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comment by veen
veen  ·  49 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: December 1, 2021

Now that I've come out of a few hellish weeks at work, I'm enjoying the calmness at work but simultaneously feel more bored outside of work. I have the energy to do things in the evening / on the weekend again, but don't really feel the desire to do anything. But I can't complain; the biggest thing I've been fretting about is whether or not I should park my savings in an index fund or not. And whether or not I've bought the right gift for a family member.

One thing that has brightened my week is that I've been enjoying figuring out how to make better coffee at home. Ended up treating myself to the wonderful Wilfa Uniform, which is loud but great, and I'm using it to hone in on my preferred cup of coffee. The past days I figured out which grind size results in the best taste for my french press. Tried four different grind settings with the exact same brew method and beans, I'm sticking with the finer middle one for now. There's a supposedly great roaster next to my office, but I haven't been to our own office in weeks.

A few weeks ago I also had my final career coaching session. We talked about my career goals and tracks. The conclusion we landed on is that I am completely done with being the analyst in projects. It sounds...arrogant? but I'm much happier when I'm the one who can find the solution and someone else can do the legwork of building it. I'd much rather be useful in 8 projects in a managerial way, than to be useful in 3 projects as a data analyst. If I'm still stuck doing programming work for 80% of the week by next Fall, someone oughtta remind me that I'm better off quitting. Which may be where I end up in 2022 regardless - it's way easier to start somewhere fresh than to have everyone around me relearn what I'm here for, I think. But we'll see.