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The New Green Podcast : Running Sucks

I wanted a new way to pose an #askhubski and it dawned on me that I have a basement full of recording gear, a number of interests I'd like to explore and some really great friends that would likely help me.... so, I've decided to begin recording podcasts. These will essentially just be elaborate ways to frame a question. This first one asks simply, Does Running Suck? If so, when did it start to suck and why?

If you are a runner, what is it that you like about it? How long have you been doing it?

A big thanks to:

cliffelam cW bgood79 and Joanna.


Podcast Theme Song: Steven Clausnitzer Vangelis Chariots of Fire Pink Floyd Run Like Hell Cake The Distance The Flaming Lips Race For The Prize

As this is the first time I've done something like this, any suggestions are most welcome. Next time I promise to spend more time balancing out sound-levels. I plan on releasing a new podcast every couple of weeks. If you have any suggestions for topics, let me know.

Thanks for listening.


P.S. #tngpodcast sounds best in Hubski Dark.

cliffelam 980 days ago  ·  link

Thanks SO much for including that bit about goal direction.

I liked the music - the guys running car-talk should see you and juice up their stuff.


PS - My only suggestion would be to consider interleaving the interviews for contrast.

thenewgreen 980 days ago  ·  link

    Thanks SO much for including that bit about goal direction.
-You mean the bit about gold rectums? Maybe my favorite moment. Thanks again for coming by, having a beer and talking running. I enjoyed it.

    My only suggestion would be to consider interleaving the interviews for contrast.
I agree. I learned a lot doing this and I'm hoping these things will keep getting better production wise, as I start to learn how to present information more creatively.

P.S. You running today?

cliffelam 980 days ago  ·  link

Taking the day off. First of all - storms with lightening. Not good. Second - tendon aches still, will run through muscle ache but not connective tissue pain.


mk 980 days ago  ·  link

I'm follwing that tag.

That was awesome. I can't say that running ever felt 'blown my load' good, but I can understand that as a motivation for putting up with the pain.

If I had cW showing up at my house with that attitude every day, I think I could run regularly.

BTW, it might just be my crappy speakers at work, but the interview with Brian was a lot quieter than the rest.

thenewgreen 980 days ago  ·  link

Thanks mk, it means a lot to me that you enjoyed it. You should join me on one sometime. I'll have to come back to Michigan with my gear. Hmmm... what topic?

cW 980 days ago  ·  link

Wow. That is a fun listen. Well spun! I'm a bit sore from our paltry six miles today, but listening to this made me wanna strap on my five-fingers and clock a few more. I know we're all members for different reasons, but the run club is a fun one. Endorphins for everyone! (and if the sheer hedonism ain't enough for ya, why not bag an antelope while you're at it?)

thenewgreen 980 days ago  ·  link

You sir, are the shizzle. I should just post your entire piece that you sent to me because it was beautiful. You should absolutely re-work it and post it to Triplesequitur

cW 979 days ago  ·  link

Thanks you very much! I'm glad you liked it. I've been considering re-tooling it for a t*s piece, and then linking to your podcast. Maximum crosslinking! Woohoo!

thenewgreen 975 days ago  ·  link

Bring on the cross-linkage!

speeding_snail 980 days ago  ·  link

All right, I am following the tag. Let more come. Took you guys a while to come up with Descartes' name though...

About the question, I don't run long distances. I do bike a lot, but hey, I'm Dutch and the bike is most certainly quicker than running (and you don't sweat as much). Running is part of sports for me, so I run as part of my tennis training and sprinting is a huge part of most sports. I might even pick it up. I really need to move more.

Just don't tell me to go run on a treadmill. Those things suck...

cliffelam 980 days ago  ·  link

I think your English is faulty, it's pronounced "dread-mill." The d is silent.


PS - Biking burns more calories, leaving more room for mussels and frites and beer!

speeding_snail 980 days ago  ·  link

I really thought that it was treadmill, but is seems those things are for hamsters.

cliffelam 980 days ago  ·  link

Sorry, I was kidding. I took the word "dread" (fear) because it is spelled like and sounds like "tread" and put them together.

It really is "treadmill" - the other is a word play.


speeding_snail 979 days ago  ·  link

I was joking. Don't take it too seriously, I have a dictionary ;-)

thenewgreen 980 days ago  ·  link

    All right, I am following the tag. Let more come.
-Sweet! You can count on it. This is really, really fun. I see it as much about presenting sound/music as it is about presenting information/content -I really like this aspect. I have some ideas for my next one and I'm looking forward to starting on it.

    Running is part of sports for me, so I run as part of my tennis training and sprinting is a huge part of most sports. I might even pick it up. I really need to move more.
-This is exactly the way I felt about running prior to meeting Cliff and having him convince me to give it a more formal shot. When it's not part of another sport and you are just running, it becomes much more transformative both physically and meditatively.

Oh, and you're right... treadmills suck. If indeed running leads to post coitus like feelings, then a treadmill would be the condom.

speeding_snail 980 days ago  ·  link

Maybe I'll need to talk to one of my friends. He is a runner too, so maybe he can give me some advice and a reason to run. I'll have see how fitness will turn out though. That alone will take a LOT of time (about 1 to 2 hours, 4 days a week as it stands now)

thenewgreen 980 days ago  ·  link

I always suggest running with someone that is "better" at it than you. It's a great way to progress.

insomniasexx 970 days ago  ·  link

Okay...I finally had a free moment. Actually, I had to eat something (I havent eaten since breakfast yesterday! Say WHA!?) and I happened to be in front of the computer while eating.

You asked for my honest criticism so I've been really picky. Beware:

(1.) So, you talk so slowly. Which is a good thing - it is much better than talking too fast (as is often the case when I record...or talk in general) But I think you need to find that balance because at some points it seems that you are purposefully slowing yourself down. I think this will come with time. Or maybe I just am impatient.

(2.) The recording of the "interviews" should match the levels of when you're talking. Obviously, you aren't going to have awesome interviews in a full studio and some echo/hum/outside noise is going to be expected. But in some segments it seems like you went from being in my ear to being 100 feet away in a massive room. Try to balance it a little bit.

(3.) I loved the gold-erected part. Humor or moments that aren't perfect are great because they are fun and real and make your personality stand out.

(4.) Also, regardless of the subject, you should act like your audience knows almost nothing. Don't talk down to them but feel free to cut up an interview in post and make a little note explaining or emphasizing a point that the interview-ee may have just spoken about like it was nothing. Ira Glass does this all the time - same with Planet Money.

(4b.) For example, at 4min28sec: I have no idea how the fuck far 50ks is and I have less of an idea what 32 miles would feel like. I can imagine it in a car but that doesn't do much good. I do know that that is fucking impressive as fuck so pause for a moment and let it sink in. See if there is a way to clarify or emphasize or break down exactly how far that is. Also, give me some damn times. If the interviewee doesn't want to say the time or whatever, say the average person runs a mile in 10 minutes...so that is 320 minutes...or 5 hours. Except after about 3 ten minute miles I would be dead so it would take me more like 30 hours. Something like that.

(5.) Also, something I learned from Broadcast Journalism: you don't have to have the question in the interview. Just cut that shit out. Prep the person you are interviewing before hand. Tell them when you ask the question to stop, pause, collect their thoughts, and then answer the question completely. Ask them to repeat the question in the answer somewhat. You can do some practice runs asking then what their favorite class in school was (or something.) This will help you get your levels right and make sure they answer in a way that will sound good. A lot of people will go "My favorite class in school was........................................(collect their thoughts here)..........." and then answer. Remind them to collect thoughts first then answer completely. It might sound bitchy but people love direction and will appreciate that you want them to sound good. And when they sound super smart after they will appreciate it even more and will be willing to do more interviews.

(6.) Besides these little thing it's really good! The music was good, it was conversational, it had a great flow and kept me interested all the way through. I am really impressed. Honestly, this was WAY better than I expected. It sounds really professional. I like it. Keep at it.

(7.) And to answer your question - I don't run because it makes me sweaty and gross and makes me hurt. I have been forcing myself to do the treadmill or elliptical at the gym and usually go about 3 miles before I call it quits. Sometimes I do 4 and sometimes I only do 1. No matter what there is a hot tub moments away, I'm not on the other side of town and forcing myself to run back.

(7b.) I much prefer other types of cardio though (and Tony from p90x) rather than running in place and aimlessly watching tv or listening to music. I get bored and when I get bored I start to think and then I have to stop running to make a list of things I need to do or creative ideas that come to me. For this same reason I take unreasonably long showers and keep a whiteboard hung right outside the shower door. Sometimes after an hour in the shower I still get out to realize I never shaved or shampoo'd. I don't know where I would end up if I let myself out into the world running aimlessly while deep in thought.

Good work steve. I can't wait to hear the next one!

thenewgreen 970 days ago  ·  link

All of this, ALL of it is fantastic advice and isn't waisted on me at all. I agree with all of your points and had not realized the "slow talking" thing until you and someone else mentioned it. Thank you. They will get better... I hope. Please continue the critique. I need it.

I am grateful for your feedback insom. You rule, seriously. I wish I had a badge!!

PS. Eating is important. You're already super tiny. Eat.

insomniasexx 970 days ago  ·  link

Me making love to my dinner (honey bran muffin) right now.

And trying not to look so thin.




khaaan 980 days ago  ·  link

if you want to get fit do High-intensity interval training

AnSionnachRua 980 days ago  ·  link

I've always assumed there are biological reasons for it - children just seem to have huge amounts of energy and very fast metabolisms, in general.

I suppose there's also the fact that people become more unfit, which makes running more uncomfortable, which leads them to run less, which makes them become less fit still, and so on ad nauseum.

Anyway, I enjoyed the podcast, especially the connection between running and mental control. I don't tend to find running a euphoric experience (not after it, and certainly not during) but I do become very calm and confident afterward.

thenewgreen 980 days ago  ·  link

Thanks, I'm glad yo enjoyed it. I liked the part about "mental control" too. Cliff is right on the money there. So much of what I am capable of running wise, and otherwise, has to do with whether or not I'm in the right frame of mind. Much like the children's story about the Little Engine That Could. If you think you can't... you won't. If you think you can... you will. Either way, you're right.

Happy trails.

WithLoveFromDet 980 days ago  ·  link

Nice work brother. As I have stated in the past , running and I do not get along. Not sure where this relationship went wrong. Was it my 11 minute miles in gym class? Was it the obligatory 5 miles a day for lacrosse conditioning? We may never know but what I can tell you is that it makes my husband, the mile record holder of Scranton Middle School, very happy. If that is the only reason I run, well, that is good enough reason for me. -Callie

thenewgreen 980 days ago  ·  link

Thanks Cal, I appreciate it. He's still the mile record holder at Scranton? That's impressive.

WithLoveFromDet 979 days ago  ·  link

He thinks it still stands but doesn't really want to check. Legendary regardless.

sounds_sound 979 days ago  ·  link

Running doesn't suck.

thenewgreen 979 days ago  ·  link

You've always liked running?

sounds_sound 979 days ago  ·  link

Well. Yes. Sorry, I'm bursting your bubble. Cool podcast pal. You should do one on the Beatles.

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