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This is all well and good. However if you really want to create a financially viable proposition to pitch to supporters, you will need to focus on smaller, more digestible texts. Or transition to video.

Very few in your target demographic will have the patience to make their way through large blocks of dense text. If you want to plug into the outrage dollar, you'll need to make your message clear, concise and copyable.

Focus on short, attractive titles that inspire both curiosity and anger in your target demographic. The title for this post, for example, is reasonably engaging but could be improved by turning it from a declarative statement (which at best will provoke in your demographic agreement) into an implied question/answer proposition: "Why Leftist Fascists... etc". That simple change will also provoke in your customer-base a desire to click through in order to discover the secret.

You might try the "Ten Reasons Why..." formula, which is almost overplayed these days, yet still provokes a visceral reaction in completists, but this often locks you into generating actual content.

I would suggest you bring your text down both in length and reading comprehension. Shorter texts are a better proposition for sharing and lower grade comprehension targets will get your message across quickly.

You can use tools like these to double check reading comprehension and edit down: https://readability-score.com/

I would tend to offer a strong title, a three paragraph text, and then a strong call to action (i.e. where to send you financial support) and that call should relate to the point you addressed in the text. Rather than the generic "Like what I write" which offers the option for a reader to answer "No", instead have a a double-bind or move forward call. For this article, you could try: "Help Fight Socialist Fascism For $1". Anchor that number in the call to action, then link to a spread of support options which offer higher value. "For only $5 you can..." This is all pretty basic marketing, you can research it yourself.

However the greatest cross-marketing shift you can make is to begin producing video content. I would keep these short, too. Aim in the first instance to produce brief videos that are both single message and echo in sentiment your demographic's emotional pitch. You will be able to calibrate your message by measuring something very simple, say, the thumbs up/thumbs down ratio on the video.

You need to aim for parity - this should indicate your demographic support on one hand and the outrage of others' reactions to your message on the other. Inspiring an irrational emotional response in others will of course have them spread your content in order to revile it. This will eventually bring it back to your target demographic. The more active your Youtube comments section, the more squabbling and infighting you generate, the more buzz you'll have online. There's no such thing as bad publicity, only unused publicity. Think about creating a few puppet accounts to attack yourself, share the content elsewhere and ridicule yourself.

Do remember that in a video you can have a much clearer and more emotive call to action. I'm presuming your main call is to have those whose views you echo send you money. Don't be coy about this part. Hundreds of entirely insincere televangelists have made enormous coin by spending at least half of their allotted broadcast soliciting funding.

The leap into video is tricky. On the one hand you don't want to appear too polished, for fear of alienating the common man from whom you're siphoning funds. On the other hand you don't want to appear completely insane, for fear of people accusing you of post-modern profiteering. It's a fine line and a practiced skill. Study successful televangelists, reality show stars, unconvicted banking magnates etc.

It's great to see enterprise in turbulent times. With a little careful planning you will be able to secure a better revenue stream for yourself within a few months.

cgod  ·  1522 days ago  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Why I'm PISSED at Hubski
Are you throwing a tantrum, will you in the end come back to the sometimes harsh reality that an open internet will not always give you the emotional support that you want?

I didn't reply to the original post, but I felt little sympathy.

I have friend that works on a major network show, he makes way more money then I do to drive a truck and operate a lift gate. He works really hard (as in lots of hours, but not half the labor I do). When he is done with a season he goes on vacations and buys a bunch of stuff. Sure it hurts when the gravy train runs out. Maybe these people should have socked some money away instead of getting half million dollar mortgages. If my wife and I lost our jobs we could pay for about six months of our current life style and about a year if we cut corners. That isn't even accounting for unemployment insurance or food stamps. We save and plan for an uncertain future. There are many wall street bankers who could cry you river but I don't feel terribly sympathetic for them either.

Are you saying that you are so important to Hubski that we need to handle you with kid gloves? That is what your post reads like.

kleinbl00  ·  1522 days ago  ·  link
I will drag this place down into Flame War Central if that's what it takes.

Yet again, the article wasn't about looking for sympathy, which is not why I posted it. Frankly, I read it once and posted it because I thought people might like a little insight into the non-glamorous Hollywood. But apparently that humanizes Big Media too much, so never fucking mind.

I have all the "open internet" I can choke down, thanks very much. But in a social network where we follow people it helps to attempt a little empathy from time to time. 'cuz you know what? If it doesn't matter that it comes from me, why the fuck do I need to sign my name to it?

That is the point - the fact that yeah - on this website, it matters who posts what, that's what makes it Hubski.

And if that's what MK is going for, and the rest of you aren't on board with it, this is a perfect forum to make that clear.

cgod  ·  1521 days ago  ·  link
"if that's what it takes" to do what? Honestly, not trying to flame you, I don't understand what would be accomplished by a flame war.

Once more with honesty, I don't care who makes a post. I am friends with several members of the community, and I think they would all attest that I am generally not a man to mince words. I don't care if it's someones 1st or 1000th post, I think to treat content in any manner is not intellectually or socially dishonest. The idea that the number of followers a person has should determine the delicacy with which I should approach their feelings is an anathematic to my ethical outlook. Tending bar, I treat a broken down old whore with the same grace as a guy with a gold watch in a suit, in accordance with their own behavior. I think that to do otherwise is low behavior, underneath the person I would like to be. In a forum of intellectual exploration, skepticism, challenge, doubt, and debate should be the norm.

You can sweat a bit less in your quest to disallow the less then graceful to follow your posts, I have unfollowed you. I belive that by following you I only help enable some sort of arrogance you have about your hubski status. I have appreciated a great many of your posts and some of your comments, but I feel like you are trying to playing some kind of dominance game here, which I would rather not be part of.

I don't think that it matters when content came from you. I am here to be exposed to interesting ideas, not play a hubski meta followers game. It doesn't really matter what MK was going for here, I use hubski for my own reasons, I hope that is perfectly clear.

Sorry I am not an old hand at playing the social aggregation game, perhaps I am not following the script. I am really not trying to "flame" you, but found the whole matter a distasteful unnecessary intrusion of personal issues that can only detract from my enjoyment of hubski. I am trying to express my honest opinion about my take on this intrusion and share what I think it says about building a community that is trying to shares ideas. Perhaps it's time that a moderator steps in. I don't mean that in the Reddit sense (only a sense which I have inferred from other posts here), but in the sense that it might be time for someone to try to build some lessons learned from this whole thing, and possibly try to form a sense of consensus on the behavioral norms of this community. That might be harder with your post deletion.

I would also like to add that the ability to delete a post that has been commented on seems wrong to me. If people aren't prepared to engage then they shouldn't post. Have the integrity to stand for or at least accept what you have said. I understand the desire to not be controlled by social media, and the appeal of deleting ones missteps, but really controlling a bit of text is somewhat unimportant and seems to me a shield for cowardliness or pettiness.

scarp  ·  1521 days ago  ·  link
Post deletion is something I actually agree with myself. The ability to control one's own content is more important to me than internet politics, especially these days when our online presence can have bearing in the real world.
lessismore  ·  1521 days ago  ·  link
I am very torn by post deletion with comments. I can understand if a post without comments being deleted because it is 100% contributed by the original poster, but once someone else has made a comment on the post, that is no longer the case. Suppose someone shared a post that you are very passionate about and you took time to write a well thought out comment that you want to share with everyone and all of a sudden it is gone for no reason other than at the whim of the original poster.

Posting content to the internet is very much akin to opening Pandora's Box. Once shared, it will prove very difficult to contain. Just ask Alexandra Wallace http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FNuyDZevKrU

lessismore  ·  1522 days ago  ·  link
kleinbl00, I subscribe to your hub because I found most of your posts and comments to be interesting and thought provoking. Your thoughts on many matters have an experienced and mature sense to them, unlike the usual garbage one expect to find sprawled all over the internet. Your comment I will drag this place down into Flame War Central if that's what it takes. is so out of my perceived nature of your experienced and mature persona. If I did not know better, I would have thought the threat to have came from a spoiled 5 year old.

I did not read the article nor did I participate in the original post, but from what I am able to gathered, differing opinions were expressed that were somewhat touchy for those involved in the discussion. Not everyone is going to see eye to eye and agree on everything and that is what makes for a good discussion. What fun would that be if we all just buzzed along to the same tune and be nothing more than a part of the hive mind. What I find most appealing about Hubski is the diversity of opinions and experiences of the community, despite the fact that it is not nearly as big as the other social news sites. In many ways, it feels more diverse than both Digg and Reddit combined. Hubksi to me has been a great platform for me to discover news and ideas (a lot of which came from you) and to interact with a great community of intelligent individuals. I surely do hope that the "flame war central" comment was nothing more than words from a heat of the moment impulse. It will be a horrible thing if yet another platform with such great potential see its fire snuffed out.