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comment by cgod
cgod  ·  103 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Why America Hates its Children

My kid does roller derby. It's very physical (not rough but lots of coordination). The ladies who do the camp are just the kind of people you want influencing your kids, the values are accepting eveyone for what they bring to the table, good team work, pride of your physicality.

I think they might do school of rock this year.

They really should have done school of rock two years ago but they have to master shit before they do it in front of people.

Sometimes they do coding camps for games but if they don't think their game will be the best they don't' want to do it. I get them to go anyway and they have fun. It sucks because they spend about ten to twenty hours a week creating game fodder.

Sometimes they go to theater camp and have fun. The theater camps they go to are JUST FUCKING AMAZING. They make original and complex plays that riff off old school or modern themes.

Camps are good for kids.

My kid hates camp but has a shit load of fun going to them.

I'm trying really hard to get them to do a hip hop dance camp because the social capital you gain from being a good dancer can be massive. I want my kid to be able to attract the people they want to attract socially and romantically in the future and dance is a gateway.

I made my kid do many swimming lessons. I'm pretty sure that my kid could be just short of black out drunk in their twenties and not fucking drown when they fall off the dock. MISSION ACOMPLISHED!