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TNG PODCAST: BEERSKI! Ask Hubski: Do you remember your first beer? Any fond beer memories?

Ask Hubski: Can you remember your first beer? Do you have any fond memories of beer? What are some of your favorite and least favorite beers?

Thank you Participants! mk b_b cW theadvancedapes steve my dad A special thanks to Erik of Mystery Brewing

Many Beers were consumed during the making of this podcast.

As always, feedback is much appreciated.

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b_b 919 days ago  ·  link

This is great. Fine job. And let's not forget, in addition to all of the beer magic you mention, its heart smart, too! God loves us, indeed.

insomniasexx 919 days ago  ·  link

Local breweries were recently featured in our local paper. They did a write up on a lot of them. Unfortunately I am saving money for the holidays (and I just bought a new mbp) so I haven't had a chance to check them out yet but I will post when I do.

Scroll to the bottom:


insomniasexx 919 days ago  ·  link

First beer was a Bud Light. It is still my go-to beer because tiny insom is tiny and gets bloated and full really easy.

I often start my night with Blue Moon. I love to try different microbrews - especially on the east coast where they are all over. Sam Adams or Arrogant Bastard. I usually only have one or half one and then go to something lighter (like bud light.) Plus I'm pretty tipsy after a couple beers and I hate wasting a good beer.

We got this beer in Australia that was really good: http://www.mudgeebrewing.com.au/The-Beer/Wheat.aspx It had this awesomely odd banana taste and was nice and light and really tasty.

mk 919 days ago  ·  link

I love the wheats. I just drank a Bells Winter White while messing with the CSS tonight.

My cheap fallback beer is Rolling Rock, although it skunks pretty easily. If you haven't tried Pacifico clara, I recommend it. IMO it beats Corona.

thenewgreen 918 days ago  ·  link

Unlike mk, I'm usually not a big fan of wheats. When they're bad, they're really bad and often have some sort of fruit addition or honey. Ie: Cherry Wheat or Honey Wheat beers. -no thanks.

That said, they can be pretty darn good too. I like me some IPA's and the Hoppier a beer, the better.... Usually.

bgood79 919 days ago  ·  link

Great soundtrack as usual! Fat Tire out of Fort Collins, CO recently got Michigan distribution so I think I may have to tap the rockies. That should be their slogan. Because its out of Colorado, get it?

thenewgreen 919 days ago  ·  link

Tap in to the Rockies, that's got a nice ring to it. Funny you mention Fat Tire, New Belgium is one of the companies that Erik of Mystery Brewing referenced when talking about the current Standarb Bearers that he thinks aren't doing the best job. He said they're extremely invasive when they enter a new market. As I'm sure you know, tap space in a bar/restaurant is limited and therefore, breweries/distributors battle hard to get that real-estate. New Holland will come in and wipe out some little guy.

It's all over the place in NC. You can get Fat Tire at a BW3's here. I find myself not liking it much anymore. I think it's because I've had it so many times. Same thing with Sierra Nevada, I love that beer but I've had it too many times. -I did the same thing with Bells Oberon, you may know it as "Solson".

Sort of like having to take a break from your favorite record, I'm hoping I can revisit Sierra Nevada in the future and I'll like it again.

Lately I've been "overplaying" Bells Two Hearted Ale. -By lately, I mean for the past 3 years.

You have any other fav's of late?

winston 918 days ago  ·  link

Did the guy at Mystery Brewing mention why there was such explosive growth of Craft Brew recently?

thenewgreen 919 days ago  ·  link

steve, was it a convincing enough case to get you to take a proper swig?

:) thanks again for your help.

steve 919 days ago  ·  link

almost... but no.

glad to be a part of it!

thenewgreen 919 days ago  ·  link


thenewgreen 919 days ago  ·  link

b_b, Did you take a certain amount of pride in not being the son that threw up after your first drunken experience with your father?

b_b 919 days ago  ·  link

Well, not really. At that time my brother could pack away beers in a fashion I could only dream of. Its wasn't a matter of me having better tolerance than him, but of sheer volume.

thenewgreen 919 days ago  ·  link

Got it, I really enjoyed your story about Germany. It reminded me of some of my favorite beer moments with my father. This is what makes his current migraine state so disheartening. Every Christmas Eve we have a huge feast at our house and my dad gets a bunch of craft beers good wine and liquor. It's a lot of fun and I feel sorry that he will not be able to partake in that aspect. Guess this Christmas will be a little less Bachus and a little more Jeaus --wait, he gets migraines from wine too.

b_b 919 days ago  ·  link

Yeah, that's sad. Our Christmas tradition is good Irish Whiskey, usually Red Breast, followed by shitty Canadian whiskey, usually Canadian Club (mainly because its too expensive to drink more than one $50 bottle). Not sure how that started, but its not Christmas without it. I can't imagine all of a sudden being deprived of my favorite vice. My condolences.

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