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Can an Algorithm Write a Better News Story Than a Human Reporter?

mk 1117 days ago   ·   link
I can see this being immensely useful pulling and describing notable information out of large datasets.

As far as news, it seems to almost happen already. Reuters or AP creates an article, and then other news outlets syndicate it, or use it as the skeleton of their version of the story. I'm sure that Narrative Science would be valuable getting journalists further along with these types of stories.

Rather than a professional description of an event, it might be more interesting and useful to have professional analysis of described events. Who knows, when fact-based stories are very easy to generate, maybe more value will be put into quality analysis? Probably wishful thinking.

thenewgreen 1117 days ago   ·   link
The little league example is a good one. You don't need a "journalist" to compile an article about t-ball, but if you're the parent you'll read the article even if it's written by a "robot algorithm". Hell, you'll print it out and hang it on the fridge if little Johnny-ballgame hits a home run.

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