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comment by elizabeth
elizabeth  ·  509 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: The Case for Hanging Out

Love it, they seem like fun and kind folks. Makes me want to read the book just for the stories. I’m a habitual hanger outer, especially at my friends Vlad. The key is that he has a very predictable fixed schedule - so I can almost always guess where he’ll be. And feel always welcome showing up uninvited either at his home or the cabin over the weekend.

Foveaux  ·  509 days ago  ·  link  ·  

Reminds me of some sweet memories. I know the article was focusing on unstructured time with friends, and I also adore that but.. You just reminded me.

The town I live in is a University-town. Multiple suburbs are basically dedicated to housing for students (in various states of comfort). When I graduated from the same Univesity, I went straight into retail, like any good boy with a Bachelors degree in Psychology. But! I kept all my student pals who went onto higher honours.

I distinctly recall leaving work one summer afternoon, sun was still bright, classes had just started so the students had added like a fifth of the town's population overnight. As I walked back towards my flat, I had a desire to see a friendly face after slinging phones all day (telco retail, never again). I changed direction, and headed down the street to a flat where I knew something was always happening.

Got to their door, it was slightly ajar. I went inside, yelled to announce my presence and didn't get a response. I went through the hallway, peered into the bedrooms, wrinkled my nose at some odd smells. Eventually I made my way to the backyard and I found seven guys building a minigolf course using bricks and astroturf cut-offs.

"Ohey man. You got any bricks?"

I did indeed have bricks, at my flat. So I went with them, collected the spare bricks, and we made some more rounds for the golf course in their backyard. That night we hosted an impromptu competition, with score cards, a cash prize for the winner and we had like 20 people turn up on the same street just becuase they heard the racket and were curious. Got to work super hungover the next day, but yeah. I like hanging out. It always leads to something interesting.

That group of friends you could drop in uninvited and just.. Sit. Sometimes people are just vaguely concious after a busy night, and you talk shit until dinner time. Other times you'd catch them making a mini golf course.