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What I like most about this site.
Laurelai 864 days ago  ·  shared by 21
text  ·  #hubski

No downvotes, therefore no downvote brigades.

Whats your favorite part?

ButterflyEffect 864 days ago   ·   link

Intelligent, in-depth discussions where everybody gets to learn something, and the sense of community.

ytknows 864 days ago   ·   link

In all seriousness, is this site going to become the next circlejerk phenomenon? Because I keep hearing about this sense of community here, when you can get the same thing in any invite-only subreddit.

NotaMethAddict 864 days ago   ·   link

matdesigner 864 days ago   ·   link

literally this, NAMA.

syncretic 863 days ago   ·   link

I like it.

NotaMethAddict 863 days ago   ·   link

Hey, why didn't you do something fun like committing account murder-suicide to all of the subreddits you mod? Or at the very least modding me. God, Syncretic.

syncretic 863 days ago   ·   link

I definitely thought about it, but /u/kjoneslol was the 2nd or 3rd mod in most of my big subreddits, and he is a good friend of mine, I wouldn't want to take the rug out from under him like that. I seriously considered just closing down every subreddit where I was top mod, but I didn't want people harassing me at work, it's not too hard to track down my real life identity via my Flickr or G+ profiles.

NotaMethAddict 863 days ago   ·   link

Ahhh, I understand. I'm much easier to find than I'd like to be too.

Well, if you're ever feeling rebellious you could always mod me!

Jk, lol... But seriously tho

syncretic 863 days ago   ·   link

Mod you where? The only subreddits I mod with alts are MetaHub and SRDBroke.

Actually, I could totally add you to SRDBroke, I think. It's not very serious over there at all :P

Baladas 864 days ago   ·   link


Goldmine 864 days ago   ·   link

You must believe, ytknows!

rozap 863 days ago   ·   link
This comment has been deleted.
i_am_minthe 863 days ago   ·   link

If you ignore circlejerk tags, and/or people who subscribe to the circlejerk/red.dit/cultofpersonality life then you have nothing to worry about. twenty minutes of ignoring tags and/or circlejerkers after syncretic quitting that other site, has made my hubski experience right back to where i like it. Splendid!

ytknows 863 days ago   ·   link

That's good advice, buckaroo. Just don't get too excited with those ignores; wouldn't want to accidentally remove a valuable contributor such as myself.

i_am_minthe 863 days ago   ·   link

As far as ignoring individual people, I try to use a little more discretion. As far as ignoring certain tags concerning the other site, its helped clean up the signal to noise ratio. Thats just how i'm dealing with it, to make my experience cleaner.

If someone else wants to make this their cool new lil "other site clone" spot and giggle around with their buddies and pat each other on the back for their contentless raving, thats fine for them, as for me, I decline. I'm choosing my own adventure, and they're choosing theirs. :)

hiyou102 864 days ago   ·   link

Don't worry, it will grow large someday and start becoming utter crap like reddit as well. That is, unless the admins take this early opportunity to somehow stop Eternal September right at the beginning.

yorashtan 863 days ago   ·   link

It probably will.

The worst thing that can happen would be the demise of Reddit. Currently, Reddit is a sort of honey pot which is stopping all the mainstream hordes from entering Hubski and bringing mainstream hivemind here. Digg used to be that filter to Reddit.

thundara 864 days ago   ·   link

The community thing was more a pre-reddit-influx phenomenon, and even that was up for debate as some of the more divisive members of the site have pointed out in the past.

StephenBuckley 864 days ago   ·   link

The feeling of being heard. Whether I tell someone their idea was awesome, or show them something that contradicts what they said, whether it's mk or someone who joined 2 hours ago, whether the topic is the right of a criminal justice to forgiveness or whether Seinfeld is funny, the people on this site make me feel like my comments don't get tossed into a void. Features get made. Discussions are had. Seinfeld is not that funny.

Laurelai 864 days ago   ·   link

Yeah I get that same feeling here. It goes back to the no downvotes I think, some random horde of 12 year old mouth breathers cant silence your comments or posts.

matdesigner 864 days ago   ·   link

Let's hope it doesn't get invaded by neo-nazis, then. Or that there's some process/protocol for getting all the nasty crap removed.

Laurelai 863 days ago   ·   link

The admin here responds well to the people here, if you got issues just let him know and he will try to help.

drunkendonuts 863 days ago   ·   link

I don't think you can stop that. They will come.

matdesigner 863 days ago   ·   link

Case in point, you.

Baladas 864 days ago   ·   link

You can ignore tags and users, I think.

matdesigner 864 days ago   ·   link

that's fantastic, at the very least. Does it show their name and then not the comment? I guess I'll find out eventually.

forwardslash 863 days ago   ·   link

At the moment it will remove the posts with those tags or made by those people from your feed. It won't remove the comments by those people currently, their name will just be struck-through. I made a userscript to hide comments from ignored people, but the strike-through thing is new and breaks my script at the moment. I'm hopeful that something like this or even more useful will be implemented in hubski itself.

matdesigner 863 days ago   ·   link

that would definitely be preferable.

flagamuffin 864 days ago   ·   link

    Seinfeld is not that funny.

Let's have a discussion about that.

/cracks knuckles

Tumbledown 863 days ago   ·   link

There are times when I find myself snickering at the great parts of Seinfeld. Then there are the parts where I'm just cringing with unease at the uncomfortably embarrassing and awkward moments portrayed in the show. Some like both moments, but that is where I tend to differ.

Escobeezy 863 days ago   ·   link

I thought Seinfeld was stupid. Bring it....oh god I'm gonna die...

mhr 864 days ago   ·   link

It has its parts

Run_Train 864 days ago   ·   link

I'm just a T-bone kind of guy

thenewgreen 864 days ago   ·   link

The people

Goldmine 864 days ago   ·   link

I like the pinwheels, mainly because I have no idea how they work. I like a good mystery.

insomniasexx 864 days ago   ·   link

That we've claimed the new existence of every redditor that has had drama revolve around them in the last year or so.

Now...just leave the drama behind and live the life of a normal commenter who doesn't have the Powers of the -Gods- Mods.


Just kidding, I really like the fact that this feels like old school reddit but with relationships and more focus on users, etc.

Laurelai 864 days ago   ·   link

Ive been here for a while...

insomniasexx 864 days ago   ·   link

I know!

khaaan 863 days ago   ·   link

make hubski invite only?

Laurelai 863 days ago   ·   link

Thats a nuclear option imho. Need to have clear quality controls.

thenewgreen 863 days ago   ·   link

That would be a pretty clear one imho.

Laurelai 863 days ago   ·   link

By clear quality controls i mean banning trolls on sight.

thenewgreen 863 days ago   ·   link

Sounds pretty labor intensive

flagamuffin 863 days ago   ·   link

I think mk should seriously consider this at some point, if only because before the reddit explosion, hubski was steadily gaining members based on word of mouth. Word of mouth essentially = invites.

The worst invite-only website I'm a part of is worlds better than the best public ones.

I will say that I don't think mk will ever consider it, because it seems to go against one of the semi-fundamental things he's consistently touted about hubski, which is the open sense of community. But there may come a day.

mk 863 days ago   ·   link

khaaan It has previously been on the table as a serious consideration. It's not on it at the moment, but I'm willing to do what we need to. I do believe that there are other ways to preserve the experience.

NotaMethAddict 864 days ago   ·   link

This will also become a huge flaw if Hubski ever gets larger than it is. This site can't operate on the format it currently is if it gets to be any bigger.

TrappedInHubski 864 days ago   ·   link

Good evening, Kyle.

NotaMethAddict 864 days ago   ·   link

Hey, whose account is this? I know you're not TIR.

NukeThePope 864 days ago   ·   link

Proof he isn't?

NotaMethAddict 864 days ago   ·   link

I know TIR IRL.

NukeThePope 864 days ago   ·   link

You know I don't believe in anything unless there is unsubstantiated proof before me.

NotaMethAddict 864 days ago   ·   link

What would be acceptable proof for you?

NukeThePope 864 days ago   ·   link

Honestly NotaMethAddict, I took a couple of IQ tests and got results of 135. So statistically I'm smarter than 95% or so of the population. Am I arrogant? Fuck yeah. Am I dismissive of ignorant dimwits like you who try to shame me for calling crazy crazy? Hell yes. Am I an asshole? Definitely! So what, pray tell, are you here to tell me that I don't already know? Grow up, get a clue and then maybe you can engage in conversations without embarrassing yourself.

matdesigner 864 days ago   ·   link

oh fuck the copypasta begins

Forcaste 864 days ago   ·   link

They don't think it be like it is, but it do.

NotaMethAddict 864 days ago   ·   link

:O I've been had! This isn't NukeThePope at all!

Gooby 864 days ago   ·   link

dolan y u do dis

NotaMethAddict 864 days ago   ·   link

Gooby pls

Gooby 864 days ago   ·   link

raep raep

lolsail 864 days ago   ·   link


matdesigner 864 days ago   ·   link

omg hi lolsail :D

SaltyChristian 864 days ago   ·   link

Sup Kyle

matdesigner 864 days ago   ·   link

NaCl! It's literally SRDBroke-lite in here.

Tumbledown 863 days ago   ·   link

Joinin' de party! /streamers/

NotaMethAddict 864 days ago   ·   link

¡qué suerte!

TrappedInHubski 864 days ago   ·   link

How can I be sure you're the real NotaMethAddict?

NotaMethAddict 864 days ago   ·   link

Link of my open messages.

TrappedInHubski 864 days ago   ·   link

Well everything seems to be in order.

user-inactivated 864 days ago   ·   link
This comment has been deleted.
Laurelai 864 days ago   ·   link

How do you figure?

NotaMethAddict 864 days ago   ·   link

Because people aren't going to only post good, relevant content. There will be spammers, trolls, and shitposters.

Tumbledown 863 days ago   ·   link

You have a point, but the ignore function can be used to rid all of those from our own feeds.

The question is: Will the amount of shitposters, trolls and spammers outweigh our capacity to click "ignore" for each one we come across? Only time will tell.

Laurelai 863 days ago   ·   link

And the admin will toss them.

MacEnvy 861 days ago   ·   link

Yes, I'm sure that will never lead to any drama.

theadvancedapes 864 days ago   ·   link


hiss 864 days ago   ·   link

I've already made a friend in BLOB_CASTLE and I'll probably call him BLOB rather than his real name whenever I see or talk to him, always.

BLOB_CASTLE 864 days ago   ·   link

Ayo! Anyone else in Chicago want to see hiss do standup Saturday?

thenewgreen 864 days ago   ·   link

If I were in Chi-town I would absolutely be there hanging with BLOB rooting hiss on.

BLOB_CASTLE 864 days ago   ·   link

hiss, make a large announcement when you're doing stand up next and everything within 3 hours of Chicago should go.

illasinsick 863 days ago   ·   link

I'm in Chicago but I'm busy on Saturday. Sorry, mate.

BLOB_CASTLE 863 days ago   ·   link

Next time

sounds_sound 864 days ago   ·   link

Nice. I've already referred to him once as Mr. Castle. I wonder what his middle name is? :)

hiss 862 days ago   ·   link

Blob "Karl's Voice on your Answering Machine" Castle is my bet.

(Altered spelling intentional)

sounds_sound 861 days ago   ·   link

That always seemed curious to me. Do THAT many people still have home answering machines? I would love to be on wait wait, but felt like not having one would make it awkward. He probably does voicemail on a cellphone though too. Maybe that's what they could hire Blob for. Outsource for newer technologies.

thefoundation 864 days ago   ·   link

Community oriented thoughtful discussion

kjoneslol 864 days ago   ·   link

embedded videos and images are cool, link post + text is cool.

joelg236 864 days ago   ·   link

The fact that I see familiar faces in every discussion. Most people I see here have coloured usernames because I follow them or they follow me. Also, the quality of content posted. When I see a post here I can usually safely assume it's worth my time.

jonnysunshine 863 days ago   ·   link

I'm relatively new here and I don't know most of you. Some of you I do by name since I would browse and post in some of your subreddits. That being said, the smaller communities at reddit were where I found real community forming taking place and good discussions occurring most often. The larger ones tended to be vacuums where nothing could be heard aside from the white noise that filtered in with hundreds of comments in some threads. It is what it is.

From my brief experiences here on Hubski it seems as though there's a lot more active participation along with some interesting discussions taking place. I may not get the gist of it all in some of the posts I've read, but I'm an advocate of life long learning, so it piques my curiosity and I learn as I read. A huge bonus to this site. Gratefully, the subs I'm involved with at reddit offer that up most of the time, too.

In any case, I enjoy both, but feel like this site will offer up more intellectual curiosity in me in the long run.

Trolo 863 days ago   ·   link

I like that I can refer to you as your proper pronoun, guy.

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