many Bitcoins poll shows near tie in Alabama Senate Race #politics #sillyseason Alabama elect its first Democrat in more than twenty years? Letter to My Mother That She Will Never Read #thehumancondition #life monster is not such a terrible thing to be. From the Latin root monstrum, a divine messenger of catastrophe, then adapted by the Old French to mean an animal of myriad origins: centaur, griffin, satyr. To be a monster is to be a hybrid signal, a lighthouse: both shelter and warning at once.I will remember this. I will wear it like armour, monster that I am."Dr. Cox: You're not invited to my muscle room" a.k.a. What happens when you train predictive keyboards on Scrubs episodes in this series: The X-Files Cruz has assimilated enough humanity to begin to develop a personality #sillyseason part of the joke was through the impersonal internet. Great job, Ted! decline over 27 years in total flying insect biomass in protected areas #science #biology decline in insect biomass, being evident throughout the growing season, and irrespective of habitat type or landscape configuration, suggests large-scale factors must be involved. [...] The widespread insect biomass decline is alarming, ever more so as all traps were placed in protected areas that are meant to preserve ecosystem functions and biodiversity.Fuck. interview with Judge Alsup (of Oracle vs. Google fame) #law #technology, today has gone off to a bad start for me. Help turn it around. Share happy, awesome, nifty stuff here. #askhubski url and text fields can't both be blank.Well then, Hubski, I think you're all awesome. Time #prison #rehabilitation sister first told me about this program when she was working at the prison. This mini doc is pretty great October 18, 1959- The first images of the far side of the moon are shown to the world #todayinhistory Soviets were kicking our asses in space. Luna 3 was the first spin stabilized spacecraft. The first gravity assist maneuver. One of the first transmissions of images not requiring a returning canister. First look at the far side of the moon. And the camera and film came from captured US spy balloons. adds mystery “Zuma” mission, Iridium-4 aims for Vandenberg landing #spacex possible total launches this year, 5 of which are reused boosters. Five years ago I was thinking this sort of schedule from SpaceX was still a decade away. BFR is aiming for 2024 testing, and the Falcon Heavy is not off the ground yet. I want to bet against the BFR launching before 2030 as the engine is not even done yet, but... Bayeux Tapestry - all of it, from start to finish #history #video 19 Mile Stage #art #atleastithinkso Website“Essentially what the dollar stores are betting on in a large way is that we are going to have a permanent underclass in America." dollar chains do provide jobs of their own, of course. The chain employs about 121,000 people nationwide and has said it will hire 10,000 more employees this year. But those jobs will be or are mostly low-wage. Salaried managers can earn about $40,000, but they often work long hours without overtime pay. These few positions won’t make much of a dent in the fortunes of communities such as Decatur. The only new employment opportunities in the foreseeable future, other than at the larger Dollar General, are on the grim, hazardous industrial meat lines at Simmons. The company recently announced plans to build an expanded factory 2 miles outside town by 2019 and close part of the existing one. Tharp doesn’t know if the city will lose its water and sewer contract with Simmons and is worried about the potential loss of tax revenue for the schools. Food Is Starting to Worry About a Millennial Generation That's Not So Into Animal Products #thehumancondition on the Site : Big Food Is Starting to Worry About a Millennial Generation That's Not So Into Animal ProductsTitle on the Link : Food Marketing Exec Says Millennials are Lost, Need Inspiration To Eat More Tortured AnimalsI like the second one more October 18, 2017 #pubski Collection of Derek Jeter Stories Under Assumed Famous Authors #baseball #writebetterdammit Don't Know How Else to Title This.Kafka Jeter is maybe my favorite (#25) but Finnegan's Derek is also very good. flagamuffin. the Trial by Ordeal Was An Effective Test of Guilt #history #montyhall guess this worked until word got out, but if your priest didn't have your back you were going to come back guilty anyway."'This getaway car was hired,' Langdon said, pointing to the stylized U on the windshield. 'It's an Uber.'" i read Da Vinci Code. It was pretty much Rocky & Bullwinkle in an Encyclopedia Brown mystery. You don't have to sell too many things on eBay to recognize that a disturbing fraction of the public struggles with the plot intricacies of Twilight.