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comment by _refugee_
_refugee_  ·  3008 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: What's then difference between this and reddit?

I would encourage you to use both websites.

The big difference I have found here is - besides the lack of memes and low-effort "Look at this picture of something!" submissions - is, as others have said, the community. Some people have gotten involved in Reddit and see it as a community but I have never felt that way. Reddit seems more like a receptacle for anonymous or pseudo-anonymous sharing. Its userbase is too large for you to run into the same people time and again unless you subscribe to some very small subreddits and are a very active user in those subreddits. Here, on the other hand, I actually - well, maybe I can illustrate it with this: here, I actually read people's usernames, because I probably actually know or have interacted with these users before. On Reddit, I don't bother. I don't give a shit about the "community" of Reddit because there isn't a community.

Of course, it did take me a while before I a) experienced this and also b) embraced it. After a couple of years of Reddit I was used to being a solitary member of a community and didn't necessarily "get" why someone would get involved in an online community. I'm still a more detached user than others on here, or at least others in my feed - people who participate in our book club or the CD exchange or the letter-writing exchange - but I have gotten to know some users outside of Hubski comment threads and I've really enjoyed that.

I'll also say that I try to put a lot more effort into my Hubski content. I actually care about submitting content here as opposed to Reddit where I am mostly a voyeur. I care about keeping a certain content/comment ratio (and this is probably purely because of the little pie chart on your profile that tells you what that ratio is). I avoid posting one-line comments because that's kind of against the spirit of this community. We're here for discussion, not pun threads or "FTFY" jokes or "This" comments. Have I reflexively almost made those here? Yeah, but it's really not the place, and I avoid doing so because it degrades the discussion.

I think Hubski's a much friendlier place than Reddit.

Also, seriously, just use both. I use both and I still end up bored on the Internet sometimes.