Hubski thoughtful web.Hubski June 28, 2017 #pubski and recorded this simple tune tonight. #hubskioriginalmusicclub #music over two weeks since I've picked up an instrument to play. This is what happened. Feel free to add to it if you'd like. May be a bit sappy and simple, but there is room for improvement. flac, ghostoffuffle, rezzeJ, coffeesp00ns, jonaswildman, BLOB_CASTLE, zebra2, lil, steve I played hockey. man helped a lost toddler find her parents, police say. He was smeared online as a predator and fled town. #news this is why I do not interact with kids unless there is at least one other adult that I trust with my life present at the event. Every interaction is in pubic with doors open and at least one other witness. I'm following the BSA model, and you can tell that some of the kids are really hurting for an adult to not treat them like shit, but sorry kids, we live in a shit world.I've been laughed at for having this policy. Nope, this shit happens.And I blame Oprah for this new moral panic over pedophiles. Mila Mae #childrenspoemsbytng #poetry Little Mila Mae Little little Mila Mae Tried her hardest every day Sometimes she lost And sometimes she won But the harder she tried The more she had fun June 27, 1869 - Emma Goldman is born #todayinhistory Ryan believes the Trump Years can become the most productive of our lifetimes #sillyseason #whiterabbit are moments in life when you are just unsure of what to say anymore. Dive Ever Under Antarctica Reveals a Shockingly Vibrant World #nature #photography the morning, when we arrive on foot from Dumont d’Urville, the French scientific base on the Adélie Coast of East Antarctica, we have to break up a thin layer of ice that has formed over the hole we drilled the day before. The hole goes right through the 10-foot-thick ice floe. It’s just wide enough for a man, and below it lies the sea. We’ve never tried to dive through such a small opening. I go first.Pushing and pulling with hands, knees, heels, and the tips of my swim fins, I shimmy through the hole. As I plunge at last into the icy water, I look back—to a sickening sight. The hole has already begun to close behind me. wants new election maps for NC judges and prosecutors #politics #nc election maps – for superior and district court judges and district attorneys – would be changed through a bill whose proponents say it would realign districts to better reflect population growth, geography and workloads. In some cases the maps create new, smaller districts and in other cases they add judges to existing districts.Democrats say the outcome would strongly favor Republican candidates, and questioned whether the maps would violate federal election discrimination laws that the state has already been found to have violated when it drew legislative and congressional districts.Hot on the heels of a supreme court smackdown of current gerrymandering, the NC legislature is pivoting their attention from one branch to another in an attempt to paint the judicial bench red. Hit With $2.7 Billion Fine By European Antitrust Monitor #business #technology Chemistry And Care, Conservators Keep Masterpieces Looking Their Best #art #history must take classes in studio art, art history and chemistry. Sometimes guidance comes from artists themselves. For example, Vincent van Gogh wrote to his brother Theo, asking for specific shades of paint — Prussian Blue, Ultramarine, Geranium Lake. Painters in earlier centuries rarely left such clues. I Contemplated the Stations of the Cross #art #painting'm not Catholic.But this weekend I was at the Smithsonian and I saw a series of paintings called the "Stations of the Cross" by Barnett Newman. It was by far the most fun and engaging series of paintings that I saw this weekend, and it was that way because I decided with my girlfriend that we were in a large room, in a very important museum, which had been dedicated exclusively to a series of 15 paintings that don't look like anything. And they may be nothing to you, or they may be something completely different, but they were to me something that did not exist before.I have little interest in Christianity. Or any other religion. I get more from a walk in the woods or spray painting than I do from church. But I grew up in St. Louis where the influence of the Catholic church can not be denied or avoided. In spring, people will ask you what you're giving up for Lent. There are King's cakes, and a wonderful mix of German and French traditions so that Mardi Gras and beer go hand in hand. On Ash Wednesday, there will be people who proudly come into their otherwise professional place of business with a dirty smudge on their foreheads. The Tuesdays are Fat, the Fridays are Good, and there is a real sense of renewal in the springtime. And because of this osmotic upbringing, I know about the stations of the cross. I know that they are a pilgrimage, be it mental or in Jerusalem, and that a pilgrim is to contemplate the personal doubt, sense of betrayal, and tragic pain that surrounded the death of Jesus. It's just something that you pick up because people walk the Via Dolorosa mentally from time to time.I've attached some nobody's version of an interpretation for two reasons. Because one, it's as good as mine, and two, it has a list of the images at the end. And it's important that you see how much nothing is present in the 15 paintings.When you walk into the room, you find a series of six foot-ish tall paintings. For those of you playing in the Old Country, that's 2 meters, probably. We didn't fight the Nazis to learn metric so you may want to double check that. These paintings have unhelpful titles, "Station 1", "Station 2" and so on until the 15th which is called "Be II". The 15th station is not 'technically' a station of the cross traditionally. It's the resurrection of Jesus after his time in the tomb so that title may be the only helpful one.The different paintings have vertical black lines, and white lines, and sometimes black fields and white fields. Maybe a beige line here and there. And there is a single orange line later. Some of the lines are frayed, and pulled, or solid. Some drip up, or are brushed away. It's a very stark and confusing presentation if indeed someone did want to say something.So I tried to see if Newman was saying something. I looked up the stations, I read the scripture attached to each one, I learned that the stations were re-worked after the paintings were made by the Pope in 1991, and in 2007. So I had to find an older version that was contemporary with the paintings. So then I looked up the scriptural passages for each, and learned that not all of the stations even have an associated scripturre and are apocryphal. The sixth station, where Veronica wipes the face of Jesus, actually has no associated biblical passage. It's relatively made up and attached in the middle ages when Popes were, I would guess, pretty decked out and feeling powerful enough to alter the most important part of the New Testament with an apocryphal addition to a pilgrimage. That's the point of these paintings for me. I looked up, and I learned, and I contemplated the stations of the cross in an attempt to understand these paintings, simply because they were presented as the stations of the cross. They made me an unwitting pilgrim, and I learned a lot about the story just to see if I could puzzle together the meaning or prove there wasn't one. I walked away thinking that I had a solid understanding of each painting, and a cohesive theory of the meaning of the colors and the shapes. It was an excellent puzzle and a fantastic use of my brain. If the purpose of the pilgrimage is to contemplate the story of Jesus, then these paintings have accomplished that goal in me. I'm not going to church, but I do apreciate the existence of these paintings. A new way to tell a very old story. In a way that you don't read, or hear, but see and guess at. The paintings made me tell the story to myself, to create a pilgrimage in me that no one else will experience. I dig it.The Stations - If you want to do this yourself. New Pope and then Old Version. The New Pope version more closely aligns with scripture and actually follows the paintings better if you ask me.Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane;Jesus is betrayed by Judas and arrested;Jesus is condemned by the Sanhedrin;Jesus is denied by Peter;Jesus is judged by Pilate;Jesus is scourged and crowned with thorns;Jesus takes up his cross;Jesus is helped by Simon of Cyrene to carry his cross;Jesus meets the women of Jerusalem;Jesus is crucified;Jesus promises his kingdom to the repentant thief;Jesus entrusts Mary and John to each other;Jesus dies on the cross; andJesus is laid in the tomb.1. Pilate condemns Jesus to die2. Jesus accepts his cross3. Jesus falls for the first time4. Jesus meets his mother, Mary5. Simon helps carry the cross6. Veronica wipes the face of Jesus7. Jesus falls for the second time8. Jesus meets the three women of Jerusalem9. Jesus falls for the third time10. Jesus is stripped of his clothes11. Jesus is nailed to the cross12. Jesus dies on the cross13. Jesus is taken down from the cross14. Jesus is placed in the tomb"How to Get Rich Suing for Jesus" - a suddenly topical 2015 report from Olivia Nuzzi #whiterabbit mosdef related Trade Chain consortium awards Hyperledger contract to IBM #cryptocurrency Digital Trade Chain Consortium, which consists of Deutsche Bank, HSBC, KBC, Natixis, Rabobank, Societe Generale and Unicredit, was formed earlier this year to meet the financing gaps hampering domestic and cross-border trade for small and medium enterprises in Europe, while helping to increase overall trade transaction transparency. Highly Applicable Tips on Social Media Marketing for Publishers #socialmediamarketing the past few years, the Internet was all about search engines. It was all about Google and Yahoo dominating the web. When people get online, we only think of searching for what we need online or for something to read through search engines. free government healthcare saved Mitch McConnell's life so he could take it away from everyone else #seriousseason“My mind was filled with questions,” he reports in the memoir. “Would I survive the surgery? Would I feel like myself again? Would I be able to do the job I’d just been elected to do? I wasn’t used to having health problems, and I had no symptoms whatsoever. And yet here I was, wondering if the position I had worked so hard to attain was about to slip away.”One worry he did not have was money, which looms large for the uninsured even when faced with their own mortality in starkest terms. Health care for members of congress at Bethesda and all military hospitals is fully reimbursable thanks to insurance provided by the government. June 27, 1905- The Mutiny on the Battleship Potemkin #todayinhistory 27 June 1905, Potemkin was at gunnery practice near Tendra Island off the Ukrainian coast when many enlisted men refused to eat the borscht made from rotten meat partially infested with maggots. The uprising was triggered when Ippolit Giliarovsky, the ship's second in command, allegedly threatened to shoot crew members for their refusal. He summoned the ship's marine guards as well as a tarpaulin to protect the ship's deck from any blood in an attempt to intimidate the crew. Giliarovsky was killed after he mortally wounded Grigory Vakulinchuk, one of the mutiny's leaders. The mutineers killed seven of the Potemkin's eighteen officers, including Captain Evgeny Golikov, and captured the torpedo boat Ismail (No. 627). They organized a ship's committee of 25 sailors, led by Afanasi Matushenko, to run the battleship.The movie is on youtube, huh. One of the great classic silent films. If you have not seen the movie, it deserves a watch. forces McMansion Hell to shut down. #housing #architecture of Hubski. I need your help to check out my friends site.. #gaming #games, A friend of mine has started a gaming service. ( HERE IT IS: ) I let him know that I cofounded Hubski and that there were a number of gaming enthusiasts here. He asked if I would share his site with you guys. I'll just go ahead and share with you the entire follow up email he sent me:I remember that you had offered to share our service up on Hubski! We're looking for users and feedback, and I created a promo code Hubski50 that will give anyone 1/2 off for their first year (5 bucks a month) if they sign up.Our website is Thank you again! Let me know if you want any more info from me about that!Also, I vaguely remember discussing conveyor belt sushi at Kula. If you Ed and Mark want to grab a late lunch, let me know!So go, check out his site. Provide some feedback for the guy. Right now every single new user and new insight is helpful to him. Thanks in advance. Now to shout-out to those that I know dig gaming:johnnyFive, keifermiller, galen, rangergames, ButterflyEffect, francopoli, rd95, kleinbl00, mk, cgod, kantos, hyperflare, tigrisandeuphrates, Cortez, and anyone else... kid - doggone EP (a mini mixtape I helped my protege put together) #hubskioriginalmusicclub #hiphophubski BF's brother dropped out of high school a few years back, and was struggling with what to do with his life for a little while. I taught him some basic shit about production / gave him some music lessons, and he finally put out his first EP yesterday. I've been helping him mix/master it for the past few weeks, and I contributed some of the beats to it (tracks 2 and 5, here's some older beats of mine if anyone's interested). It's short and a little rough around the edges, but he's proud of it, and I am really happy for him.If you've got 15 minutes and want to hear a 19 yr old a-rap-rap-rappin, give it a listen. I ask, how do yall tackle the task of reading tracts wrote grossly verbrose or quite compact with hard to grok fact?, basically, do you take notes while you read? If so, is there a method to your approach?I've never been one for note taking (probably because they were required/graded in school) but Kant has made me reconsider.So far I'm just yanking the section headings that he uses, and restating what he says under them. But it occurred to me that this probably wouldn't work so great with a less pedantically structured text.'ve been looking at a lot of retro science fiction magazine covers these past few days, but I keep coming back to this one. Science Fiction, Fantastic Universe, and If: Worlds of Science Fiction. Are all really high quality. The pictures have good craftsmanship, they're creative, and each image really seems to be telling a story. Amazing Stories is worth checking out just for the sheer volume and if you want that super pulp style art, Planet Stories has you covered.Just a quick FYI, there is stuff in there that might be considered NSFW, so be sure to click at your own risk.Compared to a lot of the images in those galleries, the one I linked to is pretty tame. There's so much to love about it though, I don't even know where to start. For one, I just love the overall shape of the ship. It looks sleek and fast and nimble yet at the same time, it looks so aggressive and powerful, from the fins shaped like blades to the massive rockets. Speaking of massive, look at the three men against the hull to give this ship a sense of scale. The whole thing is huge. Lastly, there's not a ton of background to distract you, the two men in the foreground add a sense of motion and drama to the whole thing, but this painting is about the ship, front and center and just fucking awesome.I kind of want to see if I can find this issue, if only to have the cover. have preferential gene translation #science #biology U.K., All 60 Buildings Tested So Far for Fire Safety Have Failed #ffs #government communities and local government minister, Sajid Javid, told Sky News over the weekend that the forced evacuation had been spurred not just by the cladding, but by many other “fire safety failures,” including missing fire doors, insulation used on gas pipes and plywood used above doors. (now with spoilers) #art #painting there!This time I feel a bit more confident about my paintings. So not to waste your time, I made an attempt at a composite image. This is the same painting but photographed from different angles to help you discern between three things that I tried to splice.Next time I'm going to go for something more realistic.EDIT: So, after this discussion occurred on IRC: 09:42 < ThatFanficGuy> Yo, nice painting there. 09:42 < ThatFanficGuy> I like this sort of abstract art. 09:43 < ThatFanficGuy> I feel like it could use more... ordered strokes, you know? 09:46 <~Devac> I'll look into it, but I was more interested in trying to make three overlaped images instead of technique. 09:46 < ThatFanficGuy> overlapped* 09:47 < ThatFanficGuy> Really? What are the three? I decided to leave spoilers for the things on the picture.1. Bull charging toward the viewer, profile perspective.2. Group of people walking from right to left.3. A knight on a horse. Although TFG sees "a person riding a centaur backwards". I'm happy that there's at least something horse-like ;) ~ June 26, 1730- French Astronomer and Comet Hunter Charles Messier is born! #todayinhistory did his observing with a 100 mm (four inch) refracting telescope from Hôtel de Cluny (now the Musée national du Moyen Âge), in downtown Paris, France. The list he compiled contains only objects found in the area of the sky he could observe, from the north celestial pole to a declination of about −35.7°. They are not organized scientifically by object type, or even by location. The first version of Messier's catalogue contained 45 objects and was published in 1774 in the journal of the French Academy of Sciences in Paris. In addition to his own discoveries, this version included objects previously observed by other astronomers, with only 17 of the 45 objects being Messier’s. By 1780 the catalog had increased to 80 objects.You can wander around the 110 objects in his catalog here: the Pied Piper of Paleo #health #aging read this article in March of 2016 and have since gone paleo, to some extent. I've cut my carbs, long term, 80%, and dairy 90%. My BMI is now under 24, down from 27. I'm eating less at each meal, feeling satieted longer, and don't miss refined sugars at all. On the contrary, I avoid refined sugars and grains because I can now sense the resultant swings in my blood sugar levels and realize even things like a large French fries or a coke make me feel like crap 20 minutes later. Anyone else find similar? will never get old! SpaceX launches, Lands a first stage, second time in 48 hours. #space is the first time that they have used the titanium grid fins. I could have sworn that they flew before; it turns out that after they realized the aluminum fins need to be swapped out post launch they went titanium. I must have read that they were testing them, not using them.Both landings were considered "marginal chance of success" by the people at SpaceX. primary muscles you use while cycling #fitness #data is recalling ambassador at center of Trump campaign controversy: report #whiterabbit you prevent him from leaving US soil? I might.Will he mysteriously die, or live another decade, an honored spy revered throughout the Russian intelligence community?